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Kämpfer / Kämpfer für die Liebe

Must… Buy… Series…

even if it’s kind of, Of course they enter him, er her in the beauty pageant… so of course he needs his own lingerie for just in case… so of course everyone who likes him one way or another has to go along… because of course lots of girls are liking him to some degree or other… and range from liking him as a girl, to as a boy, to not really caring. Oh, and course he’s more or less oblivious to everyone except the girl he likes. This thing is fun, and who knows how whacky it’s going to get before it’s done.

Still need to pick up a copy. Had to much money going out at the time the sale hit to buy. Luckily with the way the sales have been at Righstuf another should hit around the start of Summer. I guess I could start watching online when I’m sitting around zoning out.

Episode 3 –

I enjoyed the nod to “Maria Watches Over Us”, but never were two gardens of maidens more different! I hope Natsuru doesn’t think all girls are like that otherwise he’ll be scarred for life – if he isn’t already! :laugh:

Don’t worry there are no spoilers for everyone watching this show. I just wanted to explain my unhappiness with the anime and why I am not watching it again. First, the action is first rate, when it happens; second, the story stinks; third, the plotline is a mess, is it a weird love story or battling babes anime?? Fourth, and finally, why did they do this to what could have been a great battling girls anime. Even the Queen Blade series wasn’t this bad.

I will not give anything away, this just not a anime I ever want to finish. :dry:

I couldn’t stop watching Kämpfer, I can’t seem to finish the first dvd of queens Blade. Kampfer’s fan-service is so much better.

It’s a harem-reverse harem-battling babes action romance comedy.

In fact the more I watch it seems like it’s a tongue in cheek poke at just about any Anime stereotype you can think of if it revolves around a school setting. A good drinking game for this show would be a shot every time they pick on another one, using definitions set by the TV Tropes site.

Did you catch the H.O.T.D. reference in episode 7?

Akane Mishima: “I can’t let you go to her house by yourself. Should I bring some weapons with us? How about a metal bat and a nail gun?”

Doubt that is a reference to High School of the Dead but just a random comment as Kampfer(2009) came out before H.O.T.D.(2010).

I checked. It came out before the anime (2010) but after the manga (2007).

This show you almost have to watch a few times to catch all the references in it.

Episode 7 –

The pocky game was funny and even funnier were the Bowel Familiars drinking juice and leaking. But they kept drinking anyway! Now there are white Kampfers too!

Episode 8 –

The date thing with Shizuku was funny. Dense Natsuru kept thinking it was a cover to lure out the white Kampfer and it really was just a date. Now he got roped into another date with Akane because he told her that if Kaede wasn’t around, he could go for a girl like her. And I wonder if Shizuku is any closer to solving the mystery of the Kampfers.

Ep. 9 -

Pretty obvious reference toward the beginning of the episode - “My brother tells me all the time to believe in the me that believes in myself” -

Any chance TAN might get to air the two special episodes that were released in March this year?

The only chance of that is if Sentai picks them up.
And as of yet, I don’t recall them soliciting them.

Would be nice to have to put on the DVD set.

Episode 12 –

That was the strangest, weirdest, most hysterical Christmas episode I’ve ever seen!
“It’s great to be alive!” :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Complete Collection Cover/Disc Art


This is a pleasant surprise.

Will definitely buy when it comes out, pity there were only the two episodes.

Mark Gosdin

I will also definitely buy this. The sub-only animes I own is less then 10 but Kampfer is worth it.

I have the discs. I hope they make a sequel.