Is there anyone else here who has Optimum?

Hey there. I was just wondering if anyone else who has Optimum in the tri-state area, particularly NJ has had a problem with their VOD listing?

Mine was large, then cut more than in half and now hasn’t changed for 2 months.

I don’t want to be a hassle so I’m wondering if anyone else has having an issues, heard some news, or whatever. I don’t want to bother moderators if I’m just being weird.

Thanks guys.

No bother. There was another user, @Supermutant - but I believe that he’s now gotten a subscription to HIDIVE. I don’t think he’s using his VOD anymore.

Is there anything that I can answer for you?

I would get hidive but my tech is not good for that lol.

It’s the same issue as before, I wanted to get a sense of things before I bothered anyone again in September.

Is there any way you could contact someone from Optimum?

Or should I just wait until the first week of September to see if there are any changes.

They cut everything so bad that the Girl Power section disappeared and well as a huge chunk of programs. Action zone went from 18 pages to just 7 and Super Happy Fun Time went from 16 pages to 8.

It’s been like that for 2 months. Is there anything that can be done? Thanks for your time.


I’ll check with Admin about the categories, but like I said before, you’ll be getting complete series instead of 1-2 episodes at a time. Most of the other SVOD providers have a year before these episodes expire, but Optimum is only allowing a 30-day window before episodes expire.

I can’t contact Optimum myself, but perhaps I could ask someone from our Admin to send you a PM to try to answer some of your questions.

Would that be acceptable to you?

Yes absolutely. I made this post to not bother you too much…botched that. Thanks for helping.

You’re no bother and this is exactly what I’m here for. To help.

I’ll get in touch with Admin tomorrow and see if I can get something worked out with them.

Thank you for your patience.

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