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New Person here


Greetings everyone name is Brad, but I go by many names on the net, but on here I’m BradKoJ. Some of you will be wondering what the KoJ stands for. Well I’ve been part of a role play group for a long time, and met them on Nwn (Neverwinter Nights) and well long story short, been role playing with them for over 9 years now and the KoJ stands for Kindred Oracles of Justice, KoJ for short and well each of us has the name KoJ at the end of our names.

Okay now that over with, I’m usually a quiet person. I don’t post a lot, mostly just read and the odd time will reply to the odd post I find interesting. And when I’m not on here usually playing the mmo’s i like to play anywhere from Rift, Vanguard and yes I still play Nwn.

I’m also Canadian too from Ontario and I really like it here when I came across it when looking for new anime stuff on youtube, and one of the ads lend me to Anime Network. Do hope I get to become friends with some of you on here.

Yours Truly

BradKoJ :blink:



Hi there new person and welcome to Planet TAN.

And a welcoming gift from me to you… :wink:


Hello and welcome to the terrific TAN boards, BradKoJ!! :3 Fancy meeting another Roleplayer on this forum with no roleplays. :stuck_out_tongue: Though, I guess I have become more of a slow and casual one myself over time.

Well, you might not post much around here, but I hope you have fun posting when you do and you make many new friends on here~! :slight_smile:


Welcome to you! Enjoy the site!


thanks for the replies, and do role play a lot during the week too, but not all the time and I don’t think i want to hear william shatner sing O Canada again, once is enough for this Canadian to take in :stuck_out_tongue:

But as I said will post when I’m able too but not to everything.

BradKoJ :blink: