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My sketches


Here’s a landscape I was working on due to boredom, tykes.

I had a certain anime in my head when thinking of it, along with RPG overworld maps. Cant think of which ones they were, though… ._.


I like the tree house. Surgery, man that’s a bummer. Hope you’re feeling better!


Thanks, tykes! I am feeling better, though I have a few setbacks to deal with…

I’m back home for the holidays (as of Thursday). The plane ride was truly amazing. Finally, I’ve achieved my dream of flying high above the clouds, and can possibly rest easy now, tykes…

However, I’m not done with drawings…

A drawing of the Ragged Reaper from the Dragon Quest IX game. I’m getting it soon, I hope, but when I saw this creature, I went crazy and just had to draw it, tykes…

-NOTICE- Through my previous scan, I realized that I hadn’t scanned any anime sketches, so in the next scanning (two weekends from now), that should be different…


I like the all new additions Timber. Sorry about the surgery, but I’m glad you’re better. And that you got to go home for the holidays - hope it was good! Nice too that you had a good flight. I’m looking forward to seeing more drawings too!


I can see that your lines are sharper and more defined. You are also doing better at “cleaning up” the final pic. I hope to see more shading and shadow for a more 3d effect soon.

Good progress is being made, A sign of a serious artist


Thanks again, tykes…! Usual news in spoiler… ^^

LadyOfWicca- I’m feeling a lot better, thanks! I can run and do all the reckless stuff that I’m knowm for, tykes…! XD

outlander- Thanks! I’ve been getting into the habit of making sure that the unnecessary lines are dealt with. I’m practicing with shading, and I’m trying to get the shadows down. That’s a tough part indeed… (tykes, tykes…)

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I didn’t get much, bought myself a copy of Dragon Quest XI (So… good… XD). The toony, ironic, yet serious monsters in it have given me ideas for my monster drawings. With character customization, I’ve even more ideas for characters…

Here’s a random drawing I did while waiting for my sis to get her hair done. I’ll have to keep working on it…

The Safety Knight, which are basically the units for the opposing teams (Like grunts and lower peons), as well as soldiers for kingdoms, castles, etc. Battle- ready knights that can be bought cheap, and aren’t too powerful. This one in particular has a weapon- monster that I’ll call Barry the Hatchet for now, tykes.(XD) Itts mouth- blade can open and fire beams… or maybe bullets, cant decide yet, tykes…

I call them Safety Knights since the majority of them are very timid and cant even hurt a fly. The cork on the horn can hopefully attest to the name, as well, tykes…

Theme Song- ‘Leap the Precipice’, from the Eternal Sonata Soundtrack.


:laugh: And the broken horn, too. Good stuff, Timber.


Thanks a lot, fillet! (tykes!)

Actually, the broken horns seem to be a bit too repetitive from me, so I have to limit it a bit… ._.’’

Hopefully, no one’s wondering why I’m on so early, but my dad got me a laptop. That’s cool, but it also reminds me that I have to return to campus soon. What I’d do to just stay in state… (tykes…)

I also just finished up Midori Days. I loved it and its quirkiness imo, but I gotta stop comparing myself to shy characters in anime such as that (will read the manga eventually, tykes…). Anyways, I’m itching to draw Takako soon… >//<

I made an art trade with a friend of mine on deviantART. We drew each other’s original characters. This is Remi, whom I believe is a character of a story she wrote (original picture can be seen ) I’m still kinda skeptical of how I did, and I said that I’d work on it more. My main issues are the right foot (I’m not a frequent foot- sketcher, tykes…), and my failed foreshortening of the microphone, tykes, timber.


I think I like yours better, Timber. Her face has a much more serious tone to it, like maybe somebody switched off the mike on her. The top of the dress, too. Your version has a lot more texture to it. Good work man!


Great improvement in inking and “finishing” the image. Good job!

If you are concerned about anatomy like feet, practice drawing a hand or foot from a picture. You can even use your own body as a model. More improvement like this and someday I will have to commission you.


I saw him first! :stuck_out_tongue: Outlander is right though, Timber. You have come a long way in your work and as it takes on various forms it’s becoming very memorable. As an artist, how do you feel about your current standpoint and abilities?


I like the detail of your Safety Knight. I can’t believe you did that just waiting for your sister. Great!

I like your Remi better than the original as well. I agree with Fillet that your version has something more to it. Even if you aren’t 100% happy with it, I do like the mike. It is almost a 3D effect - like the had holding the mike is reaching outside of the picture.


Thanks again, tykes!

outlander- Ya, I am a bit concerned with anatomy. Not only do I want to practice drawing the common legs, but there’s another concept that I think will really work for my characters. I’m trying to work on that, also, tykes…

fillet- Current standpoint and abilities? Actually,I really dont think I’m as good as I can be, so I’m constantly trying to work harder. I’m not really sure that I’m doing all too well, however… ._.’’ (tykes, tykes…)

LadyOfWicca- Actually, I was aiming for a 3D effect of the mike, I guess I was doing it right, tykes! XD

I find it a little suprising that my version of Remi was the favorite over the original. I’m a fan of the artist’s work, and end up faving a lot of her work, lol… (tykes…)

Here’s something I did due to boredom. It’s not meant to be serious, so please dont take it as such, tykes. To prevent clutter, description is in the spoiler, tykes…

[spoiler]I got so into playing my copy of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, and started drawing my main team when my DS was charging. From left to right are Timber, Anya, RJ, and Hide (Short for Hideki, Yup, I make loads of incarnations for these guys, tykes…)

Timber is a Minstrel, which is some sort of entertainer. Anya is a thief (I have a thing for female thieves… XD), RJ is a martial artist (Always have I pictured the character RJ as a MA), and Hide is a priest.

A few notes, however…

Timber- Ya, he has pants, but at the same time has no pants. He has an item equipped called ‘Transparent Tights’, and is the reason for his solitude,besides the usual reason… -_-’’( I finally found a better item today)

Hide- I’m trying to come up with a good face for him. I dont want to draw the face given to him in the game. As a result, constant erasing has made his face very smudgy, but I digress…

I lost my staple drawing pencil for this random drawing, so I had to resort to a true drawing pencil. It was a little hard to erase, as a result…[/spoiler] Theme song- ‘Are You A Loser’ (Battle Theme), from the Dragon Quest IX Soundtrack and Synthesizer


That’s funny, the erasing gave Hide’s face an almost gleeful look.


I’m amazed that you did this while the DS was charging. It’s great! :slight_smile:


Thanks, again! (tykes!)

fillet- That’s kinda permanent, now- It’s hard to erase, tykes… >_<

LadyOfWicca- Well… almost. I’ll admit, sometimes I was drawing this in front of the computer… (tykes…)

Well, I’m back on campus sigh, and I’d rather be back home, of course. It was pretty bad getting back, as described here, tykes…

[spoiler] While driving, the driver’s car hit a slippery edge, and spun into a ditch. We tried pushing it out, but ended up getting it stuck even further in. An emergency support vehivle saw us and dropped us off at a truck stop, where we eventually found some dood who said that he could pull the car out.

Afterwards, the guy said that something was wrong with the engine. Apparently, pushing the car had caused a belt to fly off from under the hood, which helped with water heating, and some other stuff. That took another hour or so, and when that was finished, we were on the road again.

Soon after that, we were heading up a ramp after the driver said that the controls were beginning to lock on the car. The car suddenly stopped, and we figured out that the engine had overheated. And we had to take a long walk in some intense cold (A lovely, intense cold ^^) to a nearby gas station.

It took even longer to call someone to pick us up (We consisted of 3 people, and like 4-5 bags, 2 were mine; fruit also [WTF?]). WE were at the gas station for a long time, but when I finally reached my dorm, it was 2 a.m. My clothes from that day are covered in lots of dirt, as well as my luggage…

School? Lame. I’m a day late, and one of my classes was ‘delayed’ (cancelled), so I had only one class to go to (I have 2 classes a day). I was so tired, I just hope that at least half of those Algebra questions turned out right… -_-’’

This is possibly karma, since I just long to return home, but dood…[/spoiler]

As for drawing, I decided to draw a final boss for the stories I’m working on. Looking back as to how most final bosses consist of space machine- like monsters, or freaky bird hybrids, I put that into consideration, tykes.

Theme song- ‘Ganbatte Ikouu ze,’ From the Midori no Hibi Soundtrack

Also, I got my goggles before leaving home, and I am now the leader of the group… (Kinda forced, but no one had an opinion, tykes…) XD

A picture with a couple of my friends, along with I, since I barely ever take pictures, let alone in groups. Also noted that mysmile doesn’t look all too natural, since I barely do it, lol…


Sorry,Timber, but it had to be done…


outlander wrote:

[quote]Sorry,Timber, but it had to be done…

slowly backs into a corner

H-How did you know? I’ve kept it a secret up to now, tykes…! O_O


Timber’s power level is over 9000!!!


No, you’ve got to spell it out, to get the right feel, like this:

It’s over NINE-THOUSAAAAAAND!!! :stuck_out_tongue: