LordGeo's anime video reviews on YouTube!

Back in October I decided to try my hand at making video reviews on YouTube, have to use that Journalism degree somehow right now, but with a little twist. While most reviewers do only gaming or anime, I decided to try my hand at both. Granted, I have done a hell of a lot more game videos than anime, but I do try to get them out there. The biggest thing about my videos are that they are done with no script, only one take, and have more of an “instant movie” feel to them.

the main page where my videos are, and here’s the list of the animes I have reviewed so far:

Next Senki Ehrgeiz (2 Parts)
Ring ni Kakero 1 (2 Parts)
Ring ni Kakero 1: Nichibei Kessen-hen (2 Parts)
Ring ni Kakero 1 Pilot Film
“Let’s Watch”: Panzer Dragoon (3 Parts)
Naikaku Kenryoku Hanzai Kyousei Torishimarikan Zaizen Jotaro (2 Parts)
Top 12 Hot-Blooded Anime Opening Themes (2 Parts)
Top 12 Most Needed Nostalgic Anime License Rescues (2 Parts)
Ring ni Kakero 1: Shadow Volume 1
Matchless Raijin-Oh Volume 1
Ring ni Kakero 1: Shadow Volume 2
B’t X [2 Parts]

Yeah, it’s a bit on the obscure side right now and there are some that use fansubs, but I’ll try to get to some shows that have been released over here soon, including a redo of Ehrgeiz that uses the actual Japanese laserdiscs for video instead of the AnimeVillage.com VHS tapes that I have. The “Let’s Watch” for the Panzer Dragoon OVA should be fun for fans of old ADV titles, as well.

I’ll probably try to add the videos that I have done sooner or later, but have fun and don’t be afraid to criticize!

NOTE: I probably won’t be doing a redo of Ehrgeiz anymore, since Bandai Channel gave me a “matched third-party content” notice for the original review. The original review isn’t going to be taken down, as the notice doesn’t require that, but I won’t be chancing a second review now. Still, nice to see Bandai Channel taking notice for one of their more obscure titles.

Here’s my actual reviews so that they’re more easily accessible to watch. Once again, my review of Ehrgeiz is one of my first, and therefore is pretty sub-par. I will be redoing it, but for now bask in its sub-parness!


There’s probably next to no chance of this show ever getting a re-release here in North America, not even by Sentai, but if it ever was I would certainly buy it.

After seeing how sub-par my first anime review was, I didn’t even attempt to do another for another 4 months… But at this point my skills and comfortability level evened out and resulted in a much better review for Ring ni Kakero 1! This is the review for Season 1 of the show, and forgive the use of fansubs as I don’t have anything better… Dang those R2 DVDs for being so expensive!


This is by far the one show I would love to see licensed more than anything else! Please, Sentai!

Well, Ring ni Kakero 1 got a second season back in 2006, so might as well review that one too! Note that this is best watched after seeing at least Season 1 of Ring ni Kakero 1.


I won’t beg for a license here, as I already did so in the last post… But I think the reviews do indicate why I would love to own R1 DVDs of them so much.

Well, this was made before Season 3 started airing, so this was the last piece of Ring ni Kakero 1 I could review, and it’s a rarely-seen item. It’s the Pilot Film that was shown in theatres alongside the Saint Seiya Tenkai-hen ~Overture~ movie! I personally feel that this should only be watched after you’ve seen both TV seasons, as it deals mostly with stuff that takes place after what’s been aired.

If Ring ni Kakero 1 ever gets licensed then this would make a really cool extra to have on the DVDs at some point.

That’s it for uploads right now, and I’ll get to the others later.

It’s time for some fun as well as some more uploading… Here’s my first Top 12 list: The Top 12 Hot-Blooded Anime Opening Themes!


And now for my newest video! Literally, I just uploaded it today: The Top 12 Most Needed Nostalgic Anime License Rescues! Enjoy!


Sentai Filmworks & Section 23, pay attention! With the exception of the Gundam titles, each of those could be a potential license to go after!

Well, time for some more uploads, including my first reviews that used actual DVDs!

Since season 3 of Ring ni Kakero 1 was not made available in anyway, I ahd no choice but to purchase the DVDs myself, one at a time, ~$80 at a time. Here’s my review of Volume 1 of Ring ni Kakero 1: Shadow, which has since become my most-viewed video ever by a good fair bit. It’s understandable, though, seeing as this is the most peple will be seeing of this anime for a while, if not ever…

Oh how I still wish for a license of this show in all of its three seasons…

My first review of a Region 1 anime DVD! It’s also a really good first release from Anime Midstream. Here’s my review of Volume 1 of Matchless Raijin-Oh:

Here’s hoping that Anime Midstream does fully release this show, as it is a really enjoyable watch so far.

Another $80 down, and with it come a review for Volume 2 of Ring ni Kakero 1: Shadow:

It really is such a good season; it’s right up there with Season 1.

And now for the review I just uploaded today: The TV anime adaptation of Masami Kurumada’s B’t X. This title does have some familiarity with Anime Network, as the 14 episodes that Illumitton dubbed into English were aired on the On Demand channel for about a year back in 2008 or so. And I do address why I am not using the Illumitoon DVDs for the footage used in the review.

Part 1:


Part 2:


I woukld love to see Sentai pick this title up if Illumitoon doesn’t haev the license to it anymore. There’s obviously some previous interest in the title, as not only was it aired on AN but ADV apparently had previously licensed it back in 2003 before dropping it in favor of releasing Saint Seiya, so hopefully Ghost Sweeper Mikami does well enough to prompt Sentai licensing more of these older animes, with B’t X being one of them.