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Look at all that FUN!!! Good pictures, man. What all’d ya get there?

fillet wrote:

art of course, plus anime t-shirts, figurines, dvd’s, keychains, mangas

outlander wrote:

[quote]fillet wrote:

art of course, plus anime t-shirts, figurines, dvd’s, keychains, mangas[/quote]

Just the usual, right?

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[quote]outlander wrote:

art of course, plus anime t-shirts, figurines, dvd’s, keychains, mangas

Just the usual, right?[/quote]

Yes, Much money spent foolishly…It was grand

We want pictures of your new stuff!

Wonderful pics Outlander. Looks like you had a blast. And you got to meet Panty and Stocking! :laugh: Thanks for sharing your good time!

Ohayocon- regarded as one of the best and biggest(12,000 attendees) anime cons is almost here. Can’t wait. I have my Three day pass badge.

My slogan this year:


here is a review from the website 'Otaku Stew"

Ohayocon 2011

So it has taken me a week to write my review of Ohayocon 2011 some of the reason is because I wanted some time to reflect on my experience and the other is I have been extremely lazy. But enough about me on to the review!

About Ohayocon:

Ohayocon is a convention held annually in Columbus, Ohio to bring together fans of Japanese popular culture with the main emphasis on Anime and Manga. The convention includes a cosplay masquerade, several dances, English voice over actors/actresses and various panels dealing with fandom. The convention has been held in January since its inception and has become one of the largest winter conventions in North America.


This was my second time attending Ohayocon and the convention is much improved over last year’s edition. The dealers room along with artist alley where much larger than last years convention. The dances where held in a much larger area this time and the registration was located in a better spot than last year. On a whole the convention had a much larger feel to it not only from the change of room sizes but also from overall attendance. I have not seen the numbers but I would guess the attendance was close to 12,000 overall. The English Voice actors/actresses where super nice and the Evening of Improv with Mike McFarland was fantastic! I laughed so hard I came close to wetting myself. Carli Mosier was an absolute sweetheart but I wish she would have come over and thanked me and my buddy for introducing her to a writer from Horror Hound magazine. Christopher Ayres was a delight to meet and very funny in the improv skits. There was some fantastic cosplay which you can see my photo’s from the event here Friday and Saturday.

Pros of the Convention:
•Bigger dealer’s room.
•Bigger artist alley.
•Better ran registration.
•Great events like the Evening of Improv, Cosplay masquerade, AMV contest, Rave, Formal Ball and a dance.

Now with everything there is always a down side and Ohayocon is no exception. I personally only ran into a few issues, none of which where serious but minor problems that can be easily fixed. Line formation to panels and events was kind of a problem. The guide book did not have any panel descriptions in it and the only way you could find out was going to the room where the panel was taking place and hope that a staff member had placed the correct print out on the room. Also some of the panels never happened because the panelist backed out, which is slightly irritating. Also how many fake sword booths do you need in the dealers room? But that is just me since I have a dislike for poorly made weaponry. I have read that some people had issue with the staff security but me personally I never had a problem with them. Security is a tuff job and sometimes you have to be a hard ass to keep people safe.

Cons from the Convention:
•Line formations
•Slightly over crowded at times
•To many replica swords
•No panel descriptions in the guide book

Overall I had a blast at Ohayocon 2011 and I will be attending the event in 2012. I recommend this convention if you live close enough to drive to it. If your looking for something like an Anime Expo or larger conventions save your money and go to them. But if you find yourself in the Columbus, Ohio area and have a few bucks to spend you can not go wrong with Ohayocon! Its fun and a good sized event but there are larger and better conventions out there but not to many in the Midwest or in the middle of winter. As their saying goes “Ohayocon: the cure for the winter time blues!” Otakustew.net gives Ohayocon 2011 a…

Four out of Five Stars…

I love your slogan! :laugh: :laugh: Hope you have a great time Outlander!

It’s a little late… but: http://www.flickr.com/photos/75601830@N08/

I’ve been to the same location during Matsuricon (August con) and it is pretty cool. After dealing with the long elevator waits at the Hyatt (most often just went up the 7 or so flights of rickety stairs instead) I don’t think I’d want to stay at the Hyatt during the much bigger Ohayocon. Luckily there are a few other hotels near by, some connected by a pretty cool enclosed glass walkway (though it isn’t AC’d in the summer).

I’m not sure if 12,000 is “too big” for a con, as Katsucon 2012 didn’t feel crowded and it had almost 13,000 people this year. I didn’t go to Ohayocon 2012 as they waited forever to announce Carrie Savage (the rest of their guest list was going to be at closer cons to me), they nixed their Matt Greenfield tradition (shoot, their guest list for 2012 was tiny), and they don’t do the VIP pass thing. If guests are your thing, and they are mine, the VIP pass is essential.

A Chronicle, stories, pictures and stuff from my three days at the Con

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First, here is a sneak peek at the 2012 program


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Just finished my 1st day at Ohayocon. My feet hurt. Got there at 9:00 am and there was already a big crowd. There was a huge line for people to buy badges, but I pre-registered and prepaid. I just walked right in where they kept the badges, signed in, took my badge and left.
There were a lot of good cosplayers, more than last year. Plenty of catgirls, which bodes well for tomorrow’s “unofficial “Cat-girl parade. A good number of Ponies too. I tried to use my new digital camera. I can’t keep it from shaking. I hope the photos turn out.Today was the day going to artists alley and the Dealer’s room. I saw some old artist friends and made new ones. Got some art, and ordered commissions.

The dealer’s room was magnificent. It was huge. Money flew from my wallet. The wife forgot to take my plastic from my wallet.Bwaaa-haa-haaa! Got stuff for me and some friends. Plan on being here tomorrow to go to panels mostly. More later

Sigh… I so wish we were there with you. :frowning:

2nd day done.
My feet really hurt now. I’m everywhere at the con. Today was a day for panels and photographs. I went to the AMV (Anime music video) contest. It was pretty funny watching people put their own spin on Anime series tunes. Also went to the Nurse Lindsey (Ohayocon Mascot) contest. That was great. All the contestants did a good job with their Lindsey nurse costumes. I really enjoyed the Emily Dejesus roast (Emily is a long time con chairperson and wife of good friend Robert) It was lewd, raunchy, and pretty funny. I did not see Robert anywhere. Perhaps tomorrow.

I did go into the dealer’s room briefly to pick up an item for Slowhand. She already knows what it is … A pair of Cat-ears, but everything else I will send her will be a surprise. . I also checked in with some artists to see how some commission is going

Now for some bad news. I hooked my new digital camera up to my computer and (with trial and error) downloaded my pics. Just as I thought most are blurry because I could not hold the camera still. I’m more comfortable with a regular camera. Try again tomorrow.
I was going to use today as picture day, but when I got there I didn’t have it I forgot that it was still plugged in to my computer and I left without it. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!

Final day Sunday.

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outlander wrote:

Cat themed goodies… Slow is a lucky woman.

PretearHimeno wrote:

[quote]outlander wrote:

Cat themed goodies… Slow is a lucky woman.[/quote]

I am, in oh, so many ways. :stuck_out_tongue:

3rd and final day

I only stayed for just a few hours.Mostly gaming and anime viewing panels today. I’m not a gamer,so, meh. Did watch some new anime. Not as many cosplayers today. Tried out the digital camera again. I will post pics later tonight. Picked up some art and ordered commissions. I thought that as it was the last day and vendors are packing up, I could get a good deal. Not really. Some would but most wouldn’t.

I came across a table promoting Anime Central in Rosemont ,IL. It is also a big convention. I can’t go this year but will seriously think about me and the waifu flying there next year.

Funimation had a table there. Anime Network was nowhere to be seen. They should have made a presence promoting themselves and selling their stuff. TAN was always a little thick-headed about marketing. Oh wells.

Had a great weekend. Matsuricon in August is next

I think you should invest in a good pair of sneakers. Better on the feet, but be sure to break them in first.

You’d really have to pitch a good sales pitch to TAN to get them to go to a cold climate for a convention. Good luck with that!

Glad you had such a great time! But I guess those anime folk aren’t such great hagglers. Maybe those days are gone with the gypsies… :stuck_out_tongue: