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RahXephon TV

Genres: action, drama, magic, mystery, psychological, romance, science fiction
Themes: hybrid robot, mecha, military, super robot
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2002-01-21 to 2002-09-10

Plot Summary: In a world where time passes at a crawl and the blood of your neighbor runs blue, 17 year old high school student Ayato Kamina goes about his daily life within Tokyo Jupiter oblivious to the world around him, having been educated with the fact that the all civilization but Tokyo has been destroyed. But all that changes when the mysterious civilization “MU” invades his home, raining destruction down from the sky in the form of strange monsters called Dolems. The events that occur next will lead Ayato to the mysterious woman named Reika Mishima, to the truth of their existence, the discovery of what and who he is, and to the powerful angelic robot RahXephon.

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RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio (movie)

Genres: drama, psychological, romance, science fiction
Themes: mecha
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 116 minutes
Vintage: 2003-04-19[/quote]

Plot Summary: Ayato Kamina was separated from the girl he loved, Haruka Mishima, when an event occurred that was thought to have killed everyone outside of Tokyo. But one day three years later, invaders suddenly attacked the city. It was then that he meets an agent of TERRA, Haruka Shitow, who tells him that she will give him the truth about the world. It is the beginning of a series of strange events, which involve him activating a giant mecha, the RahXephon and finding out that many people, including his own mother, has blue blood, and that he was actually living in a self-encased dimension where time moves slower than that of the outside world.

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RahXephon (OAV) Vintage: 2003

RightStuf Link:
Rahxephon Grand Canon Collection DVD (Hyb) (Thinpak)
Contains all seven volumes of the series plus the standalone Rahxephon Movie


You can watch RahXephon the TV series on the Anime Network Online Player


We just got the new Rahxephon release today at Best Buy, and I can confirm it still has the ADV logo’s despite the recent shake up. So it will probably be the last one to do so.

Also, I have to say that DVD cover art is truly beautiful. The picture that was on AoD is actually the back cover. The front is actually a bit breathtaking. It’s light blue and features Aytao and Reika embracing with the Rahxephon in the background. I was really surprised by who nice it looked.

Anyway, if you haven’t got this show, you should get this collection. This is one of best shows from the early 2000’s and the animation still looks impressive by todays standards. The dub is also top notch, and the new collection can be had for under $50 you can’t go wrong with it.

Also, I plan on picking this one up too. So when I do, I will post pics, if someone doesn’t beat me to it.


Do you have a camera or scanner? I’m curious to see how it looks like.


Yeah, I plan on picking it up tomorrow (as long as I don’t get tied up at work and forget.) I will grab some quick picks of up and upload them. But the pic on AoD just doesn’t do it justice. It’s still the stack packs with the slip covers, but the slip cover is really nice looking.


I’m curious what they used for the other covers. I’m betting on something from one of the artboxes.


Yeah, I’m curious as well. I was debating on get this set anyway, but seeing the front cover sealed the deal. Add another ADV set to the list of those I’ve double dipped for.


We just got the new Rahxephon release today at Best Buy, and I can confirm it still has the ADV logo’s despite the recent shake up. So it will probably be the last one to do so. [/quote]

I should buy it for that reason alone, even if I already own an older release of just the show (no movie). It will be a night to throw a toast to memories.


Hey someone on another forum did the work for me. This is the front cover image from the new set. It also happens to be the cover for the second stack pack inside that contains discs 5-7 of the series and the movie.

The discs inside each are color coordinated to the box, though I can’t say for certain if they use the same artwork as before. I will have to compare when I get home.


Oh. That’s nice.


Yeah, I love the blue cover on the front. It just seems so perfect for the series to me. And since it may be one of, if not the last “ADV” release, I couldn’t resist the urge to double dip.

In case anyone was curious, the first stack pack inside includes the same cover art as the rear of the slip cover:

Yeah, the blue image is much better!


Both are nice, but I still think Grand Canon is one of the best looking releases by anyone. However that is also super expensive and now very rare to get. I’ll likely be getting this new cheaper release soon, especially since it’s one of ADV last logo releases. Technically I think the combo release of Kiba is the last one, that comes out a week after this Rah set.


I purchased the Grand Cannon set. Had I known they would have come out with a cheaper set… nah, I am glad of my purchase.

One thing though, I noticed that there was a RahXephon video game. It contained some alternate endings with new animation. Sadly, I don’t recall that being shown in any of the bonuses. Does anyone know what I am talking about?


Yeah Grand Cannon is amazing. I wish I got it last year when it was easy to find, now it isn’t. This new collection will be great for people who have held off on buying it though, now with the cheaper entry point - which is what everyone seems to be clamoring for nowadays.

Heard of the game but never played it since it didn’t come out here.


Never played the Rahxephon game, but did play the Evangelion fighter at a con once. It’s a lot of fun trying to figure out combos when you can’t read anything on the screen. :slight_smile:


I never played the game. I just saw an advertisement for it on youtube or something to that affect. One of the alternate endings that could be unlocked is Ayato choosing to become a Mu and remake the world for them.

Just thought it would be neat if they included those scenes as a bonus.


I think we should all have a group viewing of this at some point. I love the show, but still have yet to finish it. I think I gave up and just decided to rewatch the entire thing.


This is one of the titles in my priority to buy list. Argh, my priority to buy list is monstrous now. :frowning: Gantz and Orphen are two others I need to get asap too - the only question remaining is when I can. :frowning: Where’s my santa and money honey? :stuck_out_tongue:


Money Honey lol…

This is a show I haven’t seen, and do not own. Cought an episode of it either on VOD or was it here in the video portal? Anyway it had a lot of stuff going but kinda bored me. Really liked the dub though. Perhaps this is the show I’d have to be in the mood for? Cuz the first episode did not grab me. of course this was awhile ago, and so perhaps I’m mistaken? Maybe the first episode is good? Anyway judgeing a show by the first episode alone is a big no-no for me, so I’ll have to keep an eye on this one.


I loved it. However, I do have a caveat. It can be very, very confusing. When they finally do explain a few things, they do it briefly, and sometimes just suggestively. The movie tells the story a bit different but a little bit more clearly. The endings between the two are different as well.

This was the first show I watched, episode one, with Anime Network on Demand. I hadn’t watched an Anime in a long time. I thought it might have something to do with Egypt, but I found it so interesting that I gladly watched the continuing series and other animes. I do have had the dvd set for awhile.