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Got my ship notice today for the Steelbook


OK I got my copy of the Steelbook and from what I saw it uses the same HD transfer that the JP edition has.

My 2 biggest complaints about it:

  1. The discs are really hard to get out since they are stacked on top of each other (So I swapped them with the 5 discs from the JP set and put them in the JP set, and moved the 5 of the 6 discs from the JP set to the Steelbook)

  2. Would it have killed you to have at least dubbed the first special? (I mean it’s an all Quon episode, with a line or 2 from Jin at the end) You only needed 2 VA’s and you actually had both of them in the studio or remoting in during the last year and a half. John Gremillion could have done it during a session from another show, and KVD might have needed a separate session but it could have been easily done.

/endrant lol


I mean, she is Mea after all. They could have easily done it after one of those recording sessions.

And she played Rin in Jet Girls too, so there’s 2 different recording opportunities that they had.



I might see if I still have any of the slim two disc thinpak cases and throw my disc in the ADV thinpak with the DVD’s .


RahXephon Limited Edition SteelBook Unboxing


By the way will the stream on Hidive be updated?