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Oh Em Gee, its me! And I'm a................. Noob >_


Japanese Version:
Konichwa, watashi no tomodachi.
Watashi wa ALi MAE :]
Jinzu wa inu ga imasu.

English Version:
Hello, my friends.
I am ALi MAE :]
Speaking of my pants, a dog exists there.
Lol really theat last part was not needed but i felt the need to add it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m new and stuff and I thought i should let you know.
Yeah, you… The one that’s reading this.
I’m 18 and I’m a Junior
I have an affinity for the japanese culture such as:
their language
the beautiful scenery in Japan
the music
and just mainly the culture as a whole.
I’m a little nutty so bare with me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooooh and if you have any suggestions of which anime I should start watching give it to me.
There’s toooooo many on this site I just can’t choose!

ALi <3


May I be the first to welcome you to TAN! There are plenty of fun threads to post in here and we hope you’ll be a regular and post often! :slight_smile:

Oh and off the top of my head, Kaleido Star is a great watch.


Welcome to crazy town full of hot babes, robot fighting, boy pilots and…oh forget it. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Feel free to make yourself at home here and enjoy the forums :smiley:

ali.mae13 wrote:

[quote] Ooooh and if you have any suggestions of which anime I should start watching give it to me.
There’s toooooo many on this site I just can’t choose!
ALi <3

My suggestion: Full Metal Panic season 1
TAN online: Angelic Layer


Oh and don’t forget to snag your anime hottie in the “Claim Your Bishoujo/Bishounen!” thread (yes we are nerds). Make sure to read the rules though first!


Welcome to TAN! Glad to have you here. Glad to see you’re learning Japanese for something other than anime, I took it long enough to know that the ones who took it for only anime were the ones who dropped out the quickest. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, I’m out of practice but I can still answer a few things here and there.

Have you seen Full Metal Panic!’? It’s a really good series, and TAN/ADV/whatever they call themselves now did the dubbing, so it’s top notch. I actually prefer it in English nowadays.


Welcome! Hope you’ll come and visit us often!

Let’s see - if you are watching the on-line player here - I like Princess Tutu, Chance Pop Session, Best Student Council, and Diamond Daydreams. If you like something a little on the dark side, try Gilgamesh or Pet Shop of Horrors. If you like action, try Area 88 or Divergence Eve.

And yes, Full Metal Panic is GREAT! :slight_smile:


LadyOfWicca wrote:

Especially this. Another highly popular anime around these parts that shouldn’t be missed. :slight_smile: Definite A.


Drugs are bad. Ummmmmm Kayyyy!


Also still rather new but welcome to the board. This is one of the nicer forums I have been on.


Welcome, please stick around and watch the shows!


ShawnMerrow wrote:

Agreed. By a longshot. I’ve been through hell in others.


Ya, we’re mostly a bunch of nice folk, which is probably why I’ve been here… Oh god it’s been over 6 years now…


It’s nice to finally have a whine free forum. Paradise indeed. :slight_smile:


Think this one will actually come back? :laugh:


Did you remember to lock the exits? :laugh:


Hahahaha, your all so nice.
Thank you SOOOOOOO much for making me feel special!
I will definitely stay cause of the perfect atmosphere here :]
[even though theres not really any type of real atmosphere… ugh you get what i mean though]
I have been to other forums of such disgrace like:
deletion of posts because you dont like the person
putting people down for the same reason
uncalled for remarks…
Just CHAOTiCALLY rude circumstances…

But I can tell here will be different
SO that’s why I chose to STAY!!! :]
Again thanks for the welcoming greets and kindness.

Although there is a problem, I have seen Full Metal Panic before…
But yeah… Thank you for those suggestions anyway! :]
I’m SOOO happy to be here



Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy your time here!



i suggest in no particular order

BLASSREITER(my new fav)
Speed Grapher
Elfen Lied
Trinity Blood

and i dont subscribe to the online player so i dont know what all is in there to watch, but im sure there’s more out there that you will like…