Stop...just stop

Enough with the Parasite commercials in the On Demand. Seriously…just enough. This will make like the fourth week in a row.

They only showed up for one week on my On Demand (Charter). In fact, I don’t recall a promo for any show lasting more than a week.

~It’s a Small World After All~

Well, it’s been like 4 weeks here. As hypersensitive as AN tends to be about some content and not showing some subtitling, I’m surprised that something like this gets a pass. I can’t imagine what the reaction of a parent might be who sits down to watch from the Super Happy Funtime only to see this right out of the gate…

That must be something unique to your system. Otherwise, the only way to see a promo more than once a week is if you keep going back to the episodes in that particular week.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s here again this week. I must be cursed…