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Put on your PJams and Party


There will be a pj party here tomorrow and that’s Sunday and it’s all day long baby post some of your favs songs to get the party goin there will be drinks and snacks
But you can bring your own that you like
So come have fun
And remember to wear your pj


nobody showed up to the pajama party

what is it do you guys own pajamas

or do you go nude lol


I had to work :sob:


well thats ok you didnt missed anything

edit you probably had more fun at work then here lol


Made 400 burgers in 2 hours, if you consider that fun…


is that roughly how many people go to your mcdonalds


Depends on the day. Let’s say during peak hours we do 100 orders per hour. Now estimate each order is for 2 people. Thats about 400 burgers in 2 hours. Not including McNuggets or fries in that either…

Or the European families who spend $100 in one meal…

Or my favorite people: The ones who complain that the burger isn’t made right…