Now that the precedent is set, Suggest Sentai shows (old or new) that should get Special Editions!

Like the title says. Since Sentai is releasing it’s 1st ever Special Edition, with Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions, Suggest Titles that you want to get the Special Edition treatment. (Also suggest extras or anything else that you might want to include in them)

My suggestion:

Log Horizon Complete S1 Special Edition:


-The Full Season on BD / DVD combo Pack (Dubbed if possible as well)
-Booklet done like an old school game manual for Elder Tale with class / Subclass descriptions, World information, Character profiles, and Episode summaries with pictures)

For LH, they can take a page out of XSeed or Aksys:
One or two OSTs
Cloth map of the Yamato islands, either full color or monochrome
The Log Horizon crest, either a decal or badge
Booklet done game manual wise is a good idea, or one done in a tabletop rpg style: ala D&D or Pathfinder with character creation, dice mechanics, etc.

Panties… :whistle:

Is the Order a Rabbit? Special Edition

-Info book done up like a menu book of the cafe, containing the usual character profiles and Episode Descriptions

-Plush of Tippy

-Deck of Cards like the ones shown at the end of the show.

If you all do a Cross Ange Special Edition, The manga, where Ange is in School, is a necessary inclusion in the set. It’s done in super Deformed / Chibi mode, but the way it recaps / adapts the episode chapters is hilarious.

Work with Section 23 so I can have this as a special Collectors limited edition Blu-Ray

That’s right, it’s the Blu-Ray Collection that was released in Japan, so HD masters do exist for it.

I should re-watch it sometime soon, see if it still “hold up”, both narratively and visually; see if it’s worth a BD rebuy.

I’ve found many shows both live-action and animated, while still good and “hold up” well after all this time, just don’t make the BD re-buy cut.

While it’s Dated (since it’s tied to the Mayan Calender) I think it still holds up pretty well otherwise.

Food Wars!
Chipboard box
white bandana and apron
a set of postcards, but not of the cast but of the delicious food shown throughout the show
a cookbook with all the recipes
a diploma from Tōtsuki Culinary Academy
a set of Ginsu cooking knives

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You could have the postcards be Recipe cards, and have the “Cookbook” be Character / Episode descriptions, maybe done in the style of those Recruitment books / phamplets that colleges put out…

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Tonka I needed a good laugh, thank you. :laughing:

Mark Gosdin

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Well, Since a K-ON! Complete Series Collection PBS was announced in June, I’d like to see a Girls Und Panzer Complete Series Collection PBS I wouldn’t mind waiting for it to include the new movies either :crossed_fingers::grin:

(Yes, I did just post this in a thread that has 3 years on its last post…)