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My sketches


Real Nice Drawing Timber.


Thanks again, guys! (Tykes!)

I’m not sure, but I may be running out of stuff to show at the moment… ._.’’

I need to scan more, and pronto! >_<

YeminiLuigi- Give it a shot, tykes! Though, being angry and drawing may invoke a little more than expected, trust me…

Kyouta- Thanks, tykes! I remember you! In fact, I cant see how I’d forget you, tykes! b^_-

I’m not sure if I posted this one or not, but I dont think I did, tykes. It’s about 2 yrs. old… ._.

As usual, info’s in the spoiler, tykes…

[spoiler]Here’s the demon Moh Shuvuu, as depicted from the Shin Megami Tensei series. One of my favorite demons from SMT, this was a gift for a very good friend of mine.

Errors- I colored in her eyes (They aren’t supposed to be), since I accidentally drew through one. Turned out awesome, though. I drew her hands coming out of the sleeve to make it seem creepy. (tykes, tykes)

Moh Shuvuu’s Legend (Quoted from the Megami Tensei Wiki)- In Buryatian folklore, the spirit of a young girl who died before knowing love. Moh Shuvuu takes on the form of a beautiful woman and lures men to an isolated spot. She then reverts to her true form of a bird and attacks. [/spoiler]Moh Shuvuu means “Evil Bird” in Buryatian.


Really great Timber! :slight_smile:


I don’t think you have posted that one. And you’re right, those hands are creepy. You’ve gotta make time in the schedule to draw some more! Just tell your teachers, they’ll understand. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, guys! (tykes!)

fillet- With the way my classes are, I should have great time to draw more, which I do… XD

A quick heads up: [spoiler]Sorry for the lack of posting, tykes. I’ve been really attached to my room lately. Aside from class and cafeteria, I’ve been inside drawing more, or gaming… (homework too, but that’s obvious, tykes…)

There’s a scanner in the comp lab, but I’m reclusive enough to stay away from it, and the fact that I dont fare well with the majority of students here… -_-’’

Sometime this week, I will scan more pics, honest. Tykes.[/spoiler]

A work in progress (Or rather, it’s kinda done now, tykes), Here’s a picture of Fritz and Parkramer (Park) the Absol. A character I made for someone’s pokemon fanfiction, he’s like some sort of pokemon ninja, and bla, bla, bla…

Park’s still in pencil, so you may need to enlarge to see him… (tykes…)


Nice drawings; post more!!! lolo


Very nice Timber! :slight_smile:


I agree with Wicca.


THanks again, tykes!

Okay. As promised, I scanned before the week ended. However, my friend’s scanner was acting funny, so I’ll have to rescan other pics tomorrow… -_-’’

Random doodling got me into drawing scarecrows. This one looks pretty good, but needs work. He fell into some type of bear trap, so let’s just hope for the best with it, no…?

I tried to draw a bird with it… maybe later, tykes…


Gonna be busting out the Halloween decorations soon?


fillet- Maybe, depending on the atmosphere around the dorm, tykes…

Well, with a hint of luck, I went to the computer lab (Pretty obvious right now, tykes…), and was able to scan pictures. Here’s TAN Hero Slowhand. The character is what I was aiming for, and I’ll work on the background when I find time to, tykes.

But, for now…

@Slowhand- I tried my best with Roy. PLEASE…DONT… HURT… ME!! (TYKES!! XD)
Oh, and do you have a theme song for yourself? (tykes?)

The next TAN Heroes will be (Not exactly in this order, unless asked nicely, tykes…)



We might be needing to get your autograph soon. Slowhand looks great!


Timber wrote:

[quote]Well, with a hint of luck, I went to the computer lab (Pretty obvious right now, tykes…), and was able to scan pictures. Here’s TAN Hero Slowhand. The character is what I was aiming for, and I’ll work on the background when I find time to, tykes.

@Slowhand- I tried my best with Roy. PLEASE…DONT… HURT… ME!! (TYKES!! XD)
Oh, and do you have a theme song for yourself? (tykes?)[/quote]

I love it, Timber! You have all my favorite stuff! Guitar, cats, books (manga), my whip and ROY! (and you did a very good job on him!).

I would say my theme song would have to be by Eric Clapton, the original Slowhand. I’ll pick, “I’ve Got a Rock 'n Roll Heart”


Thanks, tykes! Glad that you guys like it!

Slowhand- I really meant to draw the whip to look a little more… meaningful. I’ll draw it solo one day to make up for it, tykes.

redshirt1- Thanks a lo, tykes! Maybe one of these days, I’ll draw you, as well!

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but I’m working on yet another comic with a different friend of mine, which is pretty much about our time here at college. It’s somewhat accurate, but other parts will be loosely-based, tykes.

I didn’t realize that the sketches were so light, tykes… You may have to enlarge to see them… ._.’’

[spoiler]Here are the characters, being my friend and I (Timber is on the left, tykes…).

I did mention it being loosely based, tykes? My friend wanted to be drawn with cat ears and tail. I’m pretty new with that, so if there’s a problem with either or, please let me know,tykes.

My arm is also a little long (even for the usual, lol…), but it’s fixed in other pictures I did, tykes…[/spoiler]

Theme song-‘Joy’, from the Persona 3 Soundtrack


I really like your scarecrow - very cute! :slight_smile:

I love the TAN Hero Slowhand. It came out fantastic! :slight_smile:

The comic is cute too. The cat ears and tail came out really well and she looks adorable. :slight_smile:


THanks, tykes! Glad to hear that the cat ears and tail turned out okay. I’m thinking on working on another short, eventually. I have two drawn so far- here’s one of them…

It was like something out of West Side Story, tykes. The leaves suddenly started marching towards me… then started chasing me down! I love leaves, too, but they were plain evil…! Hopefully they can be seen- I’ll have to ink everything later…

Ya, I’ve drawn myself a little different than before- or at least, that’s what I think. Perhaps it’s because I’m taking a different approach drawing characters from the side? Everyone else says that it looks the same… what do you guys think, tykes?

THeme Song- ‘K.K. Western (Animal Crossing), From the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Soundtrack (Suprisingly, it fits… -_-’’)

Anyone going to Youmacon this year? Would you mind helping one who wants to go this year by giving him a ride, tykes…?


I’ve been drawing more and more, tykes!

Including something that I wouldn’t be caught dead drawing, but I digress, tykes…

Here’s a work in progress until I scan more, tykes…

Another short. My friend gets really jumpy with bugs, tykes…

Working on facial expressions as well (Should’ve done that in the first place, tykes…).

Theme Song: idk… maybe later…


You do look a little different from the side, but it looks really good overall. I like the chasing leaves too. Very Autumn! And I’d like to see it once you’ve inked it in. :slight_smile:

I like your work in progress too. I hate bugs as well! :laugh:


B) Slow looks good in that one!


Thanks, guys…! (tykes!)

LadyOfWicca- Thanks! I dont normally see the bugs as often, though, but I did see a Badger! (SO AWESOME, TYKES…) I’ve been working on my character face from the front so that he’ll match the face from the side, with somewhat impressive results…

Sorry for the long intervals, guys! I had midters the passing week, and I’ve only recently been drawing more.

I’m tired of having so many works in progress, but with so many new ideas, I kinda find that hard… :unsure:

[spoiler]And with that, yet another WIP (-_-’’)

Trainer Timber, or my Pokemon Trainer self, drawn in honor of a Pokemon fanfiction. He’s pretty much done, but the pokemon aren’t, tykes.

Say hello to almost-drawn Chimchar, folks. It’s my first time drawing one, so I’m taking my time with it… (tykes…)

This is actually what I want my TAN Hero to look, tykes. I haven’t forgotten about him, and this is pretty much him, minus the pokemon stuff, tykes…


Theme Song: Battle! Team Rocket -Redux-, from the Pokemon HeartGold/ SoulSilver OST