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My Little Monster / Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Episode 6 –


It was funny when Haru thought Nagoya laid a hardboiled egg! Haru wears glasses to class, hoping to be elected as one of the class officers. I think he wanted Shizuku to nominate him, but she didn’t take the hint and Haru doesn’t get a position. He takes off the glasses and just looks very dejected.

Asako tries to convince Shizuku that the class rep might be her rival, but Shizuku won’t show her concern, saying instead that she’s more worried about her grades. Meanwhile, Haru is talking to the class rep about not becoming a class officer. He suddenly wonders why she doesn’t have any friends and it looks like she’s just as socially inept as the rest of them.

The rep asks about his friends and he tells her that he loves Shizuku which upsets her. And this is when Asako discovers the two of them alone together. Haru introduces her and suddenly Haru is having a strategy session with everyone and it’s called “Oodles of Friends for the Class Rep” council! :lol: It seems to me that the blind are leading the blind here. Well, of course things don’t work out as planned and the council falls apart when Shizuku walks out.

In the end, it looks like Shizuku and Oshima just may become friends. Brought together by circumstance, they talk and it turns out that Oshima just lacks confidence in herself. Things progress when Oshima is asked to join in their activities, but she literally ends up between Shizuku and Haru still in the middle of their disagreement.

Shizuku admits that her feelings for Haru are affecting her in strange ways and that her studying is suffering. Haru says she should go to the nurse – he just doesn’t understand. But Oshima yells at him and translates what Shizuku is really saying, embarrassing them all, herself included! :lol: She runs off and Haru follows her. Once he calms her down and smiles at her, she admits to herself that she may be in love with him as well.

Shizuku is back to what she considers normal, promising herself that she won’t be distracted by Haru or her feelings for him. Is that why she wants to go on a date with him? Too funny! Asako and Sohei find out about their date and seem happy that they are making progress. Or are they? The couple is at the library and Shizuku wants to study for exams. Haru is not happy about this. It’s not his idea of a date, but once Shizuku apologizes, he seems happy enough to just be with her.

Asako is upset that Shizuku never mentioned the date to her, but Haru’s cousin says they all need time to get used to each other and learn how to interact with one another. Yuzan comforts her by saying that he’s sure the couple will run into problems. Meanwhile, Shizuku is causing just such a problem when she tells Haru that she isn’t attracted to him anymore. Haru is stunned, but accepts it. Perhaps he knows better. And it was interesting that he can solve a Rubik’s Cube just like that – he really is a genius! I can’t wait to see what happens next in this weird relationship.

My Little Monster Manga to Bundle Unaired Anime

posted on 2012-12-25 02:30 EST
ZEXCS, Brains Base returns to make original anime DVD of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun episode

Episode 7 –


Haru ends up coming home early as the date didn’t go all that well. A little dejected, he tells Oshima that Shizuku doesn’t like him. Now this might be a good chance for Oshima, but instead she tells Haru that as long as Shizuku didn’t completely reject him, he still has a chance with her. But Haru already knows this, even before Asako put her two cents in!

Not one to hold back, Haru once again tells Shizuku that he loves her and that he knows she doesn’t feel the same way, but he just wants to be with her. However, as he leans in to kiss her, Shizuku stops him dead. Then they argue about going out and now Shizuku feels as if she’s in constant danger. I wonder how long she is going to hide from her feelings.

Once again, for midterm exams, Shizuku comes in second to Haru and tells him that she will win the next time. And poor Asako gets stuck with make-up exams again! I hope Haru doesn’t try to tutor her again! Later, at cram school, Shizuku just happens to be sitting next to one of the bullies that was harassing Haru and herself – the one Haru calls Yamaken. And Shizuku also find out that he goes to the “rich kid’s” school and that perhaps he is smarter that her as well!

As her school prepares for the festival, Shizuku tries to give Haru some tickets. But as she tries to hand them to him, he grabs her hand and licks it! So, they end up arguing again about their feelings and Shizuku ends up telling Haru that he must stay two meters away from her at all times. This upsets Haru and his pursuit of Shizuku – that is until Asako brings up the point of how “repulsive” it is to be touched by someone you don’t like. I like how Haru makes a barricade for the chicken coop at that point and names it after Shizuku!

Apparently the students at this school make extra money off the school festival and Shizuku comes across a group of boys planning to do just that. She helps them with their plan – for a fifty percent cut! Now, I wonder what she needs money for. They need a prime spot however, and once Haru gets involved, they end up with the worst possible spot instead. Oshima later tells Haru that he needs to learn how to solve problems without violence because Shizuku worries about him when he gets into fights and this really seems to brighten up his day. And of course Oshima just falls more in love with Haru after he says something nice and she tells him that she isn’t ready to give up yet. Haru doesn’t get it, but Shizuku just happens to overhear them and questions why she’s hiding from them.

Later, while out shopping for festival supplies, Shizuku, Asako and Sohei come across Yamaken and his boys beating up some other schoolboys. Yamaken puts his arm around Shizuku and somehow they end up at cram school together to check their scores. Yamaken is surprised that Haru isn’t her boyfriend and when he asks her why, she can only say that she needs to study. Yamaken shares some odd views on the subject and it’s nice to see that Shizuku came in first to Yamaken’s third place. It was also nice to see Shizuku twist Yamaken’s words back to him! Shizuku thinks she’s right, even if it’s a boring way to live.

Once they return to their friends, the bullies are begging for tickets to the festival. Shizuku gives Yamaken her tickets, feeling that Haru would do the same. I like how they’ve nicknamed Shizuku “studybug” but still manage to call her a goddess as well. Later, Shizuku meets Haru to give him something from Asako and she once again tells him that she will not fall in love with him and not to get his hopes up. Haru agrees but also decides that he will have to change her mind. He tries to kiss her again and remembering Asako’s words, backs off at the last moment. But he still manages to upset Shizuku anyway, who runs from him, trying to convince herself that she’s doing the right thing. But then why is her heart beating so fast?

Episode 8 –


It’s the day of the festival and Shizuku is a zombie nurse at their “Zombie House of Terror”, but she’s a little lackluster and not very scary. However, Haru was pretty funny when he sprayed the bullies with blood. Yuzan shows up just to tick Haru off. Yamaken keeps getting lost and ending up near Shizuku. Asako catches them together and I wonder what she thinks.

Haru gets jealous when he sees Shizuku and Yamaken together and Yamaken plays on that. But when Haru goes to punch Yamaken, he hits Shizuku instead and Shizuku reminds him to stay two meters away from her at all times.

She later asks Asako why she can’t break free of him. She feels that Haru is fixated on her only because he doesn’t want to be alone and she was the one that just happened to be there. But she also kind of admits to Asako that she feels the same way Haru does and that makes Asako happy until Shizuku tells her that it’s none of her business and walks off.

And the bullies overhear every word! They blame Yamaken for provoking Haru and want to go comfort Shizuku but decide against it. Probably a good thing! However, Yamaken does show up with a shaved ice as Shizuku is putting cold water on her face. He doesn’t want to take the blame for what happened to her, but she tells him that it is totally his fault. He tells her that her own expectations won’t allow her to break free of Haru. He says that she expects Haru to live up to her expectations, but she won’t live up to his.

They go back to the festival together and when Yamaken spots Yuzan, he pulls Shizuku into an empty classroom and ends up falling on top of her. Yamaken is scared of Yuzan although he denies it! And while Shizuku is telling Yamaken to get off of her, Haru shows up with Oshima. He is breathing heavily as he throws her up against the wall. Would that make Shizuku jealous? Maybe, but she didn’t have much time to think about it as Haru starts complaining about his brother being there.

From their hiding spot, they watch as Haru asks Oshima if she would be happy if he said he liked her. While Oshima flounders for an answer, thinking that he’s serious, Haru goes on to tell her that when he tells Shizuku how he feels, things never go well and he wonders now if he should resort to force. Oshima turns the tables and asks Haru what he’d do if she told him that she liked him. This flusters Haru and although Oshima meant it, she tells him that she used it as an example in a male – female sort of way. So, Haru asks her if she wants to “do it”.

Shizuku wants to leave at this point and give them their privacy, but Yamaken won’t let her. As, Oshima tries to explain what she said, Yamaken pops up with Shizuku, but before things get out of hand, Yuzan walks in. That certainly puts a damper on things! Meanwhile, Asako is crying her woes to Mitsuyoshi over what happened between her and Shizuku. She thinks that she and Shizuku aren’t friends anymore. Mitsuyoshi gives her some good advice, but Sohei finds them and wonders why Asako is crying. Funny that Sohei is advertising the “Spunky Zombie House”.

A crowd has gathered outside of the classroom where everyone else is. Haru has Oshima in a chokehold and orders Yuzan to stay back. Yuzan asks him if he wants to cause another scene in front of this audience. Haru tightens his hold on Oshima, but when Shizuku speaks his name, Haru releases her and jumps out of a window. Why does Yuzan do this to Haru? Oshima is fine and Yuzan apologizes for his brother. But when he tries to talk to Shizuku, Yamaken steps in and Yuzan recognizes him. Yuzan gives Shizuku Haru’s shoes and leaves with Oshima. At this point, the bullies show up and wonder why Yamaken is alone with Shizuku. That crowd broke up pretty fast!

So, Shizuku goes off to find Haru and return his shoes. When she finds him, she tells him that he should think before he acts. She knows he feels bad about what he did to Oshima and tells him that he needs to think about his mistakes since he’s stupid, but she admits that she is also stupid and is making mistakes. Haru reminds her that she wanted to be two meters away from him, causing Shizuku to apologize and take it back. Haru says that she’s finally come to her senses and goes off to apologize to Oshima.

Shizuku realizes her mistakes too and apologies to Asako. She starts crying again and admits that although she is a friend to both Shizuku and Haru, it really wasn’t any of her business. Haru and Nagoya find them and then Sohei shows up, telling them to get back to work. And so the festival continues!

Afterwards, Shizuku washes off her make-up and comes upon a sleeping Haru who was waiting for her. She reaches out a trembling hand to brush back his hair, but as she hesitates, he grabs her wrist and asks her what she was trying to do. She admits that she was going to touch his hair and he pulls her to him, saying that he doesn’t understand her, since she keeps contradicting herself when it comes to him. She realizes that she hasn’t been honest with him and tries to explain herself now. She wonders if she will ever go back to loving him so much that her grades will suffer again. Shizuku tells Haru that between love and studying, studying won. And now Haru sees that his rival has been school work all this time.

Shizuku tries to explain that she can’t fall in love - that she needs to concentrate on her studies. As she struggles with her words, Haru grabs her in a fierce hug. Shizuku untangles herself from Haru and asks him for more time – that she needs to think about their relationship. Haru can only smile. Perhaps he knows he’s won?

My Little Monster and “Say I Love You” have been two of my favorite shows this season. B)

Episode 9 –


Shizuku finally realizes that she wants to stop running from her feelings! She wakes up one morning to find Haru in her room and she just takes it in stride. But Shizuku is upset to find her father at home. She finds out that his store failed about two weeks earlier. Was she too wrapped up in Haru to notice? She is angry at her father for not saying anything to her sooner, but should have known that it would happen. Shizuku goes to call her mother to tell her what happened and her father looks scared. Mom’s reaction is not good and she wonders how much longer she is going to have to work. She gives Shizuku a nice message to give to her father and that scares her father even more.

Shizuku decides to go clean up the store and asks Haru to leave. Haru is really impressed by Shizuku’s reaction until her father tells Haru that this is the sixth time. Dad admits he’s hopeless, causing his wife to work and support him and having his daughter grow up to be unemotional and without friends. He is impressed when Haru tells him that she now has three friends.

Haru goes back to those friends for a study session and finds out that Sohei had a girlfriend in middle school. Haru didn’t even realize that they went to the same middle school! Sohei becomes an instant hero when Haru asks him if he “did it” and Sohei just smiles. Asako has no idea what is going on and Sohei admits that he was just kidding because the girl dumped him. But now Sohei asks Haru the same question and it’s Haru’s turn to smile as Asako threatens to leave.

Although Shizuku promised to think about their relationship, here it is a month later and there is no progress. As they talk, Shizuku shows up. She overheard what they were saying and is a bit taken aback since she just remembered her promise but never did any of that thinking she was supposed to do. Shizuku takes Haru outside for a walk and has no idea what to say to him. They end up talking about her parents and Shizuku tells Haru that she wants to be like her mother – a working woman. She tells Haru about the goldfish she once wanted and how disappointed she was when she built up her expectations for nothing. Haru says that he has something for her and grabbing her hand, runs off down the street. He takes Shizuku fishing – for crayfish!

Another day, Shizuku accidentally meets Yamaken at the library. Actually she was hoping to meet him and Yamaken thinks she likes him. But Shizuku being Shizuku asks him instead about cram school. Yamaken says that he’s not trying to compete with her and thinks she’s silly for studying all the time. Shizuku wonders if that’s why she likes to study, because it’s something she can control.

Yamaken asks about Haru and Shizuku tells him that he likes to spend his time down by the river. Yamaken is surprised because it’s November, so Shizuku has to explain about the crayfish Haru wants to give to her and Yamaken thinks he acts like a little kid. Shizuku says that she was impressed by the advice Yamaken gave her at the festival and he drops his book! He won’t even get on the bus with her. What’s going on here? More feelings? :lol: Back at the library, Yamaken helped Shizuku to figure out a way to balance love and her other priorities. I think he does like her! Another one that can’t admit his feelings.

As late as it is when Shizuku gets off the bus, she finds Sohei and Asako cheering Haru on. Of course he’s still trying to catch that crayfish! As Haru talks to Shizuku, Sohei and Asako wander off. Yamaken, passing in a cab, has it stop so he can return Shizuku’s pencil. But when he sees her with Haru, he stops. I think it hurt him to see them together. While Haru gets his bag, the others go on ahead and Yamaken takes the opportunity to give Haru Shizuku’s pencil. Did he do that on purpose – to bother Haru?

Haru wants to know why he has something of Shizuku’s and Yamaken says that they had just bumped into each other at the library. But then the insightful Haru asks Yamaken if he loves Shizuku. Yamaken answers with another question – “Is that a problem?” and walks off. Haru looks at the pencil, then up at the full moon. Oh boy!

Episode 10 –


Christmas episode! Haru is acting strangely and refuses to leave Shizuku’s side. Is he that worried about Yamaken? He seems especially jealous as well.

Asako was trying to have a nice Christmas party for her friends, but the delinquents find out about it and invite themselves. Yamaken wasn’t going to go, but after Haru warns him off, he decides to go anyway. Yamaken relieves Haru’s mind when he tells him that he was only joking when he said that he loved Shizuku. But why do I think that this is a lie?

Oshima doesn’t want to go to the party, but Sohei talks her into it. Everyone gathers at the batting center and Mitsuyoshi looked cute in his holiday outfit, complete with sunglasses of course! The delinquents seemed impressed by Oshima and I think they scared her a bit. Yamaken thought it interesting that Shizuku’s rival showed up, but Shizuku says that she doesn’t feel that way about Oshima. And it looks like Asako is falling for Mitsuyoshi and Sohei thinks he’s lost her. Then the delinquents start fighting over Oshima and Mitsuyoshi can only think how much Haru has improved, thanks to Shizuku.

It’s a very strange party with people fighting, Oshima feeling out of place, and Shizuku studying. And there are feelings of jealousy in the air as well. Especially when Haru finds out that Shizuku and Yamaken will be in the same cram school class again. It’s a shame that Haru can’t afford to go – that would have been something to see! Even Asako tells Yamaken not to interfere with Haru and Shizuku, but Yamaken tells her the very same thing. Then he drags Oshima into it and Asako insults her without meaning to.

Later, Haru and Yamaken talk about Shizuku and Haru claims her as his, but Yamaken teases him about her liking him better. I think if Shizuku heard this conversation, she’d stay away from both of them! I also think that Haru came really close to seriously harming Yamaken. Thankfully Shizuku came along when she did. Haru gives Yamaken a final warning and goes to take Shizuku home.

As they walk along, the talk they have seems to pertain to Shizuku saving Haru. I think he’d like Shizuku to save him from himself. They talk about the Christmas party and about the new year. And Shizuku realizes that Haru is jealous when he asks her if she really has to go to cram school with Yamaken. She grabs Haru’s hand and tells him that she loves him, so he doesn’t need to worry. They smile at one another and then Haru has to open his big mouth and says that means that she won’t go to cram school after all. And here we go again!

As she walks to cram school with Yamaken, Haru trails along behind her embarrassing her terribly, until she turns around, tells him to shut up and not interfere with her studies. As she enters the school, a happy Yamaken tells Haru that he can’t go any further and not to enter the school. Has Haru pushed Shizuku too far this time?

Episode 11 –


It’s all about Yamaken, well, his real name is Kenji. He can’t figure out why he’s attracted to Shizuku, but he is and can finally admit it to himself. But how to act on it? He can attract women by the dozens, but I think this is the first time that he actually likes someone.

When he puts his arm around Shizuku to save her from a bicycle, Haru is there to hit him over the head for touching his Shizuku. Yamaken can only walk away as Haru and Shizuku begin to argue – again! And he only angers her more when he hits Shizuku on the head with a can that was meant for Yamaken. Shizuku later apologizes to Yamaken for Haru’s behavior and even offers to put ice on his bump. Yamaken is frozen and unsure how to react. He hates being touched but for some reason his heart skipped a beat when Shizuku touched his bump. Yamaken tells Shizuku that she wouldn’t have such problems if she went out with him instead. Shizuku just tells him to stay away from Haru as well as herself, but she also makes the mistake of complimenting hi in the process.

When Yamaken later meets Haru, he still seems a little scared of him. But it looks like they’ve known one another since they were children. And Yamaken witnessed the incident that got Haru tossed out of school. It wasn’t until many years later that Yamaken saw Haru again. As they walk along, Yamaken gets some insight into Haru’s true feelings for Shizuku, as well as his worries. As they say goodbye, Haru once again threatens Yamaken, but Yamaken considers it “lame”.

As Haru sits at the bus stop in the rain, he remembers growing up with his brother in his father’s house and how his brother wished Haru had never existed. Shizuku finds him there and asks if he was waiting for her, but he only smiles and tells her that she’s his hero. He grabs her and hugs her, telling her that he loves her. But as she hugs him back, Haru confesses that he’s been “restraining” himself – that he just wants to go in to her classroom and “mess everything up”. Shizuku warns him that if he does they are finished. He tells her that he is suffering and is afraid that Shizuku will leave him behind. She has no idea what Haru is talking about or how she should answer him. She had always thought that if he knew of her feelings for him, that everything would be fine. And of course Haru messes things up by asking Shizuku for “proof” of her love for him! Of course she tells him “that” won’t happen! Shizuku wonders what is wrong and why they keep clashing so much but doesn’t know how to fix it. This is very sad! And why is Asako going to visit the batting center?

Episode 12 –


Asako walks into a crowed batting center and asks for Sohei. She returns something to Sohei and one of his friends approaches her to ask her something. She knows what he wants before it even says it and it seems to sadden her. His other friends begin to laugh and Asako leaves before the boy can say anything. Sohei follows her and apologizes and Asako tells him that she hates it when that happens and that is why she hates boys. They like to have their fun and because of that, the other girls shun her. Sohei says that it’s her own fault and an angry Asako tells him that he underestimates female friendship. They talk a little and Askao apologizes. Even Sohei thinks she’s in love with Mitsuyoshi and that seems to surprise Asako! She denies it, but Sohei can’t figure it out.

At this point, Haru shows up looking extremely happy. Apparently his talk with Shizuku ended up on a good note with Shizuku inviting him on a picnic. She said they could go anywhere he wants to, but in return, he must let her finish her winter cram course without further interruption. He agrees – perhaps a little too quickly? And Asako and Sohei seem to be the only ones that realize Shizuku has bribed Haru into behaving. Of course, Haru invites them as well. So much for him wanting to have Shizuku all to himself! And Shizuku is just as surprised that her bribe worked.

Asako keeps asking Haru if he’s ok with his promise and he assures her that he is. They go out to eat and Asako feels safe with Haru because he loves Shizuku and wouldn’t think to bother her. But then Haru brings up Mitsuyoshi and tells her that he was asking about her and why she doesn’t visit. She says there isn’t any particular reason, but in her mind she can’t stop thinking of what Sohei had said and that makes it just that much more difficult to see Mitsuyoshi. They say their goodbyes and go their separate ways.

The winter break seems to be a busy one for everyone, but the end of the year finally arrives. Asako admits to Shizuku that she has been very lonely. Suddenly Asako and Haru show up at Shizuku’s house. Asako has invited herself to spend the night. While Shizuku prepares a dinner for them, Haru tells Asako that there is no need for her to be lonely – she can drop by the batting center anytime she wants to. Asako doesn’t answer him. And after a nice dinner, they all fall asleep!

Asako’s ringing phone wakes them up. It’s Sohei wishing her a Happy New Year and he asks if she’s with Haru and Shizuku and if she’s coming to the shrine. I think she forgot! They all go to meet Sohei but can’t find him in the crowd and of course Yamaken and his boys are there too. They are just about to start a fight when Haru shows up and stops it in a unique way. He tells them they shouldn’t fight but ends up getting involved. Yamaken realizes that if Haru is there then Shizuku must be there too and goes off to find her while Haru is otherwise occupied.

Yamaken finds Shizuku in line at a food stall and pays for her. Of course she immediately pays him back and says he shouldn’t have cut in line. What Yamaken just did went completely over her head! Asako shows up to tell her that Haru is fighting, but Shizuku asks her about the bathrooms instead. And Yamaken just stands there clutching the money Shizuku gave him. Asako makes a comment that Yamaken did not appreciate as Shizuku walks off.

Shizuku walks up to Haru and tells him to stop, but he’s already pulling his arm back for a punch and hits Shizuku in the face with his elbow. Nothing seems to come of this though and they later bump into Oshima. They get love fortunes and they are supposed to be accurate, but they aren’t very good fortunes – in fact they are pretty bad. Asako questions Oshima’s love for Haru when they get a moment alone and Oshima asks her if she likes anyone. Asako says she doesn’t – liar!

They end up at the batting center to use the roof to see the sunrise. And Haru has brought his chicken and Sohei has come with his friends. The one that wanted to ask Asako out thinks she hates him. Mitsuyoshi tells Asako that she looks unhappy and that she hurt that boy’s feelings. He tells her too that he is happy to see everyone. But he thinks she could be a little nicer to Yana. Asako says she doesn’t know how to act after being so mean the last time. She says that she hates boys and Mitsuyoshi tells her that he loves girls. Asako asks him if he wants to fall in love and he tells her that he’s in too much debt at the moment, but that love is good. He tells her his views on love and Asako insists that as long as she has her friends, she doesn’t need anything else.

Asako tells Mitsuyoshi that she imagines a kingdom where no one ever gets hurt, but he tells her that there isn’t such a place, so Asako asks him if they can grow up together. I’m sure Mitsuyoshi understands what she is telling him, but he doesn’t answer her and Asako just walks away from him. That’s sad and sadder still is the fact that Sohei has overheard every word. He tells Yana that his plan backfired. Was he really trying to get Asako and Yana together or does Sohei like her for himself? I think Asako and Sohei would make a cute couple. In any case, they all stayed up to see the sunrise and here they are on a roof and can’t see it at all. It looks like taller buildings are blocking their view! And what is Asako going to do with that picture of Shizuku and Haru sleeping together?

Episode 13 –


The sunrise finally appears over the building and everyone seems satisfied, except for a dejected Asako, who has left. Mitsuyoshi still hasn’t said anything about Asako and I wonder what he is thinking.

Shizuku has been studying and hasn’t seen Haru since the New Year, but she has been thinking of him. As she wonders what he is doing at that very moment, Haru pops through her window, scaring the living daylights out of her! He’s looking for something and although he wants to keep it a secret, I think he’s lost Nagoya. Anyway, he forgets his phone as he leaves through the window again.

Next, Haru shows up by Asako and asks her if she’s seen “him”. After she spits out her coffee at his surprise arrival, she tells him that she has no idea what he is talking about, but Haru keeps acting like she does. Then Haru tells her that he doesn’t have time to talk and runs off. But he runs off so quickly that he’s left his net behind. Then it was time for Sohei and his friends. Funny that each time Haru runs off, he leaves behind a piece of advice! And with Sohei, he lost his goggles.

Shizuku is still studying when Haru’s phone begins to ring – and won’t stop! It’s Sohei and he’s concerned about Haru and wonders what he’s looking for, but Shizuku tells him that it probably isn’t anything important. Asako brings Haru’s net to the batting center, but it seems deserted. Sure enough, Mitsuyoshi is out for the day. Then Shizuku shows up with Haru’s phone and leaves it with her to return to her studying. Shizuku senses something wrong with Asako and thinks she might have a fever, but Asako assures her that she’s fine.

Yamaken and his boys are visiting a friend in the hospital and they are outside when Haru shows up. He’s angry because he can’t find “him” and throwing his gloves to the ground, runs off. Of course they all thinks Haru is nuts and Yamaken can only wonder what Shizuku sees in him. With his gloves, Haru has also dropped his keys and Yamaken picks them up. Meanwhile, Sohei and his friends show up at the batting center to return Haru’s goggles and Sohei is surprised to find Asako there. She explains why and they talk a little about what Haru is looking for and it looks like the guys are going to stay and hang out for a while.

Oshima’s friend, Yuu, is walking down the street and comes upon a rooster. She snaps a picture and sends it to Oshima. Oshima recognizes Nagoya and quickly phones Oshima. And again, Shizuku is studying and still thinking of Haru. She finds herself reaching for the phone, but stops, deciding to get something to eat instead. Unfortunately, she’s a little low on rice and ends up going out. She comes upon a lost Yuu, walking around with Nagoya under her arm.

Sohei’s friends are leaving the batting center, but Sohei decides to stay with Asako and wait for Haru a little bit longer. As they walk out, Yamaken and his boys show up. Sohei tells them that the place is closed, but Yamaken pulls out Haru’s keys, as his friends run to Asako. Then Shizuku and Yuu walk in with Nagoya. So, now everyone realizes that Haru is out looking for Nagoya and they have no way of reaching him! They all wonder where he is and how he may be doing.

Shizuku thinks Haru might be at the river and they decide to go look for him. However, Yamaken decides to leave and can’t be bothered looking for Haru. His friends stay because Asako is staying. Shizuku decides to leave as well and she and Yamaken end up walking out together. He starts to says something to her, but she cuts him off and walks away. As she walks home, she ends up bumping into Yamaken again who is apparently lost – or is he? He insists that he is not lost, but Shizuku ends up walking him to the main street. He is really sweet too when he asks if he can carry Shizuku’s rice, but she rebuffs his offer.

The others can’t find Haru and Sohei suggests that Asako go back to the batting center in case Haru or Mitsuyoshi show up. But upon hearing Mitsuyoshi’s name, Asako gets all nervous and tells Sohei that’s she fine with continuing to look for Haru. Now all this time, Yamaken’s hospitalized friend has been with them, walking along with his IV, but now his wound has opened and he’s bleeding!

And it looks like Shizuku’s bag of rice is getting heavier and heavier as she walks along. I’m sure she never expected to be carrying it so long. As she struggles up some stairs, she sees Haru, who wonders what she’s doing. She tells him that they found Nagoya and that he’s back at the batting center, but Haru seems surprised that Nagoya was missing. So, what was he looking for? A glowing bug! One that he had seen that morning, but had escaped from him. He had wanted to share its glow with Shizuku, thinking it would be prettier with her. Shizuku smiles and tells him that everyone is worried about him. He puts his helmet on Shizuku’s head and throws her bag of rice over his shoulder.

As Haru walks up the stairs, he spots the glowing bug. He did get to share it with Shizuku after all. And as they watch it, it begins to snow. Shizuku still has a lot on her mind and many questions yet to answer for herself but she is happy to be with Haru in this moment. This was a very sweet anime that definitely had some interesting moments! It looks as if the story isn’t finished yet either and I’d love to see another season and the continuation of the story. I just love these “feel good” shows!

Looks like NISA picked this up. (ad on page 25)

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This is a definite buy for me.

My Little Monster Listed on DVD/Blu-ray From NIS America

posted on 2015-03-01 20:55 EST
Subtitled Complete Series Premium Edition DVD/Blu-ray combo listed for spring

My Little Monster - Official Trailer

About the show:
Shizuku Mizutani, who has no interest in anything but her studies, delivers worksheets to Haru Yoshida, a boy known for being a violent and uncontrollable monster. Though he hasn’t been to school since the infamous bloodshed he caused on the first day of classes, during their fateful encounter he unexpectedly becomes attached to Shizuku and returns to school. Amid the fights with upperclassmen and all kinds of antics that follow, the two teach each other what it means to care for others.

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I really like the NIS Special Editions, the Books they produce for them are amazing.

FEATURE: Cruising the Crunchy-Catalog: “My Little Monster”

September 25, 2016 2:15pm CDT
Oh-oh-ooh-oh-oh-oh! Caught in a bad romance

Sentai License Announcement



Sweet !

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HIDIVE Streaming Announcement



My Little Monster, Eps 1-13 (Sub, Home Video Version), are live at HIDIVE

working now

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