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Genres: comedy, magic, romance, slice of life
Themes: school
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Kobato is a girl who came to earth to fulfill her wish, which is to go to a certain place. To fulfill that wish, she has to find a bottle and fill it with scarred hearts. Together with her “teacher”, which is a stuffed animal, she search for the scarred hearts. However she may not fall in love with any person whom she cures the heart of.
Number of episodes: 24
Vintage: 2009-10-06

ANN Info Page

This was announced at KawaiiKon.!/jsyadao/status/64574389353586688

Jason S. Yadao
Not sure if this has been reported, but what the hey: David Williams announced Sentai Filmworks has licensed Kobato at @KawaiiKon.
11:18 PM - 30 Apr 2011

Collection 1 Cover Art


The Collection 1 cover has been posted.[/quote]

Added to first post. Thank you.

That’s so freaking cute. Makes me wanna hug her till she’s blue in the face.

Collection 2 Cover Art


I don’t care for the pink border, though I know they did it to match the manga, but I love the main art work. Its beautiful. I have collection 1 and will need to order this.

I know it’s a Clamp series, and that they have a habit of making series cross-over stuff, but I just had to laugh at this part in Ep. 03.

Piffle Princess store!

I could only see the first two episodes but one of the funniest new shows.

Here’s a question for those people who are good at finding names in credits (unless I’m looking for the VA of a particular character I can never seem to find what I’m looking for): Are any of the people who created Clannad involved with creating Kobato? The reason I’m asking is because she’s reminding me more and more of Fuuka from Clannad (I’m finally to the third ep, but I’m working on getting caught up one update at a time). She’s not the same, but the characters are just to similar to ignore it.

I doubt it. The story, art, and characterizations were all done by CLAMP for the Kobato Manga back in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Considering that J-List carries the Clannad dating sim I’m not going to try to argue what the correct origin age for it is. My question was just whether or not one was based on the other because the personalities of the two chars are so similar.

Did anyone else notice that they kept changing which side the book was bound on in the start of ep 5? I found it rather strange, since normally most Japanese studios do a better job with image consistency.

Can anyone tell me why all the episode titles for Kobato begin with an ellipsis (…)?

Just curious, I haven’t seen this anywhere else and I’m wondering what the significance is, if any.

Taking a quick look at volume four of the manga, they don’t seem to do the same thing.

I doubt there’s much significance there, just a choice somebody probably made.

…Hmmmm …a peculiar choice

…How very odd


Somewhere there should be a definiton for “dobato” …

I wondered about that. My codefromtokyo dictionary gave me:

Kobato: pigeon.
Dobato: domestic pigeon, feral pigeon.

Not very illuminating.

Being the way he is, I got the impression that Ioryogi calls her dobato for “dumb Kobato”. He seems to call her that every time he thinks she messes something up. I don’t really think it’s supposed to mean anything other than an insult.

I just wondered if it was a play on words of some sort, maybe the kanji make a pun when you change it to Dobato. It’s clear it’s not meant to be nice.