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RE: Time Warner 30 hours free VOD

Hey guys! We’ve been working hard to get our fans the very best anime we can, and at the same time trying to get more and more to you hours wise. So we wondering about a couple of things for our Time Warner people:

Is everyone in the Time Warner subs getting the new batch of 30 hours content?
Do you find that you do not have time to watch all that anime?
Do you find that you do not watch shows more than once now as opposed to multiple times when they had less hours?

Thanks Time Warner folks for your answers! We luvs ya!

-Rai and AN team

Well, lately we have been missing episodes for the past few weeks, which kinda throws things off. I do like watching the anime that comes on. I tend to watch more series that I do not have access to anywhere else more often, but now and then I will watch something that I do have access too elsewhere.

But it would help if they stopped leaving off episodes and sometimes not even do the update…

Ok, I’m getting the 30 hours (right? :stuck_out_tongue: )

I watch everything! (Except Azumanga Daioh, I tried, I really, really tried)

Even before, when we had less shows, I didn’t watch anything more than once. About the only time I do watch more than once, is if there’s a problem with the show (sound, etc) or if there’s a long lag between episodes (more than two weeks).

Keep up all the good work! WE LOVE TAN!! :kiss: :kiss:

Yea I get 30 hours.
I have not been watching it alot lately.
I been watching Ghost Hound.
:3 Most of the other shows I can’t get in to.
I don’t think I watched a full series since “RahXephon” and “This Ugly yet Beautiful World” ..
I tried to but watch all them at least once…But eh.
Kiba was just… boring. :frowning:
Get Backers was ok but I stop watching like at ep.5. Lolz .
I think I stop watching so also Cuz of “life” and I brought like "Wolf’s Rain"
and “Samurai X” so eh… <.< :3
Thats about it… o.0 NC FTW?
<.< cough

[size=1]are they going to stop AnimeNetwork they stop FearNet. That would fail :3 [/size]B)

30 hours everybody should have that…

Am I watch more anime lately NO

Why, Getbackers is not really being show. Clannad OVA made me hate the show.

Well, I don’t exactly have Time Warner, I have BrightHouse, but our schedules are exact, down to the missing episodes, so I will chime in. I try to watch as much of the content as I can, but I tend to let a series or two go, and those tend to be the subbed ones. For example, I really tried to get into He is My Master, but between all of the other stuff that I am already invested in on VOD and the really small subtitles for the show, I have just dropped that one. Overall, I love getting the extra content though, as it gives me a chance to “taste test” more series and be able to find more things that I really like.

I’m getting the new batch.

I watch everything through once.

I do watch a few things twice. This is the same as before the extra content.

And Thank You!! :kiss: