Is this community still active?

I don’t really see many posts on this website anymore. maybe the website needs a kick in the butt to get more people to join the community. maybe they just need more developers to help better the community. i havent seen it change much since 2015 and was wondering does this community need help?

To put it simply, people are just busier nowadays. That, or they have no further interest in fitting TAN into their daily lives any longer or they’ll just lurk in the shadows. Whatever the case may be, It will happen with any forum. It wasn’t until the 2013-14 period (way before Discourse) when more and more users were noticeably becoming inactive. Some older ones still come around but it’s primarily to post in one thread/post once and they’re gone.

Still, we do just fine with the core bunch who participate and make this community a fun place to be. We would like to see more people from the past return, let alone have newer people get engaged but that’s on an individual level to decide.


The old “You can lead a horse to water…” addage.


Shouldn’t we as a community try to bring newbie members into the community. Thats what a forum section is made for correct? meeting new friends and engaging into conversation? god i miss old forum days.

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@careypjr, I can understand where you are coming from. It seems that nearly every forum I frequent has experienced diminished participation. Some of it, I think, has to do with other venues - Twitter, Facebook, etc - that have eaten into the time that people were using to browse and post in TAN Some of the decline is due to the natural ebb & flow that people have in their lives.

We do have a core group of posters that keep some life going in the forums and we’d always welcome new people.

Mark Gosdin


Believe me, I’ve thought the same way. Discourse is a constant evolution machine with new seasonal updates that add many new features and existing improvements if you pay attention. You would assume badges would be a great attention-getter.

Without larger participation, it’s super difficult (which is laughable really) to earn some of the easy ones like Nice Reply and Nice Topic for example. 10 likes. I mean seriously. :neutral_face: I’d be lying if I wasn’t jealous of the Meta forums on that front.

@Snowy_Stampede - well currently the community of staff members of TAN is small compared to most others. Why not give them a hand in there effort in Reviving the community. Example I know a few people on here use Chatango… Why not be like hey you like anime i like anime lets chat in the TAN Forum.

@mgosdin - so lets Help the Admins with Features. we can find them plugin’s to help extend the features of the community. I myself might be able to code some new features for them to use in there website to Ease the Community. Example there Paypal script messes up. i have a script that accepts Visa Mastercard And Paypal. maybe i could offer it to them

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Oh right Sorry Admin’s if this is in the wrong section it just seemed the best section to put it in

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For the most part, we already do. When you’re TL3 (Regular), you do have some moderator-light options at your disposal, as well as certain perks like creating Polls that can generate interest.

You can also use the Invite Button to invite users to topics when you’re a Member, which goes a long way on its own. We do what we can. I know there are many outsiders who view this forum and read/watch the content here, but whether they take the next step to create an account is on them. Reviving a community is a never-ending hope you wish for. Who wouldn’t? It just requires patience.

The fact you’re here is a big contribution to this in itself so a huge thanks! :grin:

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Well why not make a post on how we can bring others to the community. just like this one but in the we add like html code :slight_smile:they already have notification’s i do however have some Xbox coding, Ios Coding and Andriod coding that might make the ability for a mobile app to come about to the community