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Sleeping, what's it all about?


Shuteye, slumber, snoozing, napping, “catchin’ some Z’s”, and dozing are all words that are, in some way, associated with sleeping. Now, I’m not sure about all of you guys, but one thing I get very little of, is sleep. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy sleeping; I love sleeping; The problem is, I like being awake just as much. There’s a lot you can do while you’re awake that you just can’t do while you’re asleep (unless you’re one of those lucid dreamers, in which case I don’t like you). I usually sleep when I can’t stay awake any longer. It’s 5:52am and I haven’t slept in roughly 20 hours.

Do you feel tired?
No I don’t.

Did you drink an ungodly amount of coffee or other caffeinated beverage?
Nope, I have not, and do not drink coffee, and I haven’t had anything with excessive amounts caffeine in a week.

So how are you still awake, and how are you not tired?
Well, the answer to that question is very simple. I have no idea.
So what’s the point of this thread then? Is the thread title significant in any way?**
This thread has a point, it’s about sleeping of course! And no, the thread title has no significance, and is best forgotten.

You see… I am capable of sleeping, and I can sleep if I wanted to, but the issue is, that I have absolutely no motivation whatsoever to sleep.

I’m wondering, if anyone else here on the forums sleeps as little as I do? It’s not so much that I’m curious about whether or not you’re not sleeping, I’m curious about what you’re doing while you’re not sleeping. Because staying awake this long is so BORING!

[size=1]Note: there is a significant difference between me not sleeping, and insomnia. Insomnia would mean that I’m incapable of sleeping whether I wanted to or not. I do not have insomnia, and I can’t personally say whether or not it sucks.[/size]


Poor Hornet! I happen to be one of those people who likes to sleep. Drop out of this world and travel where ever my mind takes me. I intend to be sleeping soon, actually. Have you picked up any hobbies to keep you occupied during the nights?


Hornet65 wrote:

Why don’t you like me?
I do, on occasion, have lucid dreams. I actually think about having them before I go to sleep, and that works about 5% of the time. Sometimes, I just have them. I wish I could do it every time, but I can’t. The worst kind of lucid dream is when you just figure out you’re having a great dream, and you wake up. I can’t “make” my own dream, I can only go along with whatever I am dreaming about.


fillet wrote:

A hobby? yeah, anime…

Also, I’m slowly teaching myself how to play piano.

Stumbleupon is also a great time waster.


:huh: Stumbleupon? That a form of Twister?


fillet wrote:

From wikipedia:

Basically, there’s a button on my firefox toolbar that says “stumble”. I click it and it brings me to a random site based on the things I’m interested in. If I like the site that it brings me to, I can click “I like it” and it will automatically add it to my bookmarks.


They just get my more responsibility at work.

I was ask stay till 10 o’clock some night how are you going to this additional work done.

I guess I will have to stay till 12. The only problem is when I have to work past 8:30.

Said you would stay till 12 why would working past 8:30 be a problem.

Well I start work at 8:30 in the morning, it impossbile for me to stay any later being there are only 24 hours in a day.


Have you guys ever associated one particular thing, with something else completely unrelated? The reason I’m saying this here, is because it has to do with my general tendency of not sleeping.

Whenever I watch anime, I try to watch as much as I can at one time. So If I was determined, I could watch an entire series consisting of 13 episodes all at once. This means that I can be up really late, and sometimes just not sleep at all.

So I was re-watching the first episode of a series I haven’t seen in a while (name not relevant). While watching, I suddenly got the feeling that it was around 6:00am. It felt like if I looked out the window the sun would be up. I started thinking about going to get something to eat and everything, but then I looked at the clock, and it was 3:00am. The last time I viewed this particular series, it was always early in the morning when I stopped watching it, and the first thing I would do when I stopped watching was go and make myself breakfast.

So now it seems I have associated this show with early morning, which is kind of cool in a way. (either that or I’m going crazy from sleep deprivation, which is also fine.)


Hornet65 wrote:

Yes, I have a ton of jigsaw puzzles (a whole closet-ful in fact). And there is one that I always associate with sitting in front of the TV and watching ‘Gone With the Wind’. I don’t know why that memory is so strong, it just is. I can’t even tell you when it happened, it’s just every time I do that particular puzzle, I think of that movie.


I watch the 2nd season of Gantz that way. I did watch the last episode over due to thinking I dreamt it. I use to be able to stay awake and watch Anime for hours. Maybe it’s the 16 hours of workdays that are killing that.



In my attempt to return to a normal, more human sleep cycle, I went to bed Saturday night at around 10:30pm figuring that I’ll probably wake up at 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning.


I woke up at around 3am and tried to fall asleep again. I ended up laying in bed for 4 hours trying to fall asleep. So at 7am I finally decided that it isn’t likely I’ll fall asleep again. So I got up and got something to eat for breakfast. Then I watched TV until around 9am or 10am… and then I don’t remember what happened after that, but I woke up at 4pm -_-

I missed lunch, so I had an early dinner, and then I’m not sure what happened after that, but I woke up at around 10pm -_-

I’ve been awake since then, so I think I screwed up. If I knew that was going to happen, I would have preferred a more controlled form of polyphasic sleep (see: uberman’s sleep system). Oh well, it is what it is. You can’t change the past, and you can’t predict the future. (the present is where it’s at ;))


If up at 4am, Log onto WoW or Lotro and kill all rare spawns. Only time to find them.


5am, up all night… I was doing so well too… waking up every day at 7am, and going to bed every night before midnight… I don’t understand where it all went wrong… damn you WoW! you’ve ruined my sleep again!


It’s those new commercials, man. You see a dragon, on fire, lighting up the sky…


That’s Deathwing for you… burning everything.


I love the lore of WoW, I still read the stories, but I quit that game months ago. I have a real job, and it felt like a virtual one.


go and visit nova’s grave


It isn’t her grave, it is a sight to remember the game that never came to be. She is alive in SC2 and such.


Sleep deprivation is [size=5]AWESOME!!![/size]


[size=5]YAY! SLEEP DEPRIVATION![/size]

(also, they made leveling in WoW a lot faster and it’s a lot more entertaining then it used to be. They redid a lot of the quest chains in the old zones.)