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Hey, there, everyone! (tykes!)

Phew, no idea I’ve been away for so long. I’m currently back on campus for my third year. It’s been a wild month so far. I’m busily trying to improve my drawing skills (or at least when I have the time to), and am even trying to delve deeper into the use of charcoal, so expect drawings of charcoal soon (probably after I get my new sketchbook, tykes).

Well, more work, tykes.

[spoiler]The work on my humanoid monster characters continue with the Innocent Lamia. If you dont know the mythology of the greek character, then feel free to look it up. To those who know the story, and feel maybe offended, then I apologize. However, art is art, and this was intended as a boos-like character, so I find it rather necessary, tykes.

Bio: The leader and adoptive mother of the clan of Disrespectful Naga, the Innocent Lamia relies on her touch and hearing senses, her eyes never being revealed since birth. A tragic incident in the past left the Lamia confused and timid, and she never drops her fork as she scurries around the field, impaling those who get too close. [/spoiler]


I love your version of her, Timber. Is she wearing a bib with a little ducky on it?

Love all the detail, including the rattle. She really does project a kind of innocence. :slight_smile:


I see great improvment in your shading skills. very good


I agree, that is some mighty fine shading Timber. Great work!!!


Great work on that Last Drawing Timber.


No rest for the wicked, produce! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, there! (tykes!)

Erm, major apologies for the lack of reply for awhile. It’s been pretty wild. My laptop is being fixed back at home, so I’m stuck with a friend’s hand-me-down for the time being. Other things, as well, but that’s a story for a foreign time, tykes.

II guess I have some slightly-good news regarding my absence- I now have a studio in my art building on campus, tykes! Here, I’ve been slaving over a ping-pong table (no, really, tykes…), working on charcoal drawings of my various monsters, all in hopes of becoming a concept artist, eventually. I’ve got a few decent works already, including this one:

This is my favorite one, thus far. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten the name I’ve given her, so I’m kinda lost in thought about it, tykes… ._.’’ (Also, sorry! The computer just wont keep her in portrait size…)

I’m always working on anime, as well (naturally)! Most of my works lately have been revolving around trying to perfect my style, but I’m having a hard time, tykes, timber…


Nice job on the artwork.

and it reminds me on sonic.

But good work.


You are good with charcoal Timber, that is for sure! Make her a friend, then you might remember her name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good to see you Timber! I like this one. Great detail and shading. Nice that you have a studio now too. I hope everything works out and you can post more.


Sorry, guys! It’s been wild, tykes. But I finally have my laptop back!

Mom kicked me out of her place, so I’ve been getting used to living at my dad’s until I’m back on campus. there, I’ll possibly find a place of my own. Since then, I’ve been job hunting for the summer and working on my charcoal technique… eh… it’s going along… I guess… tykes…

A picture of Angelo, of Dragon Quest VIII. A friend of mine needed a picture of him for the next video of his Let’s Play of the same game (He’d do it himself, but his tablet had broken). After some attempts of charcoal with my anime characters (I’ll show those soon- they’re just small works, though), I decided to try it out on Angelo.

Eh, the picture as a whole didn’t reach to my expectations. The left hand looks very weird to me- I rarely test out foreshortening of the hand, and I didn’t catch the right expression for Angelo that I wanted, tykes. At least my friend was satisfied with the picture, and the shading is coming along better; just need to step it up a bit, tykes.

My friend’s Youtube channel can be seen He’s working hard on his LP’s, quickly learning right from wrong, so take a watch, if you want, tykes.


Excellent work!!! Very clear define.



Looking back, though. I realized that I hadn’t really gone into depth with the charcoal. Maybe I’m too afraid to go further in with my mediums. So, I tried to work things out a bit more with my next piece.

This is my first ‘21 year-old piece,’ a picture of Croma, from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon. I like the character, but I think that I prefer her costume even more. I am very fond of wizard hats and long sleeves/robes, like a kid who can’t fit his big-boy gear. tykes.

This time I exercised with my charcoal pencils even more, and even started blending with a napkin, as opposed to using my fingers. After starting with the hair, I realized that I needed to keep everything else in a shade that would differ from it. I guess it turned out well. (tykes, tykes)

Feedback is appreciated, tykes.


I think that the alterations you did regarding the pencil and the napkin have improved the quality of the sketch (compared to previous ones you have done). I am very fond of the shading you have done with this one. :3


You never cease to impress me with the sheer creativity of your work, Timber! You may not know it but you definitely have a defined and unique art style. If I happened to see one of your pieces and did not know it was yours at first, I would still recognize it right away. Very nice work… keep it up my good sir!


You never cease to amaze me Timber! I know that you are not always satisfied with your work, but if you could see through my eyes, you would see just how good you really are.

Your Angelo is really good! And I absolutely love your Croma! The blending really came out well.

Keep up the great work! It’s been such a pleasure watching your skills and personal style grow over the last couple of years.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey, everyone! (tykes!)

Very sorry for the big lack of replies! It’s safe to say that I become really hesitant to visit the site after I unintentionally break a promise. It’s my own mental issue, I think, tykes…

This was one of my first works of the summer, tykes. Done without a pencil outline (unlike my future charcoal works), and with an idea in mind, with my abilities learned fresh out of the art studio. Some might remember my Innocent Lamia picture, but here’s another monster of mine, known as the -insert adjective here- Naga. I still haven’t fully named him, tykes… if anyone wants to help with the adjective, I’d very much appreciate it! Looking back at it, either the picture is too dark, or my shading on the lamia could’ve been better.

-Spoiler’d for light nudity, I guess? (tykes?)-

Here’s what I’ve been practicing with, while working with charcoal. It goes by the name of Hardworking Alraune. I like the monster idea so much, that I’ve actually started working on another picture of it.

It’s after these pictures that I’m actually stuck, though. Before the Hardworking Alraune, I actually had a scarecrow picture in mind. My sketch turned out fine, but the moment I start to work on the actual picture, it begins to turn out pretty bad. I’ve been stuck in a rut because of that, tykes, timber.


Sorry to hear you’re a bit stuck, Timber, but I’m glad to see you back! These pictures are fantastic! Your skills and ideas continue to impress. :slight_smile:


I hope you get out of that rut soon! I am really starting to like your charcoal pictures a lot. :3


Thanks, guys! (tykes!)

I’ve been pretty back-and-forth lately. It seems that my Summer’s going to be a bit longer than I expected, so in the meantime I’m job hunting… again, tykes. Oh, well! At least it gives me more time to draw…


There are more sketches than anything else at the moment, so I guess I’ll be showing you a lot of those, tykes. Here’s a picture of Allinie concepts (I’m not sure if you know, but she’s the favorite of my characters to actually draw, while Timber is the least now. Strange, since the two seem to be ‘parallel’ of each other, according to their outfits and color scheme… and even hair, kinda, tykes.) I went for another ‘battle stance’ pose (Similar to Takeru and the Lackluster Succubus), and just playing around with her. In these sketches, I’ve removed the lower half of her jacket, and while I like the idea, I do miss the former. In turn, this does help her move a little better, I guess? What do you guys think, tykes?


Here’s an old charcoal warm-up of Etna, from the Disgaea series. The collar gives the appearance of a neck too long, but apart from that, I didn’t think it was too bad of a warm-up, tykes.