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Only a few days left to enter Anime News Network’s Winter Contest! So many great prizes sponsored by Nozomi, Lucky Penny, FUNimation, Sentai Filmworks, and Aniplex USA! Get your entry in by February 1!

Anime News Network is hosting its first ever anime-themed holiday contest, and we want our readers to let their creativity run wild! Our amazing sponsors have donated a ton of fabulous prizes, and we have lots of ways you can win. We know that snow doesn’t exactly hit every corner of the globe, so while one of the components of the contest is a snowman-building contest, we have a whole category dedicated to “everything else.” This means that not only should everyone be able to participate, but your imagination is pretty much the only boundary.

What we’re looking for is three-dimensional art projects, but it doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated. For example, you could submit Pokémon snowmen, or dress up your snowman in cosplay. Or if you don’t have snow or don’t want to go outside, you can make anime-themed gingerbread houses, re-arrange your figures into holiday dioramas, cut out Hatsune Miku snowflakes, or show off your anime-themed holiday decorations. As long as it’s three-dimensional (including cosplay!) and winter- or winter holiday-themed, you can submit it.

Ideas for anyone who’s stuck:
Snow Hatsune Miku!, snow Totoro!, balloon ice sculptures!, dioramas!, more dioramas!, anime gingerbread cookies!, paper snowflakes!

Prizes listed here.

[size=20]Vote for Your Favorite Sweethearts and You Could Win![/size]
1/30/2015 3:57:31 PM

Hey Everyone!

In honor of the upcoming romantic festivities of Valentine’s Day, we’re having a very special sweepstakes! This one is a little different though because we’d like YOU to help settle an office dispute.

You see, this time of year always seems to stir up a number of arguments in the office. The topic of these disputes is, “Which Sentai couple is the BEST?”

After some careful deliberation that may or may not have involved some expletive language, we figured that it would probably be more productive to leave this decision in your hands.

So, we’d like you to vote for your favorite Sentai Sweethearts and as a thank you for your participation you’ll be entered to win 1 of 3 prizes!

The voting period is February 1 – 14, 2015. If you’d like to increase your chances of winning and your favorite sweethearts’ be sure to vote daily!

Krystal LaPorte
And here are some adorable Valentine’s from @Sentaifilmworks ’ AKB0048 for the person who makes your heart sing!




[size=16]Tomorrow’s the last day to enter the Sentai Sweethearts Contest!![/size]

Vote for Your Favorite Entries From the Anime Snowman And Winter Crafts Contest

February 16, 2015

Unfortunately, all of the voting information from the contest was lost due to our server issues. Please head to this page and vote for your favorites again. Thank you, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Voting will be open until 11:59 PST, February 22.

[size=19]Anime Snowman And Winter Crafts Contest[/size]

Due to recent server issues, all of the ranking info for the contest has been lost. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please head to this page to re-vote for your favorite entries. Voting will be open until 11:59 PST on Sunday, February 22. Thank you!

Caitlynn French
‏Day one of recording with @Sentaifilmworks done! Day two bring it!! we’ll photo op more then.

This March sees a crop of shows that feature tales from two worlds, including the return of the God of Conquests himself as he once again goes on the hunt for loose souls in The World God Only Knows: Goddesses! The spirit world is not too far behind in Gingitsune, and even the underworld gets in on the fun with Devils and Realist, while Louise the Zero makes a magical return to your shelves with The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons. Check out what else is ready to take you out of this world in our March Release Schedule!

[size=16]NEW ACQUISITIONS[/size]
Hayate the Combat Butler: Cuties
Hayate and Nagi are back in Hayate the Combat Butler: Cuties, and with a new heroine for every adventure, things are sure to heat up fast!
Pre-order Now
Knights of Sidonia
This groundbreaking space opera depicts the last remnants of humanity as they struggle against an alien enemy in the cold vastness of space.
Pre-order Now

Knights of Sidonia Collector’s Edition
We are very excited to announce that our upcoming release of hit series Knights of Sidonia will also include a Collector’s Edition! The Knights of Sidonia Box Set will include tons of extra goodies for you to pour over, on top of what is already included in the regular Blu-ray and DVD releases.

For more details on what you can expect in our release of Knights, check out this rundown on our site.

[size=16]JUNE 2015 SCHEDULE NOW LIVE![/size]

Our new acquisitions are just a taste of our June 2015 releases. You can expect much more, including fan favorite volleyball anime Haikyu!!, toward the middle of the year. Check out our June Release Schedule here.

[size=16]ANIME MATSURI[/size]
Sentai Filmworks is headed to Anime Matsuri 2015! If you live in the Houston area make sure to come visit us at the George R. Brown Convention Center, April 3 - 5. More fun details on the way, stay tuned!

Hey! The Sentai Twitter account is 5 years old today! Here’s to five MORE years of cold, hard stares from Golgo 13!

we want answers… :grin:

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[size=20]New Releases This Week: Double Dose of Magical Misadventures[/size]
3/10/2015 3:22:05 PM

Hey guys! This week we’ve got two fantastic new follow-ups to some of our funniest shows to day, and they are both available today! The World God Only Knows: Goddesses and The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons are ready and waiting to satisfy your funny bone through their own brand of magical comedy.

Haven’t seen the first seasons? Now’s a good time to catch up! :wink:

[size=16]Now Available from Sentai Filmworks[/size]

The World god Only Knows: Goddesses (Season 3)

Dating sim champion Keima has more than proven his abilities in the real world after capturing the hearts of 14 girls, and freeing them of the stray spirits lurking within them. But when a goddess possessing Keima’s neighbor, Tenri, appears with a mission, Keima’s going to have to revisit the girls whose hearts he stole in order to find her five sisters and restore their powers. Meanwhile, a mysterious organization lurking in the shadows threatens these unsuspecting girls’ lives!

Related: The World God Only Knows, The World God Only Knows II, The World God Only Knows OVA

Genres: Supernatural, Romance, Drama, Adventure, Comedy

Rating: TV-14 [D]

The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons (Season 2)

Hiraga Saito was just a typical Japanese teenager when he was accidentally summoned to become the familiar of Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, whose magical skills were so poor that she was called Louise the Zero. Now, however, Saito’s distinguished himself as a hero, while Louise has started to get a handle on her ability to use Void magic. Will Louise end up hurting the one she… has a “professional relationship” with? Find out in FAMILIAR OF ZERO: KNIGHT OF THE TWIN MOONS!

Related: The Familiar of ZERO, Familiar of Zero: Rondo of Princesses

Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Adventure, Comedy

Rating: TV-14 [D, V]

ohhh, we’re starting to get answers over as

While voice acting seems like a cool job, I assume it takes more than a few VA’s to dub an anime. From licensing to release, can you describe the other jobs required to dub and release your anime?

The answer to this will be part of a larger series of things we are working on here at Sentai. While I can’t answer this NOW, it will definitely be answered in the future. :slight_smile:

Why is Sentai Filmworks so amazing? Also, if you could buy a custom waffle maker that comes in ANY SHAPE YOU WANT, what shape would you choose? Would you top said waffles in a flavored syrup other than the standard maple?

1st question: I’m going to have to say because of the amazing and handsome work their social media guy is doing. Super awesome job, guy. :wink:
2nd question: The shape of anime obviously. What that shape is I couldn’t tell you, I can only dream.
3rd question: Standard maple. I’m a no frills guy.

Any new license announcements coming up within the next few weeks?

Yes. Plenty. :wink:

Is Sentai ever going to give their shows a Toonami airing?

A lot of different factors come into play for something like this to happen. Certainly it’s not as easy as "giving’ one of our shows a Toonami airing, there are tons of things involved in that process.

“No brag, just fact” :laughing:

Seriously, Sentai’s social media guy does seem to be a cut above his TX/CA fellows.

[size=20]New Releases This Week: One Hell of a Power Struggle[/size]
3/17/2015 12:15:17 PM

This week sees the release of one of our more recently announced titles, Devils and Realist. With the power to choose the interim ruler of hell in his hands, what will young William Twining decide? The decision wont be easy, especially since he wants absolutely nothing to do with it, and the fact that some of the candidates have decided to skew the odds in their favor by staying as close to William as possible!

[size=16]Devils & Realist[/size]
When William Twining breaks into his bankrupt family’s vaults seeking funds for his tuition, he discovers that he’s supposed to choose the interim ruler of Hell! That would be a bedeviling predicament under any circumstances, but when the bearer of said dread tidings is also hitting William up for the job… Well, it’s just not a good thing. Nor is it easy to put the would-be Devil behind you, as the impish Dantalion quickly roots himself into William’s school life.

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Action, Supernatural

Rating: TV-14 [D]

[size=20]Sentai Filmworks x Anime Matsuri 2015: See You There![/size]
3/18/2015 1:08:22 PM

UPDATE #1: We’ve added locations and times for our events below!

Convention season is coming up soon, and our first stop wont be too far from the office…it’ll be just down the road actually! This year will be our very first time attending Anime Matsuri, Houston’s premiere anime and Japanese culture convention, so we’ve got a couple of things lined up for our big first year, and they include:

[size=16]Sentai Filmworks Industry Panel[/size]
Join us at the Sentai Filmworks Industry panel to be the first to find out about our exciting new releases and plans for 2015! You’ll be guaranteed to be wowed by at least one of the big reveals during our panel, so make sure to stick around til the very end for fun, prizes, and more!
Friday April 3rd @ 1 PM in Panel Room 2

[size=16]Super Sonico English Dub World Premiere[/size]
Ever since we announced that Jessica Nigri would be voicing the bubbly-bright pink haired sensation known as Super Sonico, fans have been clamoring to hear the English dub in all its glory. Well, the time has come! Don’t miss the WORLD PREMIERE of the Super Sonico English dub ONLY at Anime Matsuri! Make sure to get there early, we’re expecting a full house for this one. :wink:
Saturday April 4th @ 2:30 PM in Panel Room 1

[size=16]Booth Events[/size]
Our Sentai Filmworks booth will be busy all weekend long with events, including:

Live Auditions
Earlier this month we announced our acquisition of the smash hit series, Parasyte -the maxim-. We are so stoked about our announcement that we thought we would let you guys in on the fun, too!

To celebrate our new show, we will be holding live auditions for some bit parts in the series. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll actually get to visit Sentai Filmworks’ studios and voice a minor character in the show. Plus, you’ll get to see your name in the credits of our future release of Parasyte! If you think you have what it takes, head to our booth for your chance to “Be Consumed” by Parasyte. :wink:

Head to Hulu to catch the first 13 episodes for free today!

Parasyte Body Painting
Right next door to our live audition space will be our Parasyte body painting station, where you’ll be able to get your own Parasyte painted onto your arm or face by our professional body painter. An adorable/blood curdling Migi can be yours, but you’ll have to make it to our booth first, so don’t miss out!
Live Audtions Area and Body Painting Station can be found in Exhibit Hall C&D, Booth #1002

Once you’ve lent us your voice or have become infected by a parasyte, make sure to pick up some sweet Parasyte posters and buttons before you go. :wink:

[size=16]OUTSIDE EVENTS[/size]

Haikyu!! Meetup

Come hang out with your fellow Karasuno High teammates at the Haikyu!! cosplay meetup! Get your picture taken with the entire team on April 3rd from 1:30 to 2:30 in Discovery Green Park - Jones Lawn (The farther, red Synchronicity of Color Art Wall) See you there!

With Seven Seas Game and Funi doing the Space Dandy card game, that got me thinking: what Sentai/MJ/etc. properties could be good games and in what game form?

Bodaciou Space Pirates could work as a sprawling 4X type game, ala Twilight Imperium.
Ruin Explorers could be a dungeon hack/exploration type game like the D&D boardgames.
HotD in the vein of Zombicide or Pandemic.

And of course they can all work as TRPGs.

The guys at @animetoday are starting up their Anime Madness showdown, go here to vote for your favorite Sentai shows!

10:20 AM - 19 Mar 2015
Kyle Colby Jones
I’ve got @LeraldoAnzaldua in the booth today making the talky noises! Woohoo! #SentaiFilmworks

By the way Sentai has announced 2 new license pick ups this week: (on Facebook)

Sentai Filmworks Link: Windy Tales

Sentai Filmworks Link: Guardian Ninja Mamoru

These titles will probably be part of the July release slate if it follows pattern…

Sentai Filmworks
What I asked @Drea_Matsumoto (Art Deparment Andrea) to make for us for our @AnimeMatsuri office poster:

Sentai Filmworks
What she sent back: