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I've noticed some gaps in the programming on AOD from Insight


Hello, sorry to bother you with this but this seemed to be the place to post it.

I’m in zipcode 47712 and periodically, I notice that sometimes episodes are deleted out of order from my anime on demand with insight. Normally that’s not a problem, but this time it was. I was gone for about 8 days, when I returned I noticed that Clannad 18 was missing. This annoyed me because it must have been deleted the day before I got back and it was posted the day after I left. I know this because Clannad 19 was new and 16 and 17 were still up. Can this be fixed?


Episode was pulled for replacement, since there was a problem with the audio… check:

The fixed versions of those two episodes should be arriving/have arrived to your cable provider today (Friday).

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