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Pokémon’s legendary 2020 net profits prove it’s the very best, like no other franchise ever was

Despite perilous fumbles and mighty rivals in recent years, Pokémon marches along Victory Road: 2020 was its most successful sales year on record.

Pokémon Ongaku Club Perform Latest Pokémon Journeys Anime’s Theme Song About Type Matchups

posted on 2021-06-18 15:30 EDT by Alex Mateo
Song will be distributed on July 14

FEATURE: Pokemon Has A History Of Working With Amazing Animation Talent

June 21, 2021 10:00am CDT
Let’s explore the rich animated world of modern Pokemon!


FEATURE: Why Paleontology Is So Important To Pokémon

July 01, 2021 10:00am CDT
Dinosaurs and Pokémon aren’t so different

Pokémon Franchise Posts Music-Driven, Dialogue-Free ‘Mattete ne Koiking’ Pokétoon Anime Short

posted on 2021-07-02 03:11 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Cedric Herole directed short at Studio Colorido


Pokémon TV Anime Brings Back Dawn, Her Piplup After 9 Years for Summer Special Episodes

posted on 2021-07-02 10:07 EDT by Egan Loo
Megumi Toyoguchi reprises role in episodes airing on July 23 & 30

Pokémon Master Journeys Anime Premieres on Netflix on September 10

posted on 2021-07-07 11:46 EDT by Alex Mateo
Trailer streamed

Warning - contains spoilers


Warning - contains spoilers


Warning - contains spoilers


Chimchar’s Memories | #Pokémon25 | VIZ

FEATURE: America’s First Ideas For Pikachu Were A Little Strange

July 25, 2021 10:00am CDT
Not gonna lie, I don’t think America’s youth would’ve been as into it

Pokémon TV Anime Brings Back Volkner After 11 Years

posted on 2021-08-05 01:01 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Hirofumi Nojima returns to Gym Leader role on August 20


Pokémon’s English-Subtitled ‘Pokapoka Magumaggu House’ Pokétoon Anime Short Posted

posted on 2021-08-05 03:31 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Kazuhiko Yabumoto directs short with Shingo Yamashita at Colorido


Pokémon Gets New 8-Episode Net Anime Titled Pokémon Evolutions

posted on 2021-09-02 10:14 EDT by Alex Mateo
1st episode debuts on September 9

New Pokétoon Anime Short Focused on Gengar Debuts on Friday

posted on 2021-09-07 03:02 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
“Gengar ni Nacchatta!?” short centers on high school girl turned into Gengar


Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle Anime’s English Trailer Reveals October 8 Premiere on Netflix

posted on 2021-09-07 09:50 EDT by Alex Mateo
Pokémon Sword/Shield games to get codes for Dada Zarude, shiny Celebi

Pokétoon’s Gengar Anime Short, Pokémon Evolutions Net Anime Debut With English Subtitles

posted on 2021-09-10 11:10 EDT by Adriana Hazra
“Gengar ni Nacchatta!?” short centers on high school girl turned into Gengar