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I don’t what you did on your on guide on direct tv but it is terrible action zone girl power & supper happy funtime instead of telling what show it is it just gives you the name of the of the episode and half of the time shows won’t record it keeps saying there was a problem try again later and only half of the shows are there. So what I’m trying to go back to old way new is not always better it’s worse and if your going to do a series don’t stop in the middle of it show 1or 2 episodes then stop in middle of it.


My exact complaint that’s been going on for darn near a year. New story lines that start with episode 3 or 4, older storylines not completed and new episodes like Coicent that only had one episode and no other updates. I have bragged on DirecTV and they assured me that they would look into it which is bull. I’ve dropped emails to Atu and at first things got squared away but now they’re back to old ways. I like the old interface which was basically nothing more than a list and if you didn’t delete the last episode it would be an R by the story title to let you know where you left off. New is not always better

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Anime Network is aware of the issues regarding the VOD content on DirecTV. We have several other users who have brought this issue to our attention.

The thread Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread is the place where users can go to report on specific episode problems, and if you scroll just a little bit in that thread, you’ll see several DirecTV people who have been regularly reporting.

If you would like to report your issues, please do so in that thread.

We would need your City/State/Zip Code and a list of problems. (If you find another post that lists your exact problems, you can just quote it in your post. Also, if you feel uncomfortable putting your location info in a public forum, you can just send me a Private Message with your info.

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