Problem with Premium Account it says that I don't have one

A few months ago I signed up for a Premium Account and over the past few weeks I started noticing some problems with the Roku Player such as not being able to play certain trailers or just now I’m unable to add shows to my queue, when ever I try doing this it tells me to sign in even though I am signed in. Please help. Also I checked my PayPal account and I have recurring payments of $6.95 for The Anime Network.

@SuperSaien64 SuperSaian64,

Just letting you know that we sent you an email in regards to your question.

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I think I know what happened I accidentally subscribed twice back on 11/6/2015. And I unsubscribed to the first subscription, but it’s strange why didn’t I have any problems till just recently? I mean everything was working fine up until about a few weeks ago. BTW will I still be able to view the premium content for the time being? And will I lose my queue?

I’m able to add things to queue through my Roku box again after resubscribing, but I still cant play certain trailers/promos, And my Roku 3 isn’t showing up on my devices list still.:confused: Should I log out then log back in on my Roku?

Continuing the discussion from Problem with Premium Account it says that I don't have one: I think this is the second time had this problem. Sent a message requesting a link you say my Paypal account id closed it is not, when I go to Paypal its saying you have been paid