An open letter to AnimeNetwork on interface issues

Dear AnimeNetwork,

    You are my one stop for anime.  Okay that is a lie, I mostly get my anime fix from Funimation, but your still very pretty and I care very much about you very much…. Ish.  Except for that fact that you break my heart.  Please please improve your god awful interface.  Here are a few ideas that might make your service super better with little effort.

  1)	Auto Login:  other sites do it, why do I have to log in each time on my home computer.
  2)	Auto next episode:  Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, even youtube, has a feature that just plays the next episode    
            after you are done viewing the last… It cant be that hard.
  3)	Last Episode watched:  Again every other streaming service will show you where you left off.  Your service  

    In short, I have paid for several subscriptions to funimation for friends because I like their content, and I love their interface.  I have bought no one a subscription to your service because, even though I LOVE your content, I refuse to subject anyone to your interface.

Please please please, take a look at other streaming services and fix your god awful interface. I wana brag about how awesome your anime shows are to friends, but I just cant with this current interface.

Post Script, the ‘pause’ episode feature/tab is almost useless, often doesn’t work, and is not a substitute for just seeing where I left off.

Please don’t take this too hard, I believe you care about your fan base, and I mean most of this in good humor. But I feel that with a little effort, your sight could be my next favorite detestation after a long day of work and school.

Thanks so much for your great suggestions!

I forwarded this info on to Administration.


Hi @Priestie,

Thank you for taking time to provide us with constructive feedback on how we can improve our services. We take your feedback seriously and I’m proud to say that we are already in the process of addressing most of your concerns. Please understand that these things take time. In the iterim, please feel free to reach out to me through our support portal at with any additional questions or suggestions that you may have. Thank you for your support. Have a great day!

Best regards,
Customer Service Manager
Anime Network

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Thank you for the reply, it means a lot to me that you read this and took it into consideration! I’ll be patient and see what improvements are to come. I only wish I had said something sooner, it would have come off less passive aggressive if I had I’m sure.

My best to your efforts going forward!

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