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Thanks, fillet! Originally, she had a pair of wings drawn behind her that originated from the lod picture, but I got rid of them after wrapping this picture up, since I didn’t think that they worked out so well, tykes…

Feeling basic, tykes. Here’s another picture I was working on…

Just a random character I was working on, as usual I dont like the legs much. I feel that the right foot may seem a little small…

Theme Song- Not sure yet…


Looks like the distance to me. Is she single? :stuck_out_tongue:


All of your latest are adorable Timber! And I am looking forward to seeing your other works when you get hold of a camera.

I love the pose of your Ralts. It is very believable and natural looking.

I adore your Spellcaster. It’s a great action pose too and I think the legs are fine. I agree with Fillet’s feeling of her motion.

Your other random character is cute too. I like the pose and I think the legs are in keeping with the arms. Her foot just looks like it’s tucked behind the other - like she’s just picking it up to take a step forward.

Keep it up Timber! And I am sure something will work out to get you home for the summer too. Luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks, guys! And major apologies for tardiness! (tykes!)

fillet- Hm… I dont see any other guys drawn around her, so she’s all yours, tykes! XD

LadyOfWicca- I may use my sister’s camera. Hopefully I wont end up making the pictures look super-distant, tykes…

Let’s see… Summer Break. I broke into it a little slow, but I’m moving moderately now. I’m stretching my drawing muscles after a cramp during that last week of college. At this point, I should have more stuff to scan by the time I go to a scanner again, tykes!

I’ve started drawing pics for a few friends of mine through the net. We went role play-heavy during my finals week, and I was able to come up with some good ideas. This one features a friend and I. I’m my Gentleman-Angel self, as usual, and she’s a Vampire (Though, you cant really tell, tykes. I was trying to import it in there somewhere, though I’ve finally found a way, and may rescan it again…) Not much changes, imo…

Theme Song- …I’ve run dry. It’ll hit me eventually, tykes…


Gotta say, that is very well drawn Timber. How long did you spend on this?


fillet- Thanks, tykes! Actually this didn’t take very long at all. I did it at my dad’s place while watching a movie. My mind was away from the movie, and I really began concentrating on the work here.

[spoiler] Good Day to everyone, tykes! I’ve been around town, looking for job openings (That one I mentioned never called me back… ^^’’). Apart from that, I had to say good-bye to a friend of mine as shewent to Vegas, and I’ve also been missing out on sleeping, so my insomnia’s getting out of hand, tykes… DX

Apart from that, I finally got a few pictures scanned, and a lot of them that I REALLY need to wrap up… anyways… (tykes…)[/spoiler]

This picture here has got to be one of my BEST drawings thus far. (tykes, tykes)

[spoiler]Marona and Ash from the TRPG Phantom Brave. I’m not sure what happened- my style evolved somewhat? The angle influenced the work? I still cant figure it out, but it looks simply amazing to me. To the right is Timber the Putty Monk, so I’m also brushing up on my monster skills, as well…

We are not on this world without faults, however- I am having a few issues with Ash’s arm(s), but other than that, I’ll have a finished take real soon, tykes.[/spoiler]

Theme Song- ‘Spread Your Wings’, from the ‘Disgaea 2’ Soundtrack


I love the one of your Gentleman Angel and the Vampire. It shows a lot of improvement and also looks very delicate. I love the poses as well. :slight_smile:

I love the angle on the second one. I think your style did evolve somewhat. The proportions seems different - maybe more compact? And the detail seems deeper. I can’t quite describe it, but I can’t wait to see it finished! :slight_smile:

Good luck with the job hunt too!


Hello everyone! (tykes!)

[spoiler]Well, I did it. I tried taking advantage of the Summer that I thought I had all the time in the world to draw and ended up doing the EXACT OPPOSITE. I was swamped with work to do, and things have been very hectic. I’ve lost my creative flow over time, tykes. >_<

However, something hit me, and all of a sudden, I feel like I’m able to work again! (tykes, timber!) :slight_smile:

To everyone- I’m sorry. I really wanted to continue on the story and my sketches, but ended up straying away from the forums because of my creativity block. I apologize, tykes…

LadyOfWicca- Actually, The finished take looks dead similar. I decided to keep the work looking sketchy. I prefer it that way. XD (tykes, tykes)[/spoiler]

Let’s see… I’ve only a few new pictures that I’ve recently scanned. They’re all looking good, tykes. Here’s a little something. It’s currently finished, though I haven’t scanned the finished take yet… -_-’’

Yup, another Timber/Pleinair sketch. I’m obsessed- bite me, tykes. XD

[spoiler]Working on this picture, it totally hit me- I’m a big fan of Pleinair’s creator- Takehito Harada- and his works. If it’s not Pleinair I’m drawing, it’s a Phantom Brave sketch or a Disgaea sketch. He has endless characters and monsters to boot, and I find them creative (though most of his humanoids tend to stay the same from game to game, but there’s always something different somewhere, tykes…)

Anyways, back to the picture- This is the WIP. The lump in the back is Pleinair’s shark… I believe it’s Same-chan…? (I’ll figure it out later) My character… I’ve always changed outfits for him, but I think I’ll consider this one as his ‘battle outfit’, tykes.[/spoiler]

Theme Song- Not sure yet…


Wow Timber! You have gotten even better! How have you been?


Thanks, Froggy! I’ve been alright. Neither here nor there, if anything, tykes ^_^’’

Well, since Friday, I’ve been back on campus. I’ve better access to a scanner, so I’ll start that on Tuesday, hopefully, tykes…

Here’s a picture of Takeru that I’ve done recently. After a few weeks, I’ve noticed one problem- it’s not that major, and I can fix it- but it’s at the area where his legs bend. It looks unnatural, but that’s possibly because of how high his pants seem to fit ,imo. It’s amazing how I find this out after a long time of finishing it… <_<’’ (tykes…)

Apart from that, I like the picture, of course. I also went into a little more detail with this one, as you can see. Hopefully, I’ll do that with my future works, as well… (tykes, tykes…)

Theme Song- Hmm… it’ll hit me eventually. I need more theme songs, as I’m running out, tykes!


Glad to see you back Timber! :slight_smile: Sorry your summer didn’t work out as planned, but as they say, “the best laid plans…” In any case, you are being creative again and that’s wonderful!

I like your new drawings. You get better with each one. I’m not sure I’m seeing what you’re seeing with Takeru’s legs. It looks fine to me!


You are getting better with every work, keep at it Timber! Have you thought about doing some compilation for your works?


Hm, you guys really think I should, tykes? Along with fillet, that makes three…

I’ve never done a page before- only drawing a single-shot character picture as illustrations. I could try it out one day, however. What do you think? (tykes?)


You don’t have to if you don’t want to, were just saying that it’ll be awesome if you did make a manga and if you do want to make one I’ll love to help you with it.


Well, I’m not intending to make one- just a page to see how it turns out, tykes. It’d take work that I’m not used to…

Slow week, and I’ve got midterms to work on before break. This was just a random doodle in Spanish. I’ll have some scans scanned tomorrow, tykes.

Not meant to be taken seriously, but I do like the foreshortening attempt I tried out with that bulb-staff, tykes, timber.


Timber! That’s adorable! I see a children’s story in there…


Hey, everyone! (tykes!)

I must apologize, tykes! Barely any activity at all for months… I feel terrible, actually…

I hadn’t been able to scan a lot of my works, either. It’s been really hard to access a scanner as of late, so my drawings haven’t been seen from anyone. And of course, I really like to hear opinions, tykes!

At this rate, I decided to just take pictures of them by phone… here’s one that I did last night, and I’m really proud of it, tykes.


My Disgaea addiction/fandom has become even worse than before, and with Disgaea 4 being released a few months back, it really hasn’t changed. This is my character interpretation of myself in a Marionette look from D2 and 3. I made a story of some sort that apparently deals with me transforming into one, but that’s just a mere idea at the moment.

I’ve been working with more posing, and this one is rather simple. I also believe the foreshortening of the arms had worked quite well.[/spoiler]

NOTE- The phone camera made the picture look darker than it should have. However, I tried to edit the brightness. Hopefully there wasn’t a lot of information lost from the pic, tykes… (seems like it, though…)

Theme Song- ‘TONY’S SHOP,’ from the Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSP Remake) Soundtrack


What a nice picture! You have some real talent! (I wish I could draw.)


Why, thank you, MrsRish! Personally, I think that anyone’s able to draw! not many realize it yet, tykes!

Here’s a picture that I did as a fanart of an indie game WIP known as The Iconoclasts. I played the first bit of it and grew hooked almost indefinitely, tykes. The character’s name is Robin, and the wrench is but one of her two weapons.


:woohoo: Timber is back!!!

Wow Timber, you seem to have improved a lot! Either that or I just missed you too much. Great pictures! The camera phone seems to work just as good as a scanner. I really like them both. Robin is just too cute!