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JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Newly harvested potatoes and onions simmered in butter

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Hamburger: Simple, savory–the quintessential American meal

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Putting a whole sea bream to use, with broad beans on the side

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Freeze-dried tofu, peas with eggs an Osaka specialty

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Bamboo shoot and squid flavored with green leaf-bud miso

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: For young and old, bite-size fried cutlet using thin pork slices

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Fast and easy vegetables dressed in tofu sauce


Now we’re getting crazy. lol


It’s quite imaginative to think up something like this.


JAPANESE HOME COOKING: ‘Minazuki’ is a Japanese-style confection perfect for rainy season

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Chinese-style Japanese soba noodles

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Radish and carrot simmered with scallop adductor

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Master chef shares prized ‘mapo doufu’ recipe

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Lamb chops served with beans in a lemon-flavored butter


Yes please!!!



Too bad they don’t give you the actual recipe. I’m not a cook and have no idea how to proportion all those ingredients.


That’s true but it was quite a visual feast. You can depend on the internet to come to your rescue there. The recipe is here.


Here’s some other ones I found today.

**Candied Sweet Potatoes - Persona 4**

**Dango from Clannad**

Clannad Dango Recipe

Persona 4 Candied Sweet Potatoes

**Cheesy Bread Bowl For Breakfast**


JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Miso-flavored stir-fry of kelp and squid

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Pork-based ‘rafute’ a signature Okinawan delicacy

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Okinawa’s ‘duruwakashi’: taro and pork

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Kyoto-style simmered summer vegetables

JAPANESE HOME COOKING: ‘Hamo’ skin and cucumber flavored with sesame and vinegar


OMG this will save so much time in the kitchen.




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