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More Online Player New Updates: Clannad, Princess Res, Cyberteam, Mythical Detective Loki


Anime Network has recently added more new episodes for Clannad and Princess Resurrection, as well as Online premieres and complete episodes for Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok and Cyberteam in Akihabara for Anime Network Online Player subscription members.



Rai just posted some more information about some of the new stuff in today’s update on the Anime Network homepage.

[quote]Hey guys, here comes the first of many updates to our Online Player. We have some new shows and episodes for our Premium members, as well as made more of our shows free to Registered users. So everyone gets a little love this week. ^_~

Full series Available to our Registered members:

Angelic Layer
Bastof Syndrome
Best Student Council
Chance Pop Sessions
Diamond Daydreams
Divergence Eve
Magical Play
Nurse Witch Komugi

New stuff for our Premium users include:

Princess Resurrection - added 2 more episodes
Clannad - 2 new episodes up!
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok - FULL series now up!
Cyberteam in Akihabara - FULL series now up!
Kiba - episodes 13 to 16 are now up!

Sweet! There’s more coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned everyone! [/quote]


Just a note the Princess Resurrection episodes I think are either mis labelled or it seems only episodes 1 and 2 are up and they are just duplicated?


Ok, I let them know about it a bit ago. Looks like a simple code problem with the page rather than the episodes themselves, so maybe hopefully it won’t be too hard to fix, hopefully. Given they left already for the day, they might not get the notice til they’re back tomorrow. I’ll check it again tomorrow first thing to see if it’s fixed yet or not and will inquire about it again if needed.


Thanks Dragoon I just thought I’d mention it. Its no big deal. I am in the middle of Mythical Detective Loki. I have forgotten how much fun this show is :slight_smile: We should have a thread on here about what everyone is watching on the online player. This is great stuff! I can’t believe ADV films has made this online subscription a reality its a dream come true. :laugh:


You’re more than welcome to post your thoughts in the Anime Network Anime/Live Action discussion section:

Loki thread is at:

More posts by all certainly welcome! We lost all the forum content from the last 3 and half years due to the forum changeover recently, so we’re having to start threads and discussions anew.

If you want to discuss story specific stuff be sure to use the spoiler tag. :slight_smile:

As for me I haven’t gotten a chance to watch anything yet! Been too busy with all the goings on lately. I’m going to start with either Mahoromatic season 2 Orphen or Cyberteam in Akihabara either tonight or tomorrow though. B)


WCW wrestling on Sci(ence)-Fi(ction) channel.
Live Action bad movies on Cartoon Network.
Music TV on Anime Network.

And none of them can keep their programming anything decent and pull programs with excuses but want you to take their subscription service to watch crap?

Welcome to America where TV is viewed mostly on TV.

May all these pitiful companies go the way of General Motors, and I don’t mean getting $50 billion in bailout money.

Its bad enough TV content providers can’t figure out how to provide shows because they screw up somehow with the license, but then cannot even maintain their programming within their own namesake?

Glenn Britt, CEO of TWC, making $15 million US per year, must be runnign all these companies and clearly not understand or care about what product they are putting out because they have enough money in the world to say screw everyone and order them all to lick their shoes clean.

It truly is pathetic the crap companies pull on consumers these days and then wish this consumers to empty their wallets into their coffers for some loyalty the companies think they are owed.

Lets cap bandwidth and change outrages fees for overage charges so people cannot even watch things online through the subscriptions they have paid for for video viewing.

You would think someone would get it by now in the middle of a recession.

And people wonder what the problem is form fansub groups and people watching stuff online…well you just can’t sit in front of a TV to watch anything so people will take free over fee any day.

I prefer a TV big enough for my half-blind arse to be able to see myself.


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