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Have you ever been drunk while posting in this forum?


Have you ever been drunk while posting in this forum?

The question is legit, as we’ve noticed a few on more than one occasion - or at least that’s the only possible explanation in some cases. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Outlander Memorial Thread

On a Monday? Long way to go, whoever is.


No way, I’m underage.


I’m gonna go get some beer and experiment on this theory of yours, dragoon. You may have something going here man.


fillet wrote:


We are categorically against being drunk and people posting in that mindset, or at least typing like they are under that influence (which at times seems like that happens due to some posts being incomprehensible). :huh:


I was joking! I can’t afford to drink at this point. Who’s drunk though? 'Fess up!


Yeah I know. Had to be clear just in case though. Would not want someone misunderstanding. :stuck_out_tongue:


[size=5]:frowning: [/size]


I think I was drunk once… no, wait! I was on drugs once. Yeah, right, it was definitely drugs. Hentai told me to do it. He’s a really bad influence. Next, he’ll probably tell me to drink. And, then, who knows where it will go from there. :ohmy:


Slowhand wrote:

And just to be clear for the kids… :stuck_out_tongue: Slowhand means prescription medicine. No naughty stuff!


…yea, nowhere near the retirement age.


Nope, considering I’m Straight Edge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Slowhand, drugs? We can’t stop here, this is bat country!


I’ve actually never been drunk. I might have come on here after a meeting with Mary-Jane back in the day (and by that I mean when I first joined and was in high school). lol@ misspent youth…


Not lately, no.

Edit: At least that I remember, after so many drinks I tend to not remember much of anything that goes on the rest of the night.


So who’s buying tonight?


More than once, but not recently and never to the level Haissan was that time.

Perhaps we should have a drunk posting day? All get hammered together. :laugh:


Kodama wrote:

See, why would you want to give dragoon a heart attack?


PretearHimeno wrote:

[quote]Kodama wrote:

See, why would you want to give dragoon a heart attack?[/quote]

Surely he would join in on the fun.


Yeah, lol dragoon and his Zima.


Dragoon is only happy when he’s got modding to do (or dubs to drool over), so we give him what he wants. :laugh: