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TAN's Endless Story

This thread will really put your imagination to use because in here everybody will tell an endless story using THREE words at a time. Many of you I imagine have done these in the past and know they can be annoying with people stepping over your words so I urge everyone to keep strict watch of the last poster/page turns so the story flows better. Secondly be mindful of the ‘waiting 10 minutes after posting’ rule. If a person beats you still, edit quickly.

My only major rule is NO language/18+ material.
Alright without further ado, let’s open the imaginary storybook.

Once Upon a

warm moonless night

Three teens traveled

to Atlantis spaceport

to get a

terribly horrible fright

(is it supposed to be rhyming stanzas? night and fright…)

They looked upon

the recently discovered

alien space probe

and quickly sat

on the princess

peach dakimakura. Then

found a cake

resting on a

portal gun and

said, “Hey, look!”

It’s no lie!

Picking it up

a message was

((Wait, what?))

demanding of the