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Excellent Timber! I like Chimchar too. And it’s good that you have so many works in progress and so many new ideas. It might be a little hard on you, but it’s better than having nothing at all to inspire you. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Good point, tykes, and I’ll try to finish them soon… :]

Like this one…

One of my most favorite characters ever, Plum from Mario Golf 64.

She was totally reliable, and I used her every time. (tykes, tykes)

I’m at work with the background, and am switching it up a little…

Theme Song- ‘Toad Highlands’, from the Mario Golf 64 Soundtrack


this is excellant, timber. I can clearly see your impovement. The lines are cleaner, the Anatomy is more accurate, perspective is coming along well. A good theme and image selection. Very good job. Keep going!


That’s a great one Timber! :slight_smile:


I like how the grass turned out in that one.


Thanks, guys! It’s good to hear that I’m improving in my works.I’ve more to show, but I need to get them scanned, so I might do it later in the week, tykes…

Any requests are always a good idea, though…! (tykes…!)


Yo, people…! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, ya…? (tykes, tykes?)

I didn’t get to celebrate it, however, but hearing that other people had a good time and getting Youmacon pics from the friends back home will make my day, tykes… :]

Anyways, I’ve been scanning. One of the laptops back at the dorm were infected, so I had to wait until I arrived at the library to show something…

And yet another Timber and Anya pic, lol. I always try to draw my main characters in every new sketchbook at least once. I think it looks… okay. I’m having issues with Anya’s right hand as she holds the gun, or I’ll probably just change it altogether, tykes…


Your new drawings are great! :woohoo:


Thanks, tykes! I’m glad to hear that my new drawings are going well…!

I’ve been in a good mood since yesterday- my ‘friend’ gave me a call ( >:] ) - so I was suddenly lifted from my drawing coma and had more work to do…

This is one of the ‘Pokeys’. With the help of my inability to forget pointless phrases, my frinds and I created a little gang (In no relation to the Maverick Bandits, trust me, tykes…).

Each Pokey is represented by 2-3 colors, and this one- Pokey Timber- is represented by red and black. His weapon is a scythe (I know it’s my favorite weapon, but I should really stop using it, lol…), and he’s the self- styled (And the usual self- proclaimed) leader of the group. (tykes, tykes…)

Theme Song- ‘Sun’, from the Persona 3 Portable Soundtrack


Both the new additions are great. Pokey Timber is really cute. :slight_smile:


Look how crisp and clean! That glove looks like it could do some serious damage.


fillet- This may be because of the settings in which I scanned the picture. Then again, the picture didn’t look as bad in the sketchbook this time… (tykes…)

Thanks again, tykes! I’m currently in the posession of a cold of some sort, so I’m just hoping it’ll fade away fast…

Here’s something I did for an internet friend and I. After a stream, I was so bored that I came up with this. Guess which one I am, tykes…?


Hope you are feeling better! I almost missed this one. Very nice! :slight_smile: My guess is that you are the character on the left.


Ralts and Aipom look great, Timber! Like LadyOfWicca, I’d have to guess you’re Ralts.


Thanks, guys! You’re right, though, I am the Ralts!

The cold that I have is a monster, tykes. It kept me awake for 6 days straight (insomnia had nothing to do with it this time, tykes…), and made me feel worse than usual. The cold has let up now, but it’s still hanging on… >_<’’

I’m not sure if it’s homesickness, but I’ve been losing the will to draw lately. My ‘friend’ told me I should yell at my work some more, tykes, and I gave it a shot…

More of the Pokey Arc to cope with my Homesickness. This one is of the same ‘friend’ who nicknames herself ‘Kyuu’, so I guess the character also has this name. She goes by the color ‘Candy Cane’, which I believe is pretty much ‘Red-White’, lol…

Her weapon of choice is the shuriken, which I’ve never done before, until now. The bigger one on her back is in need of work, but i’m not exactly done with it. The goggle illustrations on the top left are what I really want her goggles to look like, other than the flimsy pair around her neck… Also, I hope I didn’t abuse the Candy cane pattern too much, did I…?

Theme Song- I’ll ask her later…

Out of the Pokey Arc, I have about 3 left (I am also the only male out of the group, which sounds somewhat strange to me… ._.).


Sorry about your cold - there is definately something making the rounds lately. Sorry about your homesickness too, but I hope you don’t lose the will to draw. If yelling at your work helps, then I agree with your friend and you should yell more! :slight_smile:

Kyuu is really cute. The shuriken looks similar to others I’ve seen in anime, so I would say your first try is pretty darn good. The candy cane pattern is fine too. You didn’t overdo it at all.

Timber wrote:

Well, it sounds more like a harem to me and not strange at all! :lol:

Nice job Timber! :slight_smile:


Back after such a long absence… I’m sorry, tykes! DX Info in the usual spoiler…

[spoiler]I hope you doods had a great Thankgsgiving! I was on campus during the break, but I had two dinners- at a church before the day, and at a friends’ house during the day. (tykes, tykes…)

During the Thanksgiving Break, the Library and Computer Lab were closed. DX
I had no way of scanning my pictures. During this week, I was pretty much away working on a final for a class (It’s not hard, but kinda long and boring, tykes…).

Idk what’s been up, but I’ve had a lot of new ideas to draw. I have a smaller sketchbook (You might have noticed it for some of my drawings, tykes…) and it’s halfway full with new sutff… O_O [/spoiler]

However, more things to show…

Continuing with the Pokey Arc, we now have Pokey Light Green, or Kitty. This one’s not entirely original (Original concepts shown and, my additions being the coat, whip, and guard. I’m really pleased with this one, tykes.

Theme Song- I’ll ask her later…

Oh, and speaking of whips, I took fillet’s advice for Slowhand’s weapon…

I’m still marching on with TAN Heroes. dragonrider_cody’s next as I’m putting his character together… (tykes…)


:cheer: That whip turned out awesome, Timber! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, man. So that new sketch book is halfway full, eh? What else you have stored in it? BTW that Pokey Arc is friggin’ cool as hell!


Kitty is really cool looking. And I like the whip too. :slight_smile: Glad to hear you are getting so many new ideas and your book is filling up. Keep it up!


Thanks, guys! I’ve got plenty more stored in it, and I’ll be showing pictures mostly from that book, tykes…

Sorry for the absense. Timber woke up yesterday with a bad pain and had to go to the hospital for some surgery. I’m back in school now and am feeling somewhat better, tykes…

Here’s a picture of a character in progress. I have no name for him, but I might do something for him, I guess… (tykes…)

Theme Song- ‘The Black Omen’, from the Chrono Trigger Soundtrack