Pepperidge Farm Remembers

The golden age of TAN. It was shiny and beautiful, I’m telling you. People used to have a biting, witty sense of humor that offended no one. Posts were interactive and engaging and not just to gain +1 posts. The conversation flowed like milk and honey and was stimulating. In this small, nerdy nook of the internet, it was the kind of place where friendships were forged that could last a lifetime. Tsunderes roamed free across the threads spreading joy and heartache while wild outlander’s leered. A place where salty yet humorous japes were traded while dancing Rais were called Jose and wolfos, Skyler and even sometimes, Hentais Adam Sessler. Where a newb’s mettle was really put to the test. If they made it trough, well, you knew they were something special. They actually stayed. We’d stay up late in TANchat getting slap happy and talking about things that didn’t matter yet meant everything. Spam faic? Remember that sht? Of course you do (all 5 of us who are alive today to tell the tale). Why, -chuckles softly- we could even say fck without the ridiculous asterisk. I mean, is there really a fourteen year old alive who’s fooled by that? For a time, some of us WERE that fourteen year old saying f*ck with abandon, thinking we would live forever and kiss the sky. Go on, call me a crazy nostalgic who’s romanticizing the past. I don’t care. For I was one of the lucky few. I AM one of the lucky few, who remembers.

My name is not Jose. ;_;

Yes it is.


I dont remember anyone named wolfo either. ARE YOU SELLING YOUR MEDS AGAIN?

The hell you say?,com_community/Itemid,79/userid,24/view,profile/

It is so. Jay the Hippie said so, and so did Funchick



[quote=“outlander” post=116782]

It is so. Jay the Hippie said so, and so did Funchick[/quote]


I knew it was Jorge!

After that awesome soliloquy from PreTear, I feel sad I wasn’t here for all that stuff!

Which simply means that the people here need to make their own stuff. Yes, the past was great, based on that recounting. Maybe it’s time to make the future better?

Just happened.

Me talking to shak, reminiscing of TAN past.
Shak nods thoughtfully “we need to start editing people into random pictures again.”

But we CAN say ‘fuck’ without the asterisk! Back in the vb forums, it’d have been soisoisoisoi though.

Remember desu?

How could I forget desu.

What’s worse as time goes on is we get less and less people on forums in general so you routinely just go about things your own way anymore. You start up something with a group, next thing you know half the regulars have vanished suddenly or you start up a thread from the distant past and hardly get as many posts as you used to. It’s hard enough getting people to progress in most threads existing now. That’s why I’m thrilled that you’re back Pretear. You’ve help resurrect some threads that could’ve become dead.

Remember how dirty the Word Association thread used to be? That was awesome. Looking back at it, I’m glad I made it better b/c it’s hard to believe how much we spammed using one word.

That’s the nature of the internet. In the good (?) old days, we only had bulletin boards (BBS), IRC and UseNet newsgroups. Then instant messaging came along and reduced IRC to a small group of hardcore users, forums replaced BBS systems and blogs replaced UseNet. Now we have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr-the next generation of internet communications applications. I guess you can say what goes around comes around.