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Server Maintenance Today


Due to some ongoing maintenance of our servers, users may experience some issues with the Online Player this afternoon.
These issues may include the player halting, restarting or needing to be restarted.

Around 3:00 PM (CST) we will be refreshing our primary server. This may cause video playback to be interrupted or restated while the player switches over to the secondary and backup servers.

**These problems will be isolated to the Online Player and may not affect everyone in the same way. If you do encounter any playback issues today, please reply to this post with a detailed description of what issue(s) you are experiencing. **

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you guys this afternoon and will try to conclude these fixes ASAP.

We will post an update later when the maintenance is complete.

Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:


Everything should now work normally.


Hey gang, we’re experiencing some issues with our streaming server and will be doing some maintenance on it this morning/afternoon.

You may experience some pauses, restarts or delays in loading time while the backup servers kick in.

Some of our most recent uploads may be temporarily unavailable while this is going on.

If you have any problems while watching online please post a reply here with the following details:

  • Show Title
  • Episode #
  • If you were watching in SD or HD
  • If the duration timecode displayed
  • What type of internet connection you are using

We will have an update when today’s maintenance is completed.

Thanks for your patience!


The maintenance has been completed.

If you experience any problems with playback in the online player this week, please post your issues here.