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Reporting vidoes

As being looking into some newer and older song from anime There seems to be a resurgance or the inability to stop the things on Youtube from being added that shouldn’t be there like full episodes of Log Horizon, both seasons, is there any place on TAN to report these things, can there be if not? Maybe a thread to just put a link to a video someone thinks shouldn’t be there so TAN/Sentai/MJ/etc can do what they need to do?

I had never seen full epidoes so prominent before, most things were those homemade music videos, so maybe they are just being shown to me because some google nonsense, but I am tired of seeing them where they don’t belong on Youtube.

EDIT: If I had a nickel for every typo in the original form of this post, I could have bought lunch. >.<

I’ll ask Admin what they want to do about this, good question.
I’ll get back to you when I get the answer.

Ok, here’s the answer.
“Send it to and they will send them to the management company to take them down.”

I asked if you should send individual videos or the authors and they said:
“Both. But if the channel has only pirated videos then just the author will suffice.”


ok, will try if I can ever get an email adress open for all the spam they are filled with these days.