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Lol, you’ll all pay for this… (tykes…)

Here’s another one. After watching ‘Midori Days’, I kinda got a thing for Takako Ayase, and decided to draw a sketch of her. However, I dont think I did too well, tykes…

It’s pretty much an experiment, but I dont think I did the angle quite right. Plus, I dont really think it looks too much like Takako at all, tykes… ._.’’


No, Timber, This is great! You are experimenting with perspective. It’s something new to you. Getting out of your comfort zone makes you a better artist. I’m glad to see this. Doing new stuff adds to your skill level. Keep practicing. Good job


I like your final boss Timber. He looks really hard to beat. Just like a final boss should!

That was quite a trip! But I’m glad no one was hurt and you all made it safe and sound. Glad you got your goggles too. You make a good leader! (and leaders don’t have to smile) Nice picture too! You may think your smile doesn’t look natural, but you do look very amused.

I haven’t seen Midori Days, but I looked up the character and I think you did a fine job of her. I do like the angle as well and once again, I have to agree with Outlander. He knows what he’s talking about! :slight_smile:


Damn dude, that was a hell of a trip! I like the Takako drawing, kind of reminds me of Lain.


Thanks again, tykes!

outlander- Ya, it was a bit tough, but I’m still trying to experiment more. It’s so easy to come up with different poses and perspectives, but somewhat difficult to draw, tykes…

LadyOfWicca- Thanks! No one’s hurt, but I left my shampoo in the dood’s car. I hope that he got it towed, already… (tykes…)

fillet- It was quite the experience. Glad it didn’t turn out disastrous, like, my luggave getting run over, or something…

Back after so long, tykes. I scanned more drawings, but they’re all WIPs at the moment…

[spoiler]This one is a gift for my only friend on campus (or rather, the only friend I could actually hang out with, so ya, my only one, lol). We’re exchanging Christmas presents, and are both late (she promised me a scarf…). If you look hard enough, you’ll see that she’s the character in the short comic pictures that I drew… (tykes, tykes…)

I’m still experimenting with side views like that, and I think I did well, even with the jumping part. The bottom right picture is still being worked on. She’ll be a pokemon trainer, with a Vulpix as a partner, tykes…[/spoiler]
Theme song- I’ll ask her…


B) The shade of what you used to draw these makes them look great, Timber. Did you use something new?


Very nice work Timber. I like the views. :slight_smile: It will be a wonderful gift!


Your anatomy is improving, so are your action poses. Good progress


Thanks, tykes! I’m drawing some more pics and will clear out the WIPs soon. I do have some work to take care of first; hopefully it wont take too long, tykes…

fillet- Thanks! It’s actually the usual pencil I use, nothing more, tykes…

LadyOfWicca- Thanks, tykes! I should consider framing it afterwards…

outlander- Thanks! I’ve been paying attention to a few poses, and decided to experiment more, tykes…

Looking back, I want to start over on the latest TAN Hero. Guess I put it off for so long because I wasn’t quite feeling my progress with it, tykes…

[spoiler]An RPG is under works at another forum that I’m at (I’m in charge of creatin the monsters, tykes!:]), and I had to come up with an avatar.

It’s not much- kinda did it in a hurry, tykes (Left hand is pretty much non-existant, lol). I’m working on a different style when it comes to this character. My obsession with the Professor Layton series gave me another way to manipulate my limbs, lol…

This is my personal identification for myself, as of lately. When I draw my TAN Hero of myself again, he’ll most likely look like this. His additional items are a scythe (Yes, another one… stop laughing DX) called ‘My Personal Harem’, and a pair of goggles, of course, tykes.[/spoiler]

Theme Song- ‘Not an Angel’ (Although he is, hurr durr… XD), from the Trigun Original Soundtrack

And yes, I’ve been collecting new soundtracks, tykes!


Campus has been taking up my time, and bringing me down, so I didn’t draw much over time, tykes. However, today is the incursed Valentine’s Day, and although I’m not very fond of it, it got me to thinking of my ‘friend’ again, which lead me to drawing this…

I’ve been drawing my interpretation of myself a lot more lately. Her character was inspired by her own interpretation of herself. The poses came from this DNAngel picture I saw long ago with Daisuke talking and Riku listening. It was a nice little scenario, and it’s something I wouldn’t mind doing for awhile… (tykes, tykes…)

Apart from that, her head seems a little weird to me. Try as I might, I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted worth anything. It’s possibly the hair, tykes…[/spoiler]

Oh, and thanks to the Dating Service of Pretear_Himeno, I’m now motivated to draw a picture of Yomiko Readman from Read Or Die. I’ve always wanted to (like reading the ROD novels, tykes…), just never got around to it…


Timber wrote:

Look forward to that as she is one of my favorite characters.


ShawnMerrow wrote:

[quote]Timber wrote:

Look forward to that as she is one of my favorite characters.[/quote]

As is mine, tykes! I shall do my best…!


And here it is, tykes! It’s still in the works, though…

Again, Yomiko is another one of my favorite anime girls (I have a list somewhere, tykes…). She’s strong, somewhat quirky, an introvert, and loves books like nobody’s business! On top of that, her paper abilities are awesome! (tykes, tykes!)

Looking at the pic, I note a few changes I’ll be adding. Yomiko’s cuffs, as well as her left hand, 'cause it seems so small. I’ll also work on the hair a bit more. I was at odds over how I wanted to draw her hair (I had the choice of either untidy or straight, but chose untidy since the picture shows that she’s in a hurry, tykes…)

I’ll work on it a bit during this weekend. I haven’t been drawing as much- campus has kinda brought me somewhere lower than down, but there’s still pictures that I haven’t scanned yet…


From a technical standpoint. You are showing walking and movement. Good progress. Keep challenging yourself. It is paying off


Great new ones Timber! I like your angel and the valentine one is adorable. And I love your Yomiko. She really does look like she’s in a hurry. Good job!


Thanks, guys! And, very sorry! I’ve been kinda off lately, tykes. It’s my usual rant about hating campus, and I wont be returning home for break. I’ve got more things to show, though. I didn’t know if I wanted to show a WIP, or something that was actually finished, so…

[spoiler]Again, I go with WIP… XP (tykes…)

Here’s RJ and Avi, two characters that I haven’t drawn in nearly two years (A shame too, tykes, since I prefer drawing RJ over Timber, since he looks so cool… XD)!

Looking at the past pictures (I’ll post links here to earlier pages, tykes…), both have changed somewhat. RJ the most, since I decided to space out his hairs (the other style looked very sloppy) and changed his pants to shorts. Avi hasn’t changed much, except for maybe the facial appearance (Crap, I realized that I forgot to draw her facial markings, but luckily, this isn’t done, yet, tykes…).

Poses look very good. I had a bit of help with Avi’s pose, but RJ’s pose was all me. And I’m workingon foreshortening with his wooden sword- hopefully I’m doing it right, tykes…[/spoiler]Theme Song- ‘EPTM feat Kodai of KinKieS (Booty Bronx Remix)’, from the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Original Soundtrack (Hope I haven’t used it already, because I think that this song suits them pretty well, tykes…)


Great stuff Timber! You have gotten better since you first started posting your drawings here but I love that they still have the same feel to them. :wink:


Thanks a lot, tykes! It’s good to hear that my drawings still have the same feel to them- means to me that my originality isn’t shifting, tykes… ^^

Okay, I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I might not like this picture by then, tykes… XD

[spoiler]Saturday of the past was the birthday of a very important friend of mine (Not that one ‘friend’, she’s a different case, tykes…), and I drew her a picture of one of her many original characters.

The special thing about this character, however, is that she’s a character of the comic that we were working on 2 years back, before the trio went our different ways into today. (She went to college before my other friend and I, and I’m in college now; we were years apart, tykes…)

I think I’ve invoked somewhat of a new style into this one, tykes. It looks very good to me. I might’ve made her head a little too big, though, and her ponytail is sticking out too far that it makes it seem like a pigtail, but…

It’s weird, but she kinda reminds me of my interpretation-esque character, looking at it now. Good thing it isn’t me, 'cause her Pikachu, FaFi, would kill me, lol… (tykes, tykes…)[/spoiler]
Theme Song- Hm, maybe that new ‘Rival Battle’ Track from the Pokemon: Black and White Super Music Collection Complete She specializes in Anthropomorphic characters, though I miss her basic anime pictures… T_T Aw, well, tykes…


Great adds Timber! Love the Pokemon one. I like her head and hair - it looks fine. I took a look at her work too. Very nice. What became of the comic? Can you post it?


Thanks again! I actually have the comic pages… I could post them, bt I guess I have to ask my friend if it’s okay to. She was the one who drew them, after all, tykes (I worked on the script, tykes…)

Good Morning, tykes! with Spring Break on campus, I have no access to any scanners. As such, I’m taking it easy…

Oh, and I’m making a chair (sorta)! How about that, tykes?

It’s not like I was waiting to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3, or anything, but when I was watching a match of MvsC2, I suddenly had the urge to draw my characters in a vs. situation (Dont ask why, tykes…XD).

The pictures consist of the three Timbers (I’m not egotistical! Really, tykes!). I’ve not much problems with it, except for the bottom Timber’s shoes and position of arm, which I can change…

May make a female side soon, to complete it, or hopefully a friend can draw their team, or something, tykes…