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TAN's Hard Hitting 2020 Questions

Put on ur Hard Thinking Hats and ur support cups to ask all ur questions
And will see if ur question is worthy of a answer

I will put in my 2 cent in if y’all don’t mind

Will the great anime titans TAN and CR unite their super powers for good and make one super online experience ?

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They kinda have, but kinda haven’t.

VRV is powered by Crunchyroll, and has an outlet for HiDive, which can somewhat be considered the Next Gen TAN.

On the other hand, since Crunchyroll is owned by Warner Bros, unless Sentai is bought out by them I highly doubt it would be a full partnership.

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Thanks for ur answer

Well I seen that Reese’s and Hershey bar uniting together so I was thinking why can’t TAN and CR have a common website
but it’s just a wishful idea