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Suggestion for VoD


hello all i was wanting to suggest a couple of shows for VoD one being MM and the other being Maid Sama both english dubbed of course. i mean i have already watched Maid Sama subbed already and enjoyed it i was wondering if the dub is just as good .


Any dub from 2014 and upwards have been deep-sixed for the VOD service. The dubs currently broadcasted were all originally shown between 2010 - 2014ish. The specifics were never said, but it’s likely due to licensing and what Sentai allows to be and cannot be broadcasted

( by the way, how about an update from admin on that matter ? Not that the choice of reruns isn’t good, but are 2014 dubs a possibility ? )

MM did aired something a few years ago ( maybe late 2013 ), I don’t think the Maid Sama dub was ever broadcasted, but I could be wrong on that one. Maybe it’ll show up one of these days as a rerun.


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I would like to see repeats of Subtitled Series
that were only shown ONCE from past 4 or so years, again!

Missed Subtitled Angel Beats.
Never saw the ending episodes of Kanon and others.


The license to Kanon was lost by ADV due to a deal with a Japanese investment firm falling apart. Most of the shows, including Kanon, were picked up by Funimation. As a result, Anime Network no longer has access to it.