My mom payed for a gift subscription earlier today and i have yet to receive a email to verify it:(

Sent Anime Network a note about your issue. They’ll take a look at it and respond to you as soon as they can.

Are you able to access & watch Premium Content?


This may sound silly, but try logging out and logging back in again. Then try watching a premium show. Let me know if it works for you.

still got nothing

Your issue has been sent to our subscription team. They’ll get back to you with further information during business hours.

I found the subscription. For some reason it didn’t create an entry in our system for the gift. Not sure whether it was an error on our part or whether your mother forgot to click the “Gift” button.

Nevertheless, I’ve enabled your account for Premium access. Please try it now.

Dragonsgate: I sent you a Direct Message to double check some information. Please check your inbox and respond.
Thanks for your patience, you should be up and rolling now!