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I may be absolutely retarded , but hey , it happens. If i start a subscription , what am i getting out of it? I cant find anything letting me know what exactly i am purchasing. Live streaming of the anime episodes i want to watch , or do i have to wait until it comes on (Like on TV).

Also , why is there no cancel subscription button? It seems i would have to send an email to cancel my subscription. Hm.


I’ll let someone more qualified answer this better, but the gist of it, is that as a premium member, you get access to everything that The Anime Network has on their site (if you live in the US anyway). Any episode of any show you see in the Watch Anime Now section just about whenever you want, except in the case of simulcast shows, where the episode is available after it airs in Japan, and then forever onward (or at least until The Anime Network removes the show from their site, which doesn’t happen too often).


Hornet is right, as a Premium member, you have access to everything in the Regular Registered users only have access to,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,4/func,view/id,117437/.

This is the for the Online Player’s upcoming anime.

As far as cancelling your account, after you make an account, there is a cancellation button that appears. We only ask for an email as a follow-up.