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New here and looking for suggestions


Hello! I am new to this site and looking for suggestions about different series. Manga and anime. It’s gotta have a decent story tho or I don’t stay with it.

I haven’t looked around here too much, so if theres a place with suggestions for stuff, clue me in!!! :laugh:


Hello and Welcome! What kind of anime do you like? I mean besides the “good story” type.


First off, hello! Welcome to TAN!

Now, in order to suggest a series, we need to know what kind of anime (and manga) you like… Any particular genre, theme, or other miscellanea attributes?


There are several good shows available here, ranging from light comedy to horror. However, I do not suggest getting into any vans from some of the TAN members here, even if they offer you candy… Trust a Redshirt on this.


Fruits Basket, Kaleido Star and Elfen Lied. For starters.


PretearHimeno wrote:

and Clannad… you can NEVER go wrong with Clannad. Also, if you like Hell Girl, TAN has Hell Girl: Two Vessels and Hell Girl: Three Mirrors.

Oh, BTW Pretear, when did TAN get Fruits Basket and Kaleido Star? I think she wants TAN recommendations.

Finally, I’d like to say hi, I’m Newshawk, the lovable but cantankerous Otaku Grandpa of the group, a TAN Casting Sensei (along with LadyOfWicca, PretearHimeno and Mystic), the benevolent dictator of the Claim Your Bishoujo/Bishounen game and compulsive list maker. I’m glad to see you’ve made it to the best little slice of anime heaven this side of the Pacific!


I thought she meant anime in general. She also said she wanted manga suggestions but I’m pretty sure TAN doesn’t do manga. :wink:


Y helloz thar! Welcome


Yes, from all of us here at TAN (all nonthreatening individuals who are perfectly safe to be around) welcome! -adjusts eye patch-


PretearHimeno wrote:

That’s fair. Since she was new here, I figured she wanted TAN suggestions. Also, being new, she wouldn’t know TAN and Sentai don’t do manga. However, you’re right, too. :slight_smile:


WOWSER! Such nice welcomes! Thanx! :cheer:

I’m looking for general suggestions, not just stuff that’s here on TAN. As for what kind of stories… “darker” stuff like Hell Girl is my favorites. Fruits Basket is good… although sometimes that sweety gooey cutey pie stuff gets on my nerves after a while. :stuck_out_tongue: So about those suggestions, where’s a good place to get info on what the stories are about? Is there a forum here or something i can go look at?

Thanx again for the nice welcomes. Yall know how to make a girl smile.


If you like “darker” stuff try Welcome to the N.H.K, I couldn’t personally stand it, but I heard it is one of them “good story” ones. Also, if you can put up with Loli that is actually totally relevant to the plot, Dance in the Vampire Bund is an amazing, rather dark romance/action/scifi that has vampires, warewolves and a rather great twist on what vampires are and their story.

Also, welcome! Always great to see new faces there in TAN!


Welcome to TAN, the “Anime Network Shows” and “Other shows” sections are where series are discussed.


Thanx, ShawnMerrow! I will go find that forum!!! :cheer:


Dark, eh? Le Portrait de Petite Cossette should qualify. Also The Skull Man.


Stay here and talk with us!


Hi and welcome. :slight_smile:


I will! I will! Just gotta learn my way around the place. :ohmy:


Welcome to the TAN forums, tykes! Enjoy yourself, ya?

Just be sure to look both ways, and you’ll be fine…! (tykes…!)


You’ll get the hang of it, nothing’s hard around here. Except maybe Slowhand’s job… Throw down on any topics that interest you. This is a forum, so we love to throw our ideas out there and see what kind of feedback we can get. Have you noticed a change in your preference as you’ve watched more anime shows?