New Guy Says Hi! :3

Hey there everyone! Testing grounds on how to enjoy forums (Yes, I’ve played MMORPG’s, watched Anime, and yet I have never been on a forum before, don’t laugh).

Anyway, thinking of suggestions, does anyone know the anime Pottemayo?

I think it’s be nice to see that one subbed on dubbed for one reason and one reason only:

“PAN!*” :woohoo:

“…huh?” ._.;

“PAN!*” :woohoo:

“Urk!..oh!..YOU GOT ME!” @_@


“What I nice Person…” -_-

         *Pan=bread but sounds like "BANG!"

Anyway, if anyone else knows about the series, or anything else similar to this one(or equally cute, random, etc.)Please comment!

Love, Laugh, Do it all, and no one you care for will ever fall!

You should introduce yourself in the “Misc” forum named “Intros”.,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,2/func,showcat/

Hello and welcome to the TAN boards!! :3 It’s always nice to see someone else to interesting in cute things! ^-^ If you want, you can send me a message and I can give you all of the titles I think you might like~! :3
Anyway, I hopy you have a fun time on here and make plenty for friends! :slight_smile:

Welcome to you! There are plenty of cute shows here to keep you amused. Enjoy!

Thanks for the well wishing, and it’s not just cute animes, I’m into pretty much anything anime/manga/J-rock,J-pop, etc. The only thing I don’t like is when an anime drags on for longer than it should. (Not naming any series, but you should know which ones I mean)

Totally forgot my signature phrase, sorry! ^^;;

Welcome new guy! :slight_smile:

Thank you ShadyCat, and I hate to sound like a total newb, but how do I get that signature picture thingy working like what you guys have. ( I mean the pic at the bottom of the messages you guys put in)

mangabaka777 wrote:

Welcome Mangabaka777!

We love to see new members taking part in our forums!

Please take the time to read the Rules in the grey tab at the top of the page, not only is it a good idea, but it has all sorts of good things in it, including how to place a sig and how to get all those nifty icons for below your avatar!

Also, be sure to browse around all the forums and jump into any convo that interest you, just be sure to do a search before starting any threads (especially in the Anime Sections).

If you have any questions, just ask, we have tons of peopls just waiting to answer your questions. It’s up to you to decide which ones are right! (lol)

Again, welcome and please come back and post often! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip! and thanks again for the elcoming party!! ^-^ I hae to ask, is anyone here a fan of the .Hack// series.

Welcome to TAN, hope you enjoy the site. B)

mangabaka777 wrote:

Not ShadyCat but here is some advice. You, need a direct link to the image. Your link is going through Google to The best bet would be to post the picture on an image hosting site like photobucket.

Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

I am enjoying TAN very much, in fact, I am considering bringing up one of the groups I started on Facebook for anime people :slight_smile:

Howdy and welcome! :wink:

Hi Froggy! Thanks again for the welcoming party! I feel pretty at home here (well technically I am home, but I’m sure you guys know what I mean)

Anyway, I was seriously thinking of bringing up the link to this site on One of my Pages called “Geek Out Crew.” Basically, I’m hoping to make a page for people on Facebook who like anime, manga, and anything J-rock, J-pop, (etc.) to chat, make friends, or whatever they want ^^

Welcome to the forums, mangabaka777! (tykes!)

Hello and enjoy your time on the forums! I’m also a fan of the .hack// sries. Namely .hack//SIGN, which is actually one of my first series that I finished fully, tykes…


.Hack//SIGN Buddy! 8D

I have finished the majority of the .Hack anime and manga, but it’s been waaaaay too long, I need to re-watch it…Most of it kinda just comes back to me in bits and pieces while playing GU (currently on Vol.2 and bawling my eyes out, won’t say why for the sake of not spoiling the story).

Welcome to the TAN message boards. Post often, & have some fun. Any questions, will, most likely, be anwsered by someone, if you need help.

Hey! Sorry the school year started, so I won’t be on as often as I want to be, but oh well. I actually have one question: Anyone know any websites that have open spots for a Web Manga? I can’t pay for a space, but I am wondering if there is a “Newcomers Welcome” or something like that. Either that, or any good print shops that could be found nationwide?