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Revive the 24/7 TV network


I know you derailed the 24/7 channel back in 2007 due to lack of carriers but ever since the day Sentai Filmworks start producing Dubbs on their titles back in 2010 all I want to see is get the anime network TV network back. There are a lot of good titles back Sentai and Maiden Japan that have not been dubbed and this could promote the companies themselves. But also if you’re considering it please send a deal with NIS America and Aniplex USA so that they can produce more Dubbs also. Please consider.


The 24 hour channel was only ever picked up by a few smaller carriers and lost money throughout its run. There just isn’t large enough of an audience to interest cable and satellite providers in adding another channel and increasing their fees. A lot of new channels are having trouble gaining traction and making money, and even big companies like News Corp, Viacom, and Discovery have had issues with some of their newer channels, forcing them to drop or rebrand them.

And as Matt Greenfield, and many other entertainment execs have said, 24 hour linear TV is on it’s way out. Cable and satellite providers have started to lose subscribers as people switch to online streaming. There is almost zero chance of the TAN 24 hour channel coming back.


Viz has even thrown in the towel on their 24/7 virtual channel for anime.


My issue with 24 hour TV networks is that I like watching stuff from start to end, so if I miss an episode, or I catch a series part way through its run, I’ll be much less inclined to watch. The Funimation channel used to be on FiOS for a while, but I never watched anything on it unless I had already seen it. It’s much easier to just subscribe to an online streaming place like Crunchyroll or TAN. I can watch everything I want to when I want to, instead of when it’s on.

You’ll notice movie channels like HBO have gone the route of having an online streaming service for cable and satellite customers who subscribe to their TV networks.


I understand that exactly, Hornet. The only other route to keeping up with a 24/7 network is to have your DVR record the series you are interested in. Though, this is not always foolproof since you are relying on your cable/satellite provider to be functioning at those recording times… which is not always a reality. I have had my DVR miss recording a few episodes on Adult Swim due to cable outages because of an occasional storm in my area. Not to mention that your DVR has limited hard drive space as well.

You also have to keep up on checking the network’s lineup to see what they will be showing as time goes on… which is a headache. This is the only way that you would reduce the likelihood of missing something new. Realistically I am not surprised that traditional network TV programming is hurting. I rarely watch anything live anymore asides from the news here and there. It still is a bit sad to see things like the TAN network be shutdown though it was understandingly inevitable.

I agree that paying for a streaming service is a much better way to go as I do with TAN and a few others. Of course with that you are still at the mercy of your ISP remaining online. And, I won’t even get into the latest throttling issues going around.


Shoo… I kind of saw this coming considering that most true anime fans prefer their anime subbed and Neon Alley absolutely REFUSED to do so. That might have been the beginning and the end of their short life online, especially when they were charging for it. But to see Hulu swallow them is just tragic. ~_~

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