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North American releases don’t typically have much in the way of extras, which is in line with the goals that the distributors have for profitability. I.E., A Relatively Small Market, Small Product Runs and Sharp Price Competition from other Distributors. With all that pressure it is surprising that there aren’t a whole lot more QC issues ( I’ve another hobby that the largest supplier of product in the US has had massive QC issues over the past decade. ) in the NA Anime industry. I’ve only ever had to request replacement disks once for a couple of Funimation Case Closed DVD’s. Really rather remarkable.

In the end what is happening is that AoA and now Pony Canyon are attempting to recreate the Japanese market for their products in North America, which means pushing the physical release market towards being driven by “Uber Collectors”. This is rightly being greeted with an amount resistance by Anime fandom and appears to be on a fast track to a train wreck. :scream:

Mark Gosdin


The only way to stop it is to not support it. If Aniplex wasn’t so erratic in how they offer certain titles:

For example Vividred Operation and Oreshura were offered DVD only no dub track with some minimal extras.

Magi was offered DVD only but with a dub track for both seasons.

Nisekoi was offered on Blu-Ray as a regular Edition no dub track

Kill la Kill was offered with both a regular edition and special edition with extras and a dub track

Sword Art Online and Fate / Zero were only offered as Special editions both had a dub with extras galore.

Personally I would like them to at least be consistent in their offerings but they seem to do it based on overall popularity of a title.

Yeah it’ll effectively close off the market for us regular collectors, or we’ll only be able to buy 1 - 3 titles a year because of the overall price gouging.


I still find it perplexing that SAO came with a special features DVD that was only offered with the more expensive bluray-only version. Luckily neither of these Pony Canyon shows really call out to me so not supporting them will be easy for me.

As much as I’d like to see the end of the “American fans don’t matter to Japanese anime companies (except for a few exceptions)” era, I don’t believe that turning the US market into an extension of the Japanese market will achieve that.


I think the lack of consistency on AoA’s part stems at least some from trying to customize the Japanese approach to work in North America. Some of what they’ve released was almost pure or pure Japanese product, some was customized.

Pony Canyon is going the semi - customized route with these first two releases.

The way the Anime market works in Japan was fairly well settled long ago, in the 1970’s (?), and has slowly evolved since. The North American market went down a completely different path and has ended up only vaguely resembling the Japanese market, which when you think about it it is surprising that they resemble each other at all.

The market here will push back, which is different and likely more effective now than it would have been in 70’s Japan, so smooth sailing it won’t be.

Mark Gosdin


I wonder if Pony Canyon will do what NISA and Media Blasters did and post their dub to Crunchyroll, which I believe would be wise as not too many prospective buyers of this are interested in the dub.

Hopefully their advice from AoA included “get your dubbed titles shown on something that isn’t behind a 200+ dollar paywall”.


Q. Will we be releasing a complete season box set or a standard edition later?
A. I made some queries around the office to get confirmation about this, but the answer is that we currently have no plans to do so. We will be focusing our efforts on the Collectors’ Edition Box Sets. We would like to bring high-quality animation that was produced in Japan to North American fans while keeping the quality intact as much as possible.


So they close the book on PonyCan US. There’s nothing here for me as a physical media collector.

Sad to loose what will no doubt be many series that we could have enjoyed. :cry:

Mark Gosdin


Yeah, even Aniplex, while pricing is still an issue, are offering regular sets now, even going so far as to reissuing Sword Art Online’s 1st season as a regular set.


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