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Do tell about that chair, buddy!


Good luck channeling your inner carpenter and the new drawing is great!


Love the triple Timbers! The poses are good and you should do the female side yourself as well.

Now, what is this about a chair?


Thanks, guys! Unfortunately, with my timing, I can only make a model of the chair. It’s not done yet, and I hope that no one has thrown out the pieces yet, tykes…

Sorry for the long delay and all, tykes. I’ve been having a few rough weeks, and I decided to take some time off to think a bit. I’m not sure it helped, 'cause I’m still at a loss for words, lol…

I was going to show the Pleinair sketch today, but the scan looked bad after double-checking, so I’ll rescan it tomorrow. However… (tykes…)

[spoiler](Okay, both scans look awful, but I’ll do them both tomorrow, tykes…)

I have a grand interest in the Professor Layton series, or mainly the character. Being the gentleman I am, when I took a look at this guy and his characteristics, and his ability, I was amazed. He’s definitely one of my favorite characters now.

I was bored, so I began to think of cosplaying as Layton one day, and started to draw it out. However, this happened. Not that it’s bad or anything- I really like this picture, actually- but the clothes look entirely different, imo. I also know for a fact that Layton does not have any sort of magic ability or monster companions. It’s more of a representation of me, or I guess I just let boredom take over, tykes…

I really like the style that I did with this one. (tykes, tykes…)[/spoiler]

Theme Song- ‘Theme of Professor Layton (Live Version)’ (Really, now? DX) of the Professor Layton and the Curious Village Soundtrack


You are definately a top hat kind of guy. :wink:


I don’t know anything about Professor Layton and the Curious Village but I really like this drawing of yours! :slight_smile:

Edit: I just looked it up and it looks like a fun game. But I like your version of the character - it’s more “you”! And it looks like it would be fun to cosplay it too.


Diggin’ that shading.


Thanks again, guys! (tykes!)

Froggy- I like top hats, too, but there’s no good method of attacking with one. I do wish to wear one for my friends’ upcoming graduation, however, tykes…

I’ve been off the Pokey Arc as well, but I managed to finish one, with only one remaining… (tykes…)

[spoiler]Here’s Pokey Blue-Black, referred to as ‘Bii’ (With the exception of me, the only other name that doesn’t begin with a ‘K’, tykes…). She is the representation of my friend of the same name (Not really, but I’ve been calling her that since meeting her, not knowing her name until months later, lol…). I find this one to be the most creative one thus far, with Kyuu’s being close behind. Compared to the others, she’s a little shorter than the others- I wonder if Bii minds about that, tykes?

Her weapon of choice is a skateboard, which I found awesome, since it’s not an everyday weapon. The problem with this is that the skateboard cant really be altered without losing its purpose or being slightly inconvienient, so I just worked on a design on the backside, tykes. The wing-ish thing on her back is meant to hold the skateboard, but I haven’t fully fixed that yet. Other than that, her clothing is somewhat straightforward to me, except for the ribbon, which I put there since I thought that her arm looked slightly bare, tykes.

If you look, you may find a slight similarity to Kyuu, tykes…[/spoiler]

Theme Song: Dont really know yet…


Timber, I am so proud of you! I approve!. You are getting better and improving you skills all the time. Keep truckn’ baby. I will be the first to commission you. You are on the right path to be a great artist


She is great Timber. :slight_smile: Outlander is so right about your improvement. I like the ribbon too - it’s a nice girly touch.

Maybe the theme song should be something from Air Gear?


I like her Timber and a skateboard is a great weapon. It is dangerous to ride and dangerous to get hit in the face with.


outlander- Thanks a lot, tykes! I’ll keep doing my best!

LadyOfWicca- I was thinking that, too. Usually, I’ll let my friends pick their own theme song, but I haven’t been doing it lately, so I’ll probably just use a track from Air Gear. (tykes, tykes)

Froggy- Oh, it is truly a dangerous weapon. Anyone who used Bart in The Simpsons’ Arcade Game should know what I’m talking about, tykes XD

Dood! Timber has like 4-3 weeks left! Because of that, the teachers are trying to craft everything but the kitchen sink into classes, so when I get back, I’m not feeling much to do anything (which is why my story hasn’t been updated- I’ll get to it soon ^^’’). I’m doing sculptures in 3D Design- one is a teapot that resembles a spilling fast food restaurant cup, tykes!

And so…

[spoiler]It’s a work-in-progress, since I’ve decided to draw some sort of background. Another Pleinair sketch, as a redux to the previous one. I decided to live up to my occupation and drew myself into it,lending a helping hand. I thinkPleinair turned out pretty well this time. Usagi randomly has a UFO, but I think I did it well.(tykes, tykes)

Me, however… well, I’ve forgotten how much I hate showing my ears through the hat, so the hat isn’t big enough, and I could’ve drawn the wings better. My costume also looks a tad silly. Otherwise, I can just change it all, tykes…[/spoiler]

THeme Song:- Crap, cant remember… It’s that one from Disgaea 3… I’ll look it up later…


That’s some good stuff Timber! Very clear lines


action poses. very good. trying new stuff only improves your skills


I like all the movement in this one Timber. Hope you will post it again once you’ve finished it. Looks great!

I didn’t know you were doing sculptures too! Please show us your teapot!


Thank you guys once again, tykes!

LadyOfWicca- I want to find a camera as soon as possible so I can get a picture taken of the 3D design stuff that I’ve made so far. In addition to that, it’d be cool if I could also get a picture of the bigger works from class that I’m unable to scan, tykes…

outlander- Ya, I’m experimenting with all sorts of poses as of late. If anything, I should remember to make a reference page for all of the poses I’m experimenting with (tykes, tykes)

[spoiler]Sorry for my tardiness, tykes! School is taking a toll on me right now (I’ve a bad feeling that I’m failing Sociology >_>), and I’ve not been able to draw as much as I wanted to.

I’m also at a bit of a problem- If I cant find a way, I’ll have no way of getting back home for the Summer. My mom says that she doeasn’t have enough money to pick me up, and I’m racking my brain of options, tykes…

I may wait until Break to work on the next chapter of Ally and Takeru’s story. I’ll try some more drawing and scanning during the week. I’m pretty sure I didn’t show this one, so…[/spoiler]

A friend of mine wanted me to try out a character for the Ginjika Pokedex. Knowing me, I chose a Ralts. Ralts are one of my favorite pokemon, so I had a bit of fun coming up with this. I find it pretty simply drawn, however. The right hand was a fluke of sorts, and it pushed me to work on my hands and to come up with a style that suits me.

Theme Song: I’ll come up with one from one of my Pokemon soundtracks…


I really like this one Timber. The pose looks very natural.


Yes sir, that is some great work Timber! Very good depiction in that one, you’re getting better all the time. The pen may be the solution you are looking for at this rate…


Thanks, tykes! I’m actually coming up with even more poses. For some reason, it never hit me to take note of the poses in the numerous anime that I watch. After watching Allison and Lillia (I cant wait to see more of that- it’s definitely my favorite this month…), I looked back at afew of teh poses seen, and copied a few down for future reference…

2 more weeks of school, with finals the next week, so my scanning hasn’t been great, but I managed to scan today. Here’s a favorite that I did Thursday, tykes…

[spoiler] If no one remembers, I have an obsession with Tactical RPGs. With that, I started working on character classes for one that I’m just coming up with from the top of my head XD (tykes, tykes)

This character, was going to be a female spellcaster, but I’ve now decided to use her in the story of Ally and Takeru. She’ll be an important character for later, tykes.

I like everything so far, but I’m not so sure about the right leg. I liked it at first, but I think that I should’ve changed the position a bit, tykes…

(Probably haven’t noticed, but I’m also trying to draw side views a lot more, tykes. Timber also had outlander in mind when drawing this, tykes. Not sure why, huh…)[/spoiler]

Theme Song- ‘Good Morning, New Day’, from the Catherine Soundtrack


I like the blast of light coming from what she’s holding. That makes a great motion pose, I could see her jumping off of something like that, while maybe jumping towards an enemy.