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March is MAM!


From the token female… thanks very much for all the love & appreciation! :kiss:

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Well, since you only got one cookie, here are a few more, so you don’t have to fight over it.



According to Slowhand’s “On This Date” post, today, Wednesday, March 10, 2010 is The International Day of Awesomeness! How awesome is it that this day has hit during MAM?

You know our mods are now working even harder behind the scenes because of the new site we have.

So, a round of applause for our!!!

Also a very special shout out on this unique day to all the awesome people behinds the scenes too – Rai, Spazzysam, Akpoff. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on the new site! You guys are



And you all get tee shirts too! :wink:



I am officially reviving this thread!

A lot has changed since this thread got started and you should know that the mods are working harder than ever. Some have left us and others have joined. It’s a thankless job, so please take this opportunity to give them a pat on the back for a job well done!

Slowhand, psychopuppet, Inphy, (and the currently MIA) Hentai are the forum moderators and they do not get paid for the work they do here. They are the liaisons with the people that run the Anime Network and are our voice. They keep an eye on us and guide us when we need it.

There are several “behind the scenes” admins that I’m sure you’ve seen and even talked to. Rai, spazzysam, moisme, and akpoff are the ones you may have seen in the problems section and they work hard to solve those problems. They also deserve a little appreciation.

So, since this Anime Network’s Moderator Appreciation Month or MAM for short, just say “Yes Mam!” and show some love!

P.S. Thanks too to all the secret helpers that assist the mods when they can. You know who you are. :wink:



And I will start off with a cake -

(click for larger)



My ego just inflated.

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A gift for Inphy -




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All the moderators are very lovely people and they deserve much appreciation.

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Moderator Appreciation!?



You all put up with way too much, and for that I thank you.

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I’ve been on many forums over the years, TAN Forums are one of the best on Signal vs Noise. Much of that is due to the gentle but firm moderation.

Hat’s off to the good moderators, Thank You.

Mark Gosdin

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dont know who is a moderator around here really save for slowhand, so thanks for all the work done on getting the schedules and programming online and on TV sorted out. to the others, keep at it!

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Slowhand is the best.

This board would be nothing without her.

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All the mods get to wear special t-shirts for this month only!



Another little thank you gift for the mods -



[quote=“LadyOfWicca” post=136173]All the mods get to wear special t-shirts for this month only!


[spoiler]shouldn’t the parenthetical read




[quote=“Inphy” post=136139]Slowhand is the best.

This board would be nothing without her.[/quote]

And I would be nothing without you to help me! :cheer:

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All the mods do a great job!



I would like to give a big thank you to the moderators on the illustrious TAN Boards!! :cheer:

Thank you for all your hard work and putting up with all that you have to day by day. ^-^ You guys really are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. :stuck_out_tongue:

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