Sound Bars

So I finally broke down and bought a Sound Bar for my TV. Relatively easy to set up, and I’m fairly pleased with the results Bonus of being able to link my phone to it and play music from my smartphone.

Got one of the cheaper ones, no 5.1 or bass speaker. Just an upgrade from the TV speakers


I ended up buying a soundbar last year. I used to have surround sound that I bought back in like 2009 but I got tired of it and ended up putting it away a few years ago. It wasn’t until about a year ago after using either headphones or just the sound from my TV that I kind of wished I had a little bit more but not a full-blown surround sound system. Had no clue what kind of soundbar I wanted until I was at Best Buy one day just looking and I found a Samsung brand soundbar with a sub that used Bluetooth to hook up to my Samsung TV. In the end it worked out really well and I really like the sound quality.

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