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Rogers On Demand service


I’ve had my issues with Rogers.
For several months they had the content but it was not sorted in any recognizable format.
When they get it sorted alphabetically, they tend to miss titles.
But today’s issue takes the prize…

I had left the screen in the “All Titles” list for a while. Usually it just goes back to the main Rogers On Demand screen. But this time it changed the background to “Playboy On Demand”, then went to YTV then on to Super Channel. It seems to be cycling through each on demand channel.

I just had to share this!!


^ That is amusing. :silly:

LOL Samurai Girls would fit in that category! :laugh:


If the menu is left alone for a while that happens for me as well. XD

Of all the channels to replace the AN menu with. O_o

Crazy stuff, thanks for sharing it. :slight_smile:

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