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Hey, everyone! (tykes!)

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas!

Mine was okay, the usual, of course… but not why I’m here! XD

I’m drawing more and more during this break, so I should have even more scanned later on in the week… Here’s something…

A gift for a friend of a friend of mine. This picture is of Anya in a costume familiar to a certain character of a certain game (I know, I really should stop, for those who know, tykes XD). I was having a bit of fun with this one, but I need to work on my background works again… It’s been a long time since i’ve done them, but I dont like this much as I used to back then…

Theme Song: Maybe later…

Hm, speaking of which, is there anyone with a special Holiday Tradition? Mine consists of listening to the Katamari soundtracks mainly during the season, since the awesome music seems to give me that Christmas-y feel, tykes…



Every aspect of your style has improved! Great job!!


She looks great Timber! :slight_smile:


Hurray, beautiful work Timber! Your talent is really showing in these last few, keep up the good work buddy!


Thanks, everyone! I’m still doing my best! (tykes!)

Well, I hope that everyone is enjoying the new year and what not! Mine… er… cough (tykes…)

[spoiler]A rather bittersweet start, lol. I actually had my first date on New Year’s Day. It was fun, but things didn’t work out as either would have expected, so I’m a bit out of whack and not feeling all there, tykes…

My break in all was pretty good. I’m still helping people with problems, and I’m glad to have cheered many a person up and changed their ways a bit. I wish I could’ve done more in the form of hanging out, but lack of money and contacts made things tricky. I’m even a step further in being a Gentleman-in-Training (at least I hope so, tykes), and really hope to learn even more during this semester in doing so. (tykes, tykes)[/spoiler]

Well one thing’s for sure- it certainly gave me a ton of new ideas, some of which I’ve drawn already. The main issue… scanner availability. I’m back on campus now (sigh…), and the comp lab doesn’t open until class starts, I’m sure, so I may have an opportunity then. I still have a few pictures to show. This one here was a first idea of Marionette Timber, so it’s not really entirely special, imo, tykes…

Theme Song- Er, I really dont think it needs one, being an idea and all… (tykes…)

Oh, all right. ‘Marionette’s Tragedy,’ from the Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Soundtrack, tykes.


Okay, here’s something that’s not an idea! In fact, I worked on it a few minutes back, lol! (still a work in progress, tykes…)

It’s a picture taken with a camera-phone and made brighter with photobucket - I’ll try scanning it tomorrow (HONEST! Along with my other drawings, tykes! T^T)

Progress results in the spoiler, tykes…

[spoiler]Hmm… I was bored, so I decided to start drawing the pokemon trainers of their respectable generations (These are Red and Leaf- from left to right- of the first gen). If anything, I’m more proud of my job with Leaf. You see, I’ve been experimenting with poses on the previous sheet of paper in my sketchbook with a number of my drawings- I’ve even done it with my earlier Anya picture. The pose turned out well, and I’m even feeling more confident about those. THe pokemon turned out alright, though Bulbasaur looks more like a cat imo… (tykes, tykes…)

Well, one thing that I do want to point out about Leaf is her right hand… y’know, that insignificant square over the bag strap. I may change it a bit… what do you think, tykes? [/spoiler]


Okay… wow, tykes. Never have I felt so relaxed…

It’s not the best pic in the world, lol, but I suddenly had this driving urge to draw Narue Nanase from the anime ‘The World of Narue,’ a favorite of mine. Haven’t seen it in awhile, but plan on re-watching it eventually … (tykes, tykes)

Anyways, after I drew her out, I suddenly began drawing out a background… and I actually like it! Really, tykes! Sure, there are touches needed here nad there, but it’s an idea, after all…

I’ve been drawing this for the past 3 hours with a semi-headache and an almost-sore throat. I really like the direction I took with Narue, though I do think that I might’ve messed up around the face here and there. The sneakers are rather last-minute, and the bat stance is pretty goofy now that I look at it, but I still find it cool, tykes. As for the background… what was I originally thinking? I think it was somewhere near the last episode of The World of Narue, and I think I remember an area faintly resembling where Narue’s standing. The other stuff… eh, I had a field day, lol. Either way, I’m feeling good about this pic right now, and am willing to show it, tykes.


This sketch looks amazing Timber :slight_smile: Give you serious credit for your drawing skills


Thanks a lot, Rei4Shinji87! I’m still working on it, though. Although many people say that I’ve improved, it really doesn’t feel like it, though, tykes. I’m sure it’s just me- I am my own worst critic, being an artist and all… ^_^’’

I suppose that I should show a few of my paintings. I’m in a Painting class this year (previous semester, as well), so I’ll be working on… well… painting, lol. As you may know, coloring isn’t really my thing, but they seem to work with the creatures.

This is my latest painting…


Nice work on the painting. I think the colors came out very well done.


Thanks a lot, ShawnMerrow! I actually like this one the most from my previous two now, which I will show eventually, tykes…

It’s been so hard to scan lately. Every time I visit the computer lab or library, theres always one sitting at the scanner seat. I definitely need to invest in a scanner… (tykes…)

However, I did scan today, and I have quite a bit to show, tykes!

The woman I have named Layle (Apart from Anya, I really like that name, tykes), and the monster goes by the name Noble Whiskers. I took my time in working on both, and I’m just itching to add Layle into a story. Maybe the one I’m doing here? Nah, since I’ve already decided on the main characters for it, and Layle doesn’t look like an antagonist, tykes…

Theme Song: ‘Grand Paprika, Arranged Version,’ from the La Pucelle: Tactics Arrange Soundtrack


A word on your pencil sketches

The bird’s-eye perspective is new for you. It is great to see you add to your art skills. Your finishing and shading is greatly improved also. Keep up the great work


Thanks, outlander! I’ve been trying out the bird’s eye perspective more and more lately- moreso after the countless character art I’ve seen of characters in that pose. I’m a sucker for that, tykes…

More works-in-progress, with others coming soon, tykes. This one, may or may not be a WIP, since I was slightly bored and doodled out of nowhere another Timber and Pleinair sketch…

Hm… not much to say here, lol, except that I like the running pose that Timber has. I saw a picture of Professor Layton’s running in the movie credits of Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, and tried to emulate it. Of course it’s nowhere near it. (tykes, tykes)


Wow, you’ve been busy Timber! All of your work is fantastic, you certainly have increased your abilities. You so need to create a manga!!!


Timber your sketches are really awesome I love them, my drawings are good but not as cool as your. I wish that I can draw sketches like yours.


fillet- Thanks, fillet! I appreciate your words, dood! It’s grand to hear that I’ve improved from more people, though I’m not so certain of making a manga yet, lol. I’ll stick to being a humble illustrator, for now, tykes!

Kyoya- Thanks, and I really appreciate your words! I’ve seen some of your stuff, and you’ve a good style cooking up. I look forward to seeing what else you’ll do, tykes.

Taking advantage of the new forum layout, I will now start taking advantage of the ‘Thank You’ button, tykes. I need to show my appreciation in some way, tykes!

Also, I’m trying to remember to add links to my theme songs of choice, not that it really matters… (tykes…)

Note: This is Timber’s permanent design from now on, scythe, goggles, and all. The scythe goes by the name of ‘My Personal Harem,’ and yes, I do believe that the name is awesome, tykes.

[spoiler]Here’s a rather interesting one. I’ve been working with two friends of mine in a collaboration of characters. As for my character, my personal interpretation of myself works well for said situation. One of my friends decided to take my character and color it for me, since I informed him that my coloring is pretty much terrible, lol. The full collaboration is shown here:

My friends- Cloudo and Kyeira- their works can be seen and They excel in digital works while I’m better suited towards traditional. Computers take over everything these days, tykes…


Theme song- ‘Run,’ from the ‘Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack.’ This song makes one awesome opening in my head with Timber and Pleinair on an adventure, lol…


Another awesome sketche, Timber. I love how you made the scythe looks like and how the goggles look around his neck.Thanks I’ve been trying to come up with new ways to draw so I can be as good as you, also I uploaded some more drawings I made if you want to have a look.


It took me a while to catch up here Timber and all I can say is WOW! You improve with every sketch and I really love your work. Your painting is awesome and I look forward to seeing more. I also enjoyed seeing your Timber in color. I do think you should try it on your own someday. All in all, wonderful work! :slight_smile:


Thanks, everyone! I took a look at your work earlier in the week, Kyoya, and I liked where everything was heading. I need to head back, however… (tykes…)

For those of you who remember my picture of Kotone from early on, my next gen. of pokemon trainers will feature her, as well as Gold. Here’s a quick sketch of her, tykes…


I demand a Timber Manga