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Supernatural: The Anime Series

Supernatural: The Anime Series

Genres: action, horror, supernatural
Themes: demons
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: The anime re-imagining of the original live-action series follows the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean as they hunt creatures and other supernatural phenomena across the American landscape. The anime will be a 22-episode season that will cover the storyline of the live-action version’s first two seasons. The anime project will not only remake the best episodes from the live-action version, but also depict original episodes not seen in the live-action version. Those original episodes will include prologues of the Winchester brothers’ childhood, anime-only enemies, and episodes featuring secondary characters from the live-action version.
Number of episodes: 22
Vintage: 2011-02-23

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Supernatural The Animation Project Launched From Japan

posted on 2010-06-09 21:00 EDT
January 2011 “special project” to tie into Warner Brothers’ live-action series

Yeah, I am definitely getting this when it comes over (if it comes over.) Considering it’s launching in Japan, and looking at the little bit of artwork available, I’d say this is probably Japanese animation.

It’ll come over, no worries there.

First Thundercats, now Supernatural, next…
Now that’s how you make anime based off of western properties.

[size=16]And Funi’s doing what again? [/size][size=20]FAIL!!![/size]

Somebody somewhere needs to make a Star Trek anime. Now that could be EPIC!

It’s not anime, but there is a Star Trek animated series, a sequel to the original live action series, out on dvd, featuring most of the original cast voicing their characters.

Gilligan’s Island/Planet anime. Now THAT would be epic.

Yeah, I’ve seen the Star Trek animation. Poor, poor Filmation…

I could go for Gilligan’s Planet as well…lol Or how about an anime reimagining of Captain Planet? Imagine how much better that would have been with more violence, blood and ninjas!

That could be interesting.

It has been confirmed that MadHouse will be animating this, so I’m very hopeful for it. Given it’s content, they should be able to make a great show out of it.

I’m most looking forward to the Impala being animated its the best part of the show. The story is second. I like cars. Also wonder if they will add in a bad ass occasional soundtrack. AC/DC would probably do it and work fine.

Edit: I hope they Animate the Supernatural convention episode that was one of my favorites.

I was looking forward to the frequent human combustion in the first few episodes. But the Impala is pretty sweet.

Meant to post this a while back, but completely forgot. Warner released a new trailer for Supernatural. You have to listen to the Japanese cover of “Carry On My Wayward Son”…lol

Here is also an earlier “teaser”

You have to listen to the Japanese cover of “Carry On My Wayward Son”…lol[/quote]

Yeah, that was all kinds of special.

This looks so awesome!


You have to listen to the Japanese cover of “Carry On My Wayward Son”…lol[/quote]

Yeah, that was all kinds of special.[/quote]

Yes, it truly was… Wasn’t it?

It could have been worse. :lol:

Supernatural The Anime Ships in North America in July

posted on 2011-04-04 03:46 EDT
Anime of live-action show via BD/DVD/VOD/download; Jared Padalecki dubs entire anime

I know at least one person that is going to be in heaven over this! I’m looking forward to it myself. :slight_smile:


cannot wait for to be played (sorry I’m interested for broadcast)

Supernatural the Anime’s English Video Clip Streamed

posted on 2011-05-09 13:30 EDT
Actors Padalecki, Ackles reprise live-action roles in MADHOUSE-animated offshoot

On the bright side, it seems like they ditched the Japanese version of “Carry On My Wayward Son”, and instead are using the classic Kansas version. I’m very glad to see that. However, all the clips with Dean are from the final two episodes, so we don’t get much of an idea how his stand-in sounds. That I’m curious to find out.