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Lucky Star

As promised, here’s the first update.

Using my portable DVD player before I have to get ready for work.

Funi DVD

  1. FuniNow trailer
  2. Gonna Be The Twin-Tail trailer
  3. The Rolling Girls trailer
  4. :
    A Good Librarian Like A Good Shepherd trailer
    Sub-Only Ova
    Textless Op Motteke! Sailor Fuku :blush: (The opening spiel is Japanese only)
    Textless Ova ending

Reference guide for those who don’t get some of the jokes.

It's a nightmare trying to read it on this screen BTW...

The Funi trailer for Lucky Star
More Funi Trailers

  1. :
    One Piece Trailer
    Key Scenes Gallery
    Motteke! Sailor Fuku with Japanese lyrics on screen
    Japanese promo for Lucky Star
    The Adventures Of Minoru Shiraishi mini series
    3 separate interviews with the Dub cast

Part 2 of my research

Bandai DVDs

Each disc has about 2 minutes of unskipable credit screens and a trailer for The Third: the girl with the blue eye before you can even select a menu option…

I must point out that I significantly prefer the menu screens of the Bandai DVDs to the Funi DVDs.

  1. :
    Key Scenes gallery #1 and 2
    Motteke! Sailor Fuku with Japanese lyrics on screen
    Japanese promo for Lucky Star
    The Adventures of Minoru Shiraishi #1
    Bandai Trailers

  2. :
    Key Scenes gallery #3 and 4
    The Adventures of Minoru Shiraishi #2 and 3
    Bandai Trailers

  3. :
    Key Scenes gallery #5 and 6
    The Adventures of Minoru Shiraishi #4 and 5
    Textless OP Motteke! Sailor Fuku :blush: (Again, the opening spiel is in Japanese only)
    Bandai Trailers

  4. :
    Key Scenes gallery #7 and 8
    The Adventures Of Minoru Shiraishi #6 and 7
    Bandai Trailers

  5. :
    Key Scenes gallery #9 and 10
    The Adventures of Minoru Shiraishi #8 and 9
    English Cast Interviews part 1
    Bandai Trailers

  6. At one point in time, this would cost almost $150 if it was the single disc and sealed (mines the collection set btw). :
    Key Scenes gallery #11 and 12
    The Adventures of Minoru Shiraishi #10 and 11
    English Cast Interviews part 2 and 3
    Bandai Trailers

  7. Aka the Ova disc:
    Textless OVA ending
    Bandai Trailers

Conclusion to research part 1

Aside from the trailers, the Funi DVDs include all of the special features that were on the Bandai DVDs, plus a neat reference guide (I guess it would look better on a larger screen…)


I’ve been satisfied with my Bandai Lucky Star DVD’s, like you I’ve got the full Collection + OVA.

Mark Gosdin

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Thanks @MaouSadao
So since they ditched the DVD’s for the Essentials release .

The Essentials release only has :
Lucky Racer: Checker Flag in Akihabara & Lucky Racer Highlight
Radio Kansai’s Public Recording of “New Lucky Channel”
On-Screen Text Reference Guide

Extras Screenshot from Blu-Ray disc 3

I don’t own the essentials release ,but that is what is being reported and with Funimation’s reusing the same disc I’m pretty sure it’s a fact .

I picked the series up from Bandai as it was released . I think I only picked up the first LE though as the rest of them did not really appeal to me as I was trying to save space by that point .

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That’s fairy confusing. They included new special features on the Blu-ray set, but couldn’t put the old ones (or at least some of them?)

@mgosdin as well. I actually have all 5 of the Limited edition sets of Lucky Star still sealed. The only one I never got was a single copy of disc 6 due to the aforementioned rarity and cost. True story, the complete collection DVD set was only $75, about half of the cost of a new Disc 6…

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Not surprising that Funimation had trouble getting blu-ray rights for all the special features. Probably something along the lines of, “We have Bandai’s rights from the license rescue, but the Production Committee won’t talk to us about anything more.”

I picked up the complete Lucky Star collection, at a now defunct con that my oldest boy wanted to go to with his College Anime Group, for $40.00, that was 6 years ago I think. Unopened it was on a table full of Bandai stuff, got all of Haruhi Suzumiya off that same table.

Mark Gosdin


You’re probably right about that, but it doesn’t explain the Lucky Racer and Live action Lucky Channel features on the Blu-ray :thinking:

Mentioning Haruhi, I STILL haven’t watched it yet :joy:


Probably a different Production Committee vs the other features. :persevere:

Mark Gosdin


I think there is other Kadokawa shows that had licensing restrictions that effected format content to . So makes sense it might have been part of the licensing agreement . So this ultimately unfortunately looks like it might be just a side effect of the DVD’s being ditched . Now I’m going to have to start doing research just in case any other sets are like that with some extras only on the DVD . I was looking at Haruhi to see if any oddness popped up with it for future classics/essentials reference,but other then the ways it was released and The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya & Nyoro~n Churuya-san on Blu-ray as an exclusive on the collectors set not seeing anything .


Just putting this APB for everyone here.

There’s a complete set of the Bandai Lucky Star Limited Edition Sets on eBay right now for $100 plus shipping.

Lucky Star Limited Edition Complete Set

They all have been opened, except volume 6, but look as new!

(Posting this cause the only other volume 6 currently available is $80, and the Complete Voulme 4 LE is about as rare as Nyaruko-san Season 2)

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If I had the extra money I’d probably do it and sell my singles with the first LE . Looking like other then what I have budgeted out for the next two months if anything pops up I’ll have to pass . So I have to be good .

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I was going through my things, and thought to post these:

These aren’t from my sealed sets BTW.

The CD’s were in my Impala (Cali) until it was totaled back in February, and my Saab (Grea) doesn’t have a functioning radio (have to remove the seat to fix it (-_-) )

All three shirts have been worn at least once :wink:

Volume 4 LE is DVD and CD only. (That outer box and summer uniform shirt are unicorns…)

I don’t have an open copy of volume 5 LE…

Do not ask me where that cornet screen wipe went…


I think my screen wipe , cd , and shirt are with my Najica and Lisianthus God panties . :rofl:

Included things got a bit strange back in the day .

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Was not me . There is something HTF coming ,but that was something that happened after that sold thanks to more stuff getting canceled at Amazon and not being able to replace .

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So a little amendment to the unanswered question I asked back in 2013 under my old handle.

I still don’t know why the individual DVD volume 6 is so scarce, especially since the disc itself was included with the complete series set.

However, another question about the individual sets. As mentioned before, the complete LE volume 4 set makes wallets cry. Wasn’t there an equal amount of LE sets released for each individual disc?

Volumes 2, 3, and 5 can be gotten sealed for under $30 each, and Volume 1 runs just about $50 new.

What caused the LE volume 4 to be so scarce?

You know I tried to find an explanation . The only sort of explanation I can find is one review on Amazon mentioning the outer box was like paper compared to the previous ones . If it was paper thin it makes me wonder if a lot of 4’s boxes did not get damaged during the initial shipping and Bandai choose not to replace them . Though if that was the case where did the DVD covers , CD’s , and T-shirts go ?

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Thanks @psychopuppet for the info!

Also, thanks a lot, cause I found something else I didn’t know I needed to spend $25 for on Tuesday…

Yes. I want that Japanese volume 11 for the Kanata and Sojiro cover only…


I really need to know what this seller is on…

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Another (incomplete) unicorn has appeared.

This listing is missing all 6 of the CDs and liner note papers, and the box and cornet screen wipe from volume 1, but it does have the box (abit creased) and summer uniform shirt from volume 4 if anyone is interested.

Editing this since 3 consecutive posts

Just arrived in the mail today.

Very honored to have gotten this. The slipcover is a little worse for wear, but still in great shape nonetheless.